With the advent of the New Year, the best way to revitalise, chill out and recharge your batteries is planning an exotic beach holiday in the lap of nature. An embellished combination of the sweetness of sun, quiet breezes, turquoise sea, rainforest canopy and sand beaches. Nothing can paint your vacation better than this. Andaman islands is a perfect holiday destination in India that has plenty to offer to all holiday enthusiasts. It is an ideal place to retreat with all those riveting marine sports and activities. So gear up, and be all set for an ultimate fun-filled getaway.

About the Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are exquisite Archipelago in India and come complete with fabulous accommodation, and marvellous sightseeing options. Shrouded in mystery, the splendid and untouched tropical paradise brings a fresh perspective to the whole concept of a beach holiday. There are 300 islands approximately which are tranquil and renowned for their palm trees, white-sandy pristine beaches, verdant Mangroves and exotic tropical rainforests.

Here you will get the opportunity to bask in the beaches, take part in trekking across the sublime rainforests, nature walks, sightseeing, cruise rides and other activities. If you are a water lover and seek an adrenaline rush, there is the option to take part in scintillating water sports such as sea walking, scuba diving, snorkelling, diving, swimming, glass bottom sea riding and everything else you can enjoy in these beautiful islands. The tropical paradise is also ideal for honeymoon trips to capture the essence of romance, as well as luxurious, pamper filled getaways to have countless moments of fun and excitement.

How to reach Andaman from Kolkata?

Travelling Andaman from Kolkata is not only easy but also is enjoyable. There are two different ways of travelling to Andaman, which are:

By Flight: Air travelling to Andaman has been made simple through the easy availability of various flights. You will be delighted to find that there are a variety of options in the different airlines, and almost every domestic airlines have the option to fly to Andaman. The gateway to Andaman is Port Blair which is nearly 1304 km away from Kolkata, and you will have to land at the Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair. At present, there are several options for the direct flight, though you can even book a multi-stop airline option.

By Ship: Kolkata has been one of the fortunate places, where you will get the option of travelling on a ship. The Kolkata Port has served the enthusiastic travellers with the option to voyage by ship. You can certainly opt for the option of travelling by ship and have a unique experience. There are various options for ships, which will take you to the exotic island of Andaman. The ship will let you get to the gateway, Port Blair. It is recommended that if you have seasickness, you must avoid the ride. To opt for the ship, all you have to do is to need to book the tickets 15 days before the travelling date.

How long will it take to reach Andaman?

Reaching Andaman from Kolkata has been comfortable and time friendly too. If you wish to travel by flight, you can feel the essence of the exotic island in 2 hours and 5 minutes during a direct flight option. The time gets much more elevated when you travel by a multi-stop flight, which will take you to Veer Savarkar International Airport after a long time of travelling that will take minimum 13 hours with two stops.

By ship, you will reach the port of Andaman within 3 to 4 days. Journeying through ship has a different enthusiasm and adventure itself, which is highly enjoyable.

Preferable Packages from Kolkata

You can avail fantastic Andaman Tour packages that can even be customised according to your taste and budget. Experience a blissful and exciting vacation with detailed planning to avoid all sorts of hassles.

For Family

If you are travelling with your family, then the 4 nights and 5 days family package is a perfect choice. You can efficiently explore the mesmerising islands and undertake the water activities available in various locations. With this package, you will be able to opt for a complete tour of Port Blair, Havelock Island and Neil Island, which are the top destinations in Andaman.

For Honeymoon

Among the several Honeymoon packages available for Andaman, the 2 nights and 3 days is undeniably the best one. It is both budget-friendly and convenient for the travel enthusiasts while indulging the adventurous side of your personality incomparably.

For Group

The 5 nights and 6 days group tour package is an excellent option if you are undertaking a vacation in Andaman. It comprises of extensive sightseeing and thrilling water activities, that will delight you with an unforgettable journey of these alluring islands.