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Soak in the rejuvenating charm and have a joyful and rejuvenating journey in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Globetrotters from different parts of the world gather here to cover some fascinating destinations. At Andaman Bliss, we offer exclusive Andaman Tour Package to clients from India and far-off countries like the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia.

How to Plan For Andaman Tour Package ?

No matter if you are going to Andaman for a honeymoon, budget trip, group tour, there are a few important things to keep in mind. But first, you should look for the flight tickets. Usually, they vary as per the date of travel.

If you book on a short note, it would cost almost double. So, you should book flight tickets beforehand before it gets expensive. It is even better to book at least 90 days in advance. 

You often get a deal when the date of departure is very close, i.e. around 7 days. This way, it may not be easy to find a good hotel the way you like. Good resorts and hotels are booked faster. If you are having trouble finding the best hotels on your travel date, feel free to consult with us. 

Things to keep in mind  :

  • Decide attractions and destinations you want to cover beforehand. 
  • Activities you like in Andaman. 
  • How many days do you want to stay in Andaman? If you are planning just 3-4 days, you are wrong because it is too less to cover this exotic archipelago. If you don’t have much time, combine 1 night in Havelock and 2 nights in Port Blair to the bare minimum. 
  • Budget is another key consideration. Choose hotels on the basis of package budget. You can choose from a lot of budget packages with Andaman Bliss. 
  • Where to stay is a tricky question. Ask the experts to choose the best properties in Andaman. 

Preference :

  • Some tourists want to get the most of the Andaman trip. 
  • Some tourists just don’t want any load about what to do and where to go. They just want relaxation. 
  • Some are more into doing the most with the minimum budget and to cut down on trip costs. 
  • Some go for group tours, honeymoon or leisure. 

With all the above factors in mind, we have different packages customized for our clients. No matter what your preferences and budget is, we are always here with the best tour plan. 

Some of the Best Attractions in Andaman Most Tourists Prefer to Visit

Andaman Tour Packages

A lot of tourists visiting Andaman first enter the capital of Andaman, Port Blair. Then, you can visit Havelock Islands where you can enjoy great water activities and beach resorts, along with Neil Island which has plenty of open space and is less crowded. If you get here for longer, you may visit Middle Andaman, which consists of Rangat and Baratang Island.

In North Andaman, Diglipur is famous for turtle nesting and Ross and Smith twin islands. In addition, you can also visit Little Andaman and Long Island for offbeat activities. 

Diglipur Island

It is one of the major destinations to visit in North Andaman. You should plan at least 9 days to include Diglipur with twin islands, Ross and Smith. 

Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep Island) –

Be sure to visit Neil Island during your tour. You can customize your Neil Island package and add the same to your itinerary if you are getting there for five days. You can skip this island if you are visiting Andaman for fewer days. But our experts still recommend covering this island for its natural beauty. 

Baratang Island

This tourist attraction is located in Middle Andaman and is over 100 km from Port Blair. You can enjoy boat rides to mangroves, limestone caves, tropical greens, and Mud Volcano.

Major Cities in India Having Flight Connectivity to Andaman

Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman Tour Packages from Delhi :

Port Blair is located around 2500 km from Delhi and it takes around 5 hours by flight. You can have a relaxing getaway to beat the heat at Andaman and Nicobar. Finally enjoy long beach strolls, soothing sea breezes, and vivid sunsets.

Savor on delicious foods and wake up to the ocean views. Therefore you can have a memorable experience with us. Let our experts plan your itinerary from Delhi for honeymoon, group tours, friends and family. 

Andaman Tour Packages from Chennai :

Head to Andaman to go for a vacation and meet people like yours and speak your language. You can spend a thrilling holiday by heading to Andaman if you are from Chennai. It is just 1354 km away and is more than just sand, beach and sunsets. Therefore indulge in the captivating light and sound show and explore the heritage and underwater world.

You can finally get there either by ship or flight from Chennai. It takes around 2 hours to get there by flight and over 60 hours by ship.  Therefore we can plan an Andaman tour for honeymoon, group tours, friends and family. 

Andaman Tour Packages from Bangalore :

Fun is guaranteed whether you visit Andaman to have a banana boat ride, explore Limestone Caves or to relax by the beach. It is one of the most exciting places of India. Therefore keep in mind that you cannot get direct flights from Bangalore.

Andaman is around 1650 km from Bangalore through Indigo airlines. It certainly takes around 5 hours. Leave your worries to us to travel Andaman comfortably. 

Andaman Tour Packages from Hyderabad :

You can never get the most of this beautiful island. Andaman is well known to have emerald beautiful waters to relieve from daily life and beat the heat of Hyderabad. You can finally embark on a lot of activities like parasailing, snorkeling, and others. It is around 1650 km from Andaman by flight and it takes around 4 hours and 30 minutes. 

Andaman Tour Packages from Mumbai :

Of course, Mumbai has some of the most beautiful beaches and it has its own charm. But nothing can beat the Riviera of the East and your perception of an exotic beach will definitely be changed forever once you visit Andaman. Taste delightful cuisines in the world-class pizzeria, Barefoot Bar and Restaurant.

The exotic location adds to the charm of food and drinks you can grab before boarding your ferry. One of the fastest and cheapest airlines from Mumbai to Andaman is Jet Airways. It is also considered to be fastest when getting to Port Blair. Therefore you can cover the distance of 2268 km within 5 hours and 30 minutes.  

Andaman Tour Packages from Kolkata :

Kolkata is one of the three major ports of sailing in India to reach Andaman, along with Chennai and Visakhapatnam. You can sail to Andaman directly from Kolkata. Experience turquoise blue waters in Neil Island Beach No. 3 and taste delicious food. It certainly takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to cover around 1287 km of distance. 

Andaman Tour Packages from Ahmedabad :

Spend a pleasant vacation and take a break from your boring life at this gem. Punjabi Dhaba in Port Blair Aberdeen Bazaar will definitely fulfill the cravings of foodies from Ahmedabad by offering delicious and authentic Punjabi thali. Finally savor on the delicious paneer dishes and paranthas.

Which have certainly achieved positive reviews from avid eaters from different parts of the world. It is well known for delicious taste and cleanliness. It certainly takes around 8 hours and 15 minutes by SpiceJet flight as it is 2467 km away from Port Blair. 

Andaman Tour Packages from Pune :

If you belong to Pune, Mumbai might be the first destination to explore its beaches. But serene white sands and beaches of Andaman and Nicobar will definitely change your mindset. Port Blair, Bayview (Corbyn’s Cove), South Point, and South Andaman are some of the best places to enjoy delicious dishes and pristine views. It certainly takes around 8 hours and 20 minutes to cover 2151 km from Pune via Jet Airways.

Famous Activities to Enjoy in Andaman

Andaman Tour Packages

Bird Watching Tour

If you are planning to get to Andaman, never miss this activity because the whole island has a variety of birds to explore. Photographers can certainly find different species to capture on their cameras at the wetlands of Port Blair.

Therefore it is well regarded as the “Island of Birds” for a reason. 

Ride a seaplane 

Feel like an amphibian by being not too far from the water and not underwater. Therefore ride a seaplane to view both the air and the water. 

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Witness the true beauty of marine life without having to go underwater. You can explore beautiful corals through a window panel between the sea and the boat. Certainly observe the whole kingdom in your ship with other tourists. 

Water Sports Activities

There is a reason why Andaman is also known as a home of water sports. You can try different types of water sports and activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and others. However you can have endless fun on this island. 


It is a fun and entertaining activity you can certainly enjoy with your group. If you have a fantasy to fly and catch the whole view of the ocean, this activity is for you. 


There are plenty of places where you can certainly enjoy trekking in Andaman. In these parts, trekking will definitely test your durability, stamina, strength and patience.

You can enjoy trekking in a lot of big mountains like Chidia Tapu, Mount Harriet, Baratang and others. Therefore there are plenty of options for adventure. 

Canoeing and Kayaking 

You can swift well to crusade with canoeing and kayaking and finally find water bodies in the lush greens. You can have lots of fun with loved ones while exploring new places and relieving your stress.

Best Places to Visit with Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman Tour Packages

Cellular Jail (Kala Pani) 

This historical jail was actually a colonial prison made to imprison political prisoners and freedom fighters by the British. This aftereffect of Sepoy Mutiny had faced a lot of dark events.

It was open to the public after several years of independence. Finally you can now find huge structures built for the prisoners. 

Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep Island)

Havelock Island is one of the best places to visit in Andaman. It attracts a lot of tourists for its natural beauty and coral reefs. You can explore the beautiful marine life as it is well connected to Port Blair. However it also houses the most popular Elephant Beach.

Mud Volcano 

South and North Andaman covers a lot of mud volcanoes scattered along. You can certainly take your time and see the effects of the eruption of mud off the earth. 

Barren Islands

Witness the only live volcano in India at Barren Island across the Andaman Sea. Therefore it is the only confirmed active volcano of South Asia. 

Ross Island (Subhas Chandra Bose Island)

You can view the birds and animals like peacocks and deer here at South Andaman. Also spot the ancient ruins of colonial structures and get back in old days. You can certainly keep a tab on the beaches here covered by palm and coconut trees.

Frequently Asked Question About Andaman Tour Packages

When to Visit Andaman?

November to May is considered to be the best month to explore Andaman. During this period, the island receives winter and summer months. Andaman usually has pleasant weather all the year round, except monsoons when it has high tides that you should avoid.

How much does an Andaman trip cost?

According to the places you want to explore, activities you want to enjoy and number of days to stay, the cost of Andaman trip varies. You can book Andaman packages from up to Rs. 15000 for 3 nights/4 days from India and it can cost up to Rs. 40000 for up to 14 days.

How to plan an Andaman trip?

First of all, you need to do your own research. Check out a lot of websites and blogs to get enough details of Andaman. Choose the right package and make bookings to plan your trip. Also choose the flights for your itinerary. You may also contact our agents to book tour packages that are tailored for your needs.

Do you need a passport to visit Andaman?

No, you don’t need a passport if you are coming from India. If you are coming from other countries, a valid passport is needed.

Are cruises available to Andaman?

Yes, you can have a great ship ride with a few options. Cruise tickets are also available from the Tourism Department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can also find private tour operators with cruise included in the itinerary.

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