If you have any doubt regarding self-drive rentals and cab rentals in Havelock Island and Port Blair, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we will help you choose the cost-effective option to have the best sightseeing experience. 

In the Andaman Islands, a lot of people are concerned about whether to go for self-driving rentals or transfers. These days, you can also avail bike rentals in Andaman. In Havelock, self-driving car rentals are not available yet. You can get two wheelers only if you go for a self-driving option like in other states of the country. 

Zoom Car and other leading self-drive car rental chains have not entered in Andaman yet. So, local operators manage most of the arrangements for tourists in Andaman. Andaman is the melting pot of diverse cultures, where people from different states in India visit and gather. A lot of locals in Andaman have their origin in UP, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Andaman is a decent union territory which adds to its cosmopolitan vibes unlike other states of the country. In these islands people can communicate in both English and Hindi as they are fairly educated. 

Self-driven car rentals were recently introduced in 2017 in Port Blair. You can now explore the beauty of Andaman at your own pace by driving across the islands for 8 hours. All you need to fill the fuel by yourself and pay entry passes wherever needed. It goes without saying that Andaman is a naturally beautiful archipelago. A lot of people choose to go with self-driving car rentals to visit their favorite tourist destinations when they enter Andaman. 

But there are two questions that most tourists frequently ask – 

  • Do we really need self-driven car rental to experience the tranquility of Andaman? 
  • Is self-driven car rental really a cheaper option than hiring a car driven by a chauffeur?

Many tourists who visit Andaman prefer to drive cars themselves as they just want to explore the city at their own pace. In addition, they don’t want to involve anyone else to have a completely personal experience. Many travelers feel that renting a self-drive car is cheaper and helps save them a lot in the trip. Let’s explain both the questions. 

You can definitely take a self-driven vehicle if you have always desired to have personalized rental car experience for your own pleasure and for your own space without having to involve anyone else. Keep in mind that mobile networks don’t work in most places in Andaman Islands. You need to have proper knowledge about dealing with such circumstances. However, you can always have someone who can help you over there. The islands are very safe and are easy to approach for everyone. 

Actually, renting a self-driven car is costlier than hiring a car with a driver. It is better to hire a bike for rent if you are on a limited budget in Andaman. 


How much does renting a self-driven vehicle cost?

If you want to hire a hatchback or smaller vehicle for self driving, you may have to pay up to Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4500 plus fuel expenses and tax for up to 8 hours. After this, you will need to pay around Rs. 10 per km for the given limit. The vehicle has the capacity of over 5 people. Some of the common hatchbacks available for self-driving are Santro, Hyundai i110, WagonR and Ford Figo. 

You can also go for Sedan cars which cost almost the same as a hatchback but their availability is limited. Verna, Honda City, and SX4 are some of the common sedan cars as alternatives to hatchbacks. You can also hire an off road vehicle in Andaman to have a completely different feel. Gypsy and Jeep are the vehicles available currently. These off-road vehicles cost up to Rs. 7000 exclusive of fuel and tax. 


Do you need a driver cum guide or a self-drive car rental for Andaman tour? 

It is one of the main concerns for a lot of people. Whether you should hire a self-driven vehicle for rent or you need a driver with a car rental for transfer. If you want self-driven experience and visit the attractions on your own, you can definitely rent a vehicle for self drive. But it may cost more than you may expect. 

You can also rent a car with a driver who is experienced and knowledgeable about several points of attraction across Andaman. He can definitely take you to different places that you may not know. It is another great option. You can check out different sightseeing packages in Andaman that are listed here. When it comes to rentals, you can always go for the second option. Drivers are healthy, experienced and well trained with neat and sanitized vehicles. We have maintained our fleet of vehicles and all the vehicles are available with drivers like Scorpio, Swift Dzire, Xylo, Ertiga and other cozy cars to have a better tour. Tata Sumo and small vehicles are not that comfortable for sightseeing. So, you need to look for a cozy vehicle to explore Andaman. 

Keep in mind that there is no Uber, Ola or any cab hire chain in Andaman. There are tuk-tuks and autos available but they are not as comfortable as some locations have bumpy tracks. Of course they are considered cheaper than private cabs. You may go for 2-wheelers for personal tours but road conditions and road safety are major concerns. 

At the end, it is up to the traveler as what they want to explore in Andaman. It is up to your personal preference. You can hire a cab with a driver which is the most preferred option as you can cover a lot of sightseeing attractions. It is also cost-effective, convenient and easy. You can let all your worries and stress to car rental services in Andaman to enjoy a smooth ride. 


Parrot Island is definitely the best choice to meet your dream to have a memorable and peaceful trip. It is an exotic destination but unlike other islands, it is a heaven for bird watchers as it has plenty of species of birds. You should explore this paradise of birds and never miss this place. You can get there and experience the beauty of nature. You can easily plan your trip with family and friends if you wish to explore this place. Before planning your visit, here’s what else you need to know. 


About the island 

It goes without saying that Parrot Island is known as one of the most exotic islands in Andaman and Nicobar. The island belongs to the Union Territory, Baratang Island. It has good road connectivity as you can easily get here by bus or car till Diglipur, which is 30 km away from Baratang jetty.  You can definitely explore a huge range of birds including several rare species. You are recommended to visit this island with family and friends to have a great time. 

The whole island is covered by dense mangroves and it houses several birds. Once you enter the forest, you will hear pleasing chirping of birds. It’s a great feel of being in a different world. The forest is known to be an ideal place to witness the wilderness. The more you explore the forest, the more you will fall in love with it. Birds start coming back to their nests during sunsets. You can explore a different scene. You can capture this serene moment if you have a camera. It’s like an achievement for lifetime if you get here. 


Best Time to Visit 

Winter is considered to be the best time to visit this island as temperature falls down and makes it ideal for roaming. The winter season usually starts in the month of October and lasts till April. You can hit the island by the evening in order to catch the picturesque sunset. It will literally blow your mind and give you the experience that is not easy to describe in words. This beautiful sunset is a great bonus in this trip. Don’t let this opportunity go away and get indulged in the lap of nature. 

This place is visited by many people all around the year. Winters are known to be an ideal time period when tourists can relax for a long time. You can enjoy peaceful and soothing evenings here. This place also looks beautiful in monsoon to witness the rain. Nature lovers visit the island even though it becomes difficult to go outside during the monsoon. 


Top Attractions in Parrot Island 

You can enjoy a lot of activities on Parrot Island when planning your trip. Here are some the adventure activities to enjoy in Parrot Island – 

  • Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is definitely one of the great things you can enjoy here. You can take your experience to a whole new level. Once you enter the sea, you can find a lot of sea creatures. You can even feed them and touch them. You can enjoy this activity with the help of trainers. Don’t less this wonderful opportunity go out of your hands. 


  • Explore Nature 

If you visit a natural attraction and don’t explore nature at its best, your trip cannot complete. If you are done with all the activities and sightings, you can simply sit alone and relax while exploring the natural beauty across this place. It is not easy to describe its beauty. You can sip sweet and fresh coconut water on the beach which is truly a great experience.  


  • Bird Watching 

Bird Watching is the main and wonderful activity to enjoy in Parrot Island. You can explore a lot of rare species when you hit the island. Hear the peaceful chirping of endemic birds that will definitely make you forget all your worries. Be sure to spot some species and click beautiful pictures in various poses. 


  • Snorkeling 

You can opt for snorkeling here in Parrot Island, which is another great water activity. Witnessing the serene blue ocean is truly a matchless activity. You need to use some advanced equipment to enjoy this activity. If you have never enjoyed this activity, it’s a great time to go for it. 


  • Jet Skiing 

It is another wonderful water sport which is enjoyed by tourists who come to explore this island. You can learn this activity from several local trainers. You can enjoy this water sport in any kind of water. You can always have a great experience whether you know how to swim or not. However, you should learn how to float if you can’t swim.


Getting There 

You need to reach Baratang Island first of all. It has great connectivity through airways. You can easily get here from any part of the world. You can also reach Baratang Island by riding from Middle Strait ferry. You can easily access jetty services or ferries. Locals here are familiar with this type of transport. You can take the journey through salt waters before getting there. You can also visit the natural attraction which covers the whole area. It literally feels like you are into heaven. 


Bottom Line 

Parrot Island is truly a place which gives one of its kind experience. You can indulge in a lot of water activities here. Explore the tranquil blue sea on the white sandy beach which attracts hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world. It goes without saying that Parrot Island is a wonderful destination for both friends and family. Along with it, you can definitely visit this place if you are a honeymooner. You can have some great time with each other. So what are you waiting for? Book your Andaman and Nicobar Islands tourism package now and pack your bags. 


If you have been planning your honeymoon in Port Blair for a long time, you now need to sit and relax and stop worrying of making a cliché holiday in Andaman. Along with the right environment to make your vacation better, Port Blair offers great experiences to make your trip as unique as you. Read on to know certain things before booking your Port Blair honeymoon tour. 


Port Blair honeymoon – Best Time to Visit 

No matter how long you had been delaying the tour, it is always better to plan your itinerary from October to May in Port Blair. In this time, the weather remains ideal and pleasant to explore the city and you can even indulge in different water sports. Usually, rain, heavy winds, and thunderstorms hit the city from June to September. So, it becomes very difficult to indulge in water activities and sightseeing. 

A lot of tourists prefer to spend up to 2 days in Port Blair but you should plan at least 5 days for having a complete honeymoon experience. You can indulge in your favorite experiences, explore the island on your own, and have ample time to spend with one another at the comfort of your home. 


Things to do for Port Blair Honeymoon 

There are so many things to do in Port Blair. But the activities listed here can make your honeymoon more unique, romantic and memorable – 


Enjoy the Beautiful Sunset at Munda Pahad Beach 

A sunset tour can definitely take you along the tropical greens with stunning views on the way and you can come across the endemic bird species. You can enjoy the romantic walk on the world-renowned Munda Pahad Beach. It is definitely one of the best places for honeymoon and you can admire golden hues of sunset in Port Blair. 

Take a Stroll Through North Bay Island 

North Bay Island 

If you are not into diving, underwater sea walking is definitely one of the great experiences you can have. The sea walking starts when you reach the North Bay Island. It is one of the best places for a honeymoon. You can get here by boat and stop by the sea walking pontoon where you will be guided by experts. You can witness the stunning and rich marine life and make lifelong memories. 

Ride the Glass Bottom Boat at Jolly Buoy Island 

Jolly Buoy Island

Nothing can beat the thrill of glass bottom boat ride, even though you can dive in. Jolly Buoy Island is one of the most beautiful destinations for honeymoon in Port Blair. You can sail along the blue waters and come across the living corals. You can take a ride as a couple with Andaman Dolphin, a high speed boat with glass bottom. 

Have a Romantic Seaside Dinner at Sinclairs 

Seaside Dinner at Sinclairs 

It is one of the most romantic places to enjoy candlelight dinner in Port Blair with your soul mate. While gazing at the stars and the ocean in front of the hotel, you can definitely have a special evening here. You can manage and arrange a romantic dinner in advance at Sinclairs Bayview Hotel before going for a date. 

Catch the Light and Sound Show at Ross Island 

Ross Island 

When it comes to exploring the city on your honeymoon, be sure to stop at Ross Island to explore the stunning ruins. Along with the museum and ruins, you should definitely catch the light and sound show as it highlights the past of the island. If you are not into history, you can still visit here and it is really worth the time and money. It is definitely one of the best places for honeymoon in Port Blair. 

Indulge in Adventure on Kayak Tour 

Kayaking in andaman

You can experience kayaking to multiply the pleasure. This water sport is a great activity to enjoy with your partner. You can easily embark on the romantic tour with your loved one. Kayaking consists of effort, coordination, and energy to have pleasant moments. 

Go on a Shopping Spree

You can shop your heart out to complement your honeymoon experience. You can definitely explore what you can take back from Port Blair. You can find a lot of local shops out there. Aberdeen Bazaar, Queen SeaShell Craft, and Sagarika Government Emporium are some of the best places to visit. The wooden tables and bowls, shell and pearl jewelry, and other handicrafts are worth checking out. 


Getting Around 

To get around in Port Blair, you can rent or hire a car to have a great honeymoon experience. If you prefer a budget friendly option, you can rent a scooter or take an auto. Buses are also the option to get around the city like locals do. But it is usually crowded. 


What to Carry?

  • Mosquito repellent, sunscreen and extra towels 
  • Flip flops, hat and sunglasses 
  • A windcheater 
  • Cozy beachwear and warm clothes 
  • Some cash
  • A camera 
  • An umbrella and raincoat 
  • All travel documents


Getting There 

You can reach the capital of Andaman, Port Blair, mostly by sea and air. Traveling via ship is a more adventurous and cheaper option to Port Blair, but very slow. To reach faster, it is advised to take a flight. 

By Air 

You can take connecting flights with layover at Kolkata or Chennai if you are planning to reach Port Blair by air. 

By Sea 

If you want to have a different experience and thrill, you can board a ship from any city like Visakhapatnam, Kolkata and Chennai. 


Tips for Honeymoon at Port Blair

  • Be sure to check weather before getting there
  • Prefer a hotel which is located around the beach and choose a room with sea view. 
  • Buy tickets at least 3 days before visiting Ross Island 
  • Weather is very unpredictable here. So, carry some warm clothes.