Amazing Ideas to Enjoy Nightlife and Enliven Your Vacation in Andaman
Candle Light Dinner

When it comes to the Andaman Islands, we often think of the feeling of tranquility, rejuvenation and utmost beauty. There is a huge range of islands that allures you to take a break from the grueling work pressure, hustles and bustles of city life, and maddening crowd. The clear blue sky and turquoise blue water will definitely make you connect with yourself.  

People often ask about islands and their nightlife before going for the Andaman Nicobar tour. Can I find any night clubs here? What are the nightlife options available? In this guide, we are going to answer all these questions and share different options for party animals and night owls – 

How’s life in the Andaman Islands?

Natives in Andaman live a very traditional lifestyle. Their routine starts at around 5 am. This way, people go to work early so they can get back home by sunset. The capital city of Island, Port Blair has no lack of markets and hotels. Most of the markets open till 9 PM only. Nightlife is not that happening in Andaman. Even in the capital city, there is no nightclub to hang out. But most hotels have private pubs to enjoy and chill with live music. 

There are no night clubs even in Neil and Havelock Islands along with Port Blair. You can have private parties or enjoy at the pubs in Summer Sands, Silver Sand Beach Resort, Coral Reef Resort, and Corbyn’s Resort. 

Nightlife Options in Andaman

Andaman has a lot of eco-friendly islands where you can enjoy peaceful walks, indulge in different activities, and relax with spa treatments. Here are a few of the best options for nightlife – 

  • Jungle Trekking 

After sunset, you can enjoy trekking in Andaman. The thrill that comes at night is truly unmatchable. If you want to have a unique experience with nature and you are looking for the adrenaline rush, jungle trekking is really very exciting to have a great nightlife. No matter how prepared and excited you are, you must have a professional guide by your side. Avoid the jungles and go to safer areas. Seek advice from professionals before going for night trekking. 

Jungle Trekking

  • Enjoy the Romantic Candle Light Dinner 

Islands nightlife in Andaman is not all about adventure and partying. If you have your beloved, there is no better option than enjoying a romantic dinner with her. There is no better feeling than enjoying candlelight dinner while gazing at the starred sky reflected on the gamboling sea. You can either go to one of the beachside cafes or restaurants or talk to the beach resort management to arrange a candlelight dinner on the beachside for you. 

Candle Light Dinner

  • Marine Adventures 

If you are certified in snorkeling or a professional scuba diver, you can definitely go underwater and get a different experience at night. But it is recommended only for advanced scuba divers who are very professional to dive late in evening or night. You can dive at night to have a different thrill. But diving is not available throughout the year. Keep in mind that it is not operational in monsoons and it is just seasonal. 

Marine Adventures 

  • Floating Restaurant 

The government also runs a floating restaurant in Andaman where you can have a completely different experience. The restaurant has nothing special and is a typical setting but dining over there is a different feel. 

Floating Restaurant

  • Evening Cruise in Andaman 

You can definitely opt for an evening cruise to enjoy the nightlife here. You can enjoy dining and wine on a cruise to make your life enjoyable with live music. However, you need to book a few days in advance and you will get booking confirmation only a few days before the trip. It relies on how many people are going to travel. 


  • Bar Hopping 

Since it is about enjoying the nightlife in Andaman, this list cannot be completed without hopping the bar in the archipelago. You can consider some bars and pubs for nightlife and entertainment in Andaman and Port Blair and Havelock Island are some of the best places in Andaman. Keep in mind that these bars are not something you can expect. They have strict closing times and are quite simple. You also need to arrange your vehicle in advance as there is no public transport available. 

Bar Hopping

  • Bonfire and Beach Camping 

When planning a vacation with friends, you can complete your experience with bonfire and camping. Andaman is known to serve as an ideal destination. At night, you can pitch the tents, gather at bonfires, and sing along to acoustic guitar’s tunes at a picture-perfect beach. 


Enjoying Nightlife in Christmas and New Year

During New Year, Andaman remains crowded. You can host your private parties. You can also book most of the hotels and host New Year’s Eve. A lot of tourists visit these islands for the purpose of hosting private parties and enjoying some time alone. From December 24th to January 1, Havelock Island never sleeps and remains crowded. A lot of 4-star hotels like Symphony Palm Beach Resort, Havelock Beach Resort, Barefoot, etc. host beach parties to welcome New Year. In 4-star hotels, you can also host destination parties if you are visiting in a group and you can enjoy this New Year in style. You can also enjoy the parties on cruises or ships. 

Final Thoughts 

Andaman Islands are well regarded for their natural beauty and are ideal to have a peaceful vacation. But these islands are also famed for having urban living. The islanders here believe in a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. So, nightlife is not something you can expect in any beach destinations or cities in Andaman. Be sure to leave your urban trend behind and get ready to enjoy simple pleasures when visiting Andaman, such as enjoying candlelight dinners, walking on the beach, and taking a break from the busy world. Phone signals and the internet are limited here and restricted to just some parts. 

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