Imagine crystal clear waters, beautiful white sands, and palm-fringed beaches. If you just want to relax in a hammock, sipping fruity chilled cocktails by the sea and watch the waves, you may definitely want to book family tour packages to visit Andaman. Here are the reasons to visit Andaman – 


Relax and Chill at the Beach 

Admit it! Your dad will definitely fall in love with the crystal clear beaches of Andaman. A lot of beaches in Andaman offer really serene views with some peace and solitude which is away from noise of other beaches in India. Radhanagar Beach is voted among the world’s best beaches. You can get there to witness the exotic sunset or take some bath in the sea. You can explore another sunset on Neil Island which is a quieter and unexplored beach. 

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Enjoy Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

After taking some rest and chilling out, it’s time to do some adventure with family. You can go scuba diving because Andaman is best even if you are diving for the first time. There are experienced divers available to train you for an hour before you start your actual adventure. 

As you go deeper, you will explore the unexplored and vivid marine life full of mind-blowing sizes and shapes of corals. You can also feed the multi-colored schools of fish here that will swarm across you. There are dried baits and bread crumbs available to feed them.  You can have a safe diving experience by getting in touch with some of the trusted diving centers. They are available in Havelock where you can find a huge reserve of corals. 

If you want to do something calming, snorkeling is another great option that people of all ages can enjoy. In Havelock Island, Elephant Beach is the best place to explore the rich underwater world while snorkeling. You may even find sea turtles which get back to the sea. You can even ride a glass bottom boat to witness the corals in the crystal clear waters. 


Explore the Unexplored 

You can explore the beaches all around the Andaman Islands. Northern Andaman houses a lot of native tribes including Jarawa. You can drive along the lush green and dense forests on the Andaman Trunk Road and visit Diglipur limestone caves for different delights. You can also visit Cuthbert Bay, which houses leatherback turtles. You can also watch dolphins in Lalaji Bay Beach leaping off the waters. If you want to explore the beach and rich history, go to Cellular Jail, Port Blair to catch up on the incredible light and sound show for a beautiful evening. 

Enjoy the Delightful Seafood 

You can taste the delicious seafood which can definitely refresh your mood even though you are not that kind of foodie. Spend some great time with family for a night and taste the delightful seafood platter and some wine. There are many small cafes dotting several islands of Andaman where you can taste some best quality seafood and freshly caught fish in Port Blair. You must go to New Lighthouse Restaurant and The Red Snapper. So, pack your bags and prepare your family to hit the most relaxing islands in the world and spend vacations to have a lifetime experience. 


Best Seasons to Visit Andaman 



Andaman receives pleasant and warm summers which last till the month of June. It is considered to be the best season to visit Long Island, Port Blair, Clique Islands, Havelock, Ross and Smith Islands, Diglipur and Little Andaman. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, paragliding, surfing, trekking, banana boat riding and other activities in this UT. During summers, temperature remains maximum 37 degrees C and minimum 24 degrees C. 


Andaman Islands become a huge crowd puller in July and August when tourists hop from miles away. In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, monsoon rainfall goes from normal to heavy. It often witnesses heavy rains by the end of monsoon. It makes sea waves quite unpredictable and water sports inaccessible. During this season, temperature goes from 22 degrees to 35 degrees. 


Winter is the best time as temperature doesn’t get chilly here. The weather remains mild, neutral and pleasant. Temperature stays from 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C. It is also the ideal time to go with family. 


What to Carry When Going for Andaman Holiday?

In order to have a more comfortable and stress-free beach vacation, it is recommended to travel with the right things to visit the remote tropical paradises. There are limited resources in some islands. So, it is recommended to be prepared. 

  • Sunscreen – Salt in the air could cause skin burns as tropical sun is harsh. So, it is recommended to carry a waterproof sunscreen to have lasting results. 
  • Flip flops – This beachwear has been proven ideal on islands. High heels could cause pain on the beach walk. 
  • Water – Carry a bottle of water and refill the same at places where you can find RO water. It can help cut down the usage of plastic and keep you hydrated. 
  • Insect repellent – Tropical forest is well regarded for its diversity of insects and mosquitoes. Sand flies attack on the beaches of islands and can ruin your experience. So, it is wise to carry a mosquito repellent which also works against insects and sand flies. 
  • Towel – Carry a beach towel which can dry quickly. 
  • Pair of clothes – It is important to carry a pair of clothes. Carry airy light clothes to keep you dry in humid and warm weather. 
  • Hammock – You may definitely want to spend a great time on the beach and keep the sand away. Carry a hammock to tie on the branch extending on the beach or beach mat to lie on. 


You can find a lot of rare marine species and adventures that can leave you in awe when you encounter the marvels of nature while enjoying several water sports in Andaman. The dugong is one of the lesser-known creatures which inhabits the sea and is herbivorous. The dugong is found mostly in Little Andaman and is the state animal of the islands. It is the only species alive from the Dugongidae family. Its survival is critical and its number is declining rapidly due to several reasons. It is also called the Lady of the Sea with a lifespan of over 70 years. 

These are strictly marine mammals. They are also known as sea cows because they feed completely on seagrass. They become sexually mature from 10 to 17 years. Every 5 to 7 years, a female gives birth to only one calf. Young calves depend on their mother completely for a year and a half. Hence, their population grows slowly. There are just two species of sea cow – Stellar and Manatee. 

These days, dugongs are about to become extinct in Indo-Pacific regions. The current distribution is limited along the west coast, Gulf of Kutch, the Palk Bay region, Gulf of Munnar and Andaman & Nicobar. Dugongs were completely extinct about 60 years ago in Lakshadweep waters. 


Key Features of Dugongs 

  • Herbivorous – Apart from other sirenians, Dugongs are also known as ‘sea cows’ as they mainly feed on grasses. They are the only herbivorous sea mammals with features of a cow. While eating, they ingest the whole plant along with roots. They are docile mammals living in the depths of the sea. There are hardly 50 dugongs in Andaman and their survival is a major concern for the government. 
  • Back Defense – Their back is the protective part of dugong where they deposit most of the blubber. They don’t indulge in fights and they also avoid attacking small fishes. They are calm animals like cows. They can easily avoid the attack as they show only their back to the predators and attackers.  
  • Thawte – They are also known as pani-suwar or sea pigs (Thawte) in the Andaman Islands. These mammals got this name for their bulky size and shape. They are called sea pigs for their eating behavior.  
  • Lekking – It is the process when males protect the area from other males to attract a female partner. There is a season when these creatures practice this thing. They become sexually active and mature from 8 to 18 years. Males are seen with their erupted tusks when they have high testosterone levels. 
  • Reproduction – During the lifespan of females, they give birth to few calves only. They are capable of reproducing only one calf at once. Their gestation period lasts up to 15 months. Newborns weigh up to 30 kg and they are around 4 feet long. They stay closer to their mother for up to 18 months after birth to be nursed and to learn swimming. Infants learn to feed on seagrass. Mothers are very caring to their calves and they protect against other sea creatures. Mothers teach their calves to defend with back, feed and breathe oxygen by coming out from the ocean. 


Why are they extinct?

The dugongs are found only in around 37 countries. They have been hunted for oils and meat for centuries. Due to this reason, their population has declined. Its meat is vital for oil production. Hence, they are vulnerable to human activities as they depend only on seagrasses which are found only in coastal regions. They fall under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and they are near extinction. Loss of their habitat, gill netting, squalor loss, and large scale hunting and chemical pollutants are some of the reasons for their extinction. 


What Indian Government doing to protect them?

Along with the Persian Gulf, most of Dugong also inhabit the Red Sea. There are only 200 dugongs found in the world. India is also trying to encourage its South Asian neighbors to sign UNEP/CMS Dugong MOU. 


Dugongs in the Andaman Islands 

Dugongs are mainly found in Little Andaman along Dugong Creek in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. According to a research, you can find them in several parts of Havelock Islands, Ritchie’s Archipelago of Neil Island, South Andaman (Rutland, Jolly Buoy, and Tarmugli Islands), in Hutbay, middle and North Andaman (along Reef, White Cliff, Mayabunder and Landfall islands), and along the heart of Nicobar Islands. Andaman and Nicobar region has over 50 dugongs but they are hardly surviving due to rise in poaching and declining corals. 

Commercialization is another major threat to the survival of dugong which is an endangered species. In Association with Andaman and Nicobar Environment, the Forest Department and Nature Conservation Foundation are implementing a lot of efforts for the conservation of these creatures. The government is trying hard to create a natural habitat for these creatures so they can live peacefully and reproduce well. The authorities are looking forward to knowing the habitats of such types of rare and mysterious species and to build awareness among the locals like boat owners, fishermen, and others to reduce poaching. It is known to be the first step to preserve these sea mammals. 


Final Thoughts 

All in all, the state animal of Andaman is definitely the rare mammal found across the world due to the threat of commercialization, poaching, and other human activities. Even tourists and locals should take responsibility to generate awareness about this creature and conserve it and its natural habitat. A lot of divers visit Andaman with a hope to spot this sea mammal. Book Andaman Nicobar packages now if you also want to see this animal in its own habitat. 


Andaman is truly an epitome of tranquil beauty with turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, and tropical rainforests. The Andaman Islands are the best honeymoon destination which really makes you feel like being in a foreign land. You can plan your trip to Andaman to have a pleasing and romantic honeymoon. These islands can definitely give you an amazing start when getting a great start to your new life. Check out this guide to know the reasons why you need to book the Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package


A Great Island Honeymoon Experience 

A lot of newlyweds choose to visit destinations which are less crowded but splendid. Captivating view, romantic weather, and a destination that offers the luxury of having a great time together make honeymoon more appealing. As a group of islands, Andaman serves this purpose. Andaman is known to have a limited population as it doesn’t belong to the mainland. It is an ideal tourist spot that you can enjoy with your loved ones. It is known to have exciting views and picture-perfect beauty. It also offers different attractions and adventure activities which make a great excuse for couples to bond with. 


Exotic Weather Most of the Year 

Mid-November to April is the best time to visit Andaman. Andaman doesn’t have extreme winter or summer, except monsoon. There are high winds and thunderstorms at this time. Temperature also spikes a few degrees in summer like any other place which receives tropical climate. Summer is the best time to put on some tan. But November to April makes ideal weather for tourist activities. 


Fits Every Budget 

Your trip to the Andaman Islands cannot burn a hole in your pocket and the trip is budget-friendly itself. You can enjoy some memorable vacations in your life. You can also taste some local dishes for a small amount of money and it also has a lot of homestays to enjoy great facilities and services at a reasonable price. Andamans are the great hotspot if your trip is planned well. 

The Andaman Islands are truly a heaven on earth and its exotic beauty will definitely leave you amazed. You will definitely be mesmerized with its natural beauty and have some amazing memories. 


Direct Flight from Most Cities to Port Blair 

You can easily access this romantic getaway from the airports of all major cities in India, especially the cities connected through the metro. You can always get connecting flights to reach Chennai and Andamans. Chennai is the leading metro city where you can get international and domestic flights. If you belong to North India, there are also connecting flights to Kolkata and to Port Blair. You can also take flights from Bhubaneswar and Chennai. There are four ships available every month from Chennai, Kolkata, and Visakhapatnam to cruise to Andamans. 


Lots of Activities to Enjoy 

Andamans are well known for a huge range of beautiful beaches and these beaches are truly a treat for your senses. They are known to serve as an ideal spot to soak under the sun or swim in the turquoise blue waters. The beaches are well known for scuba diving, surfing, and Jet Skiing. These spots help couples to have some great time and bond together. 

Along with walking at sunset on the beach, there is no better way to know your partner. Some of the major highlights are Havelock Island, Elephant Beach, Jolly Buoy, and Ross and Smith beaches. You can enjoy a lot of adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea walking. A lot of day tours are available from Port Blair, such as a visit to Mangroves of Baratang Island and Limestone Caves, along with the beautiful Jolly Buoy Island. 

You can have a beautiful and romantic sunset at Chidiya Tapu or enjoy trekking at Munda Pahad beach. Another great choice is Mount Harriet National Park. The government has done great efforts to preserve the living corals. You can witness the finest corals in the seas near the Andaman Islands and soak in the stunning beauty and serene beaches. 


Stunning Beach Resorts in Andamans 

A lot of beaches in Andaman have beachside resorts and restaurants which serve a great spot for relaxation. They serve different seafood and other dishes for couples to savor in the romantic candlelit dinner. These resorts offer plenty of services at affordable prices. You can book a beachside resort facing the tides of the Andaman Sea to make the ultimate honeymoon experience. 

There are smaller cottages in most resorts stretched along the beaches or located on the hills amidst green surroundings making the ideal spots to laze in. You cannot expect a romantic dinner without pretty weather and a perfect sunset. You can have a beachside dinner facing the red and pink hues of sunset, covered by the breezy and soft weather. 

Andaman receives the calm poetic weather all year round, except in monsoons. It also has secret hikes taking you to beautiful beaches amidst the lush greens. You can have fun and edgy dates with cruises. 


Book Short or Long Stays 

You can easily access all the islands across Andaman through ferry rides and a couple can explore different attractions. Some of the well-connected islands to private and government ferry services are Havelock Island, North Bay, Ross Island, Neil Island, Baratang Island and Viper Island, Rangat, Barren Island volcanoes, Diglipur Island and other islands. 

You can easily visit these islands as per your needs. Havelock and Neil Islands are some of the best islands for water sports and there are historical sites like Port Blair and Viper Island to take you back in time. 


Best Time to Visit 

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are known to be the best destination with different temperatures. Frequent rains, high tides, and strong winds are very common in monsoons. So, November to March is the best season to visit these islands where the weather is pleasant and the ocean is crystal clear.