Andaman Trip Plan – Traveling to the Andaman Islands with Kids
Andaman trip plan

Traveling with kids in the Andaman Islands is definitely once in a lifetime experience you should try. You will definitely love the pleasant environment and beaches and your kids will explore historical attractions. But there are several questions you may have regarding the safety of your kids and whether you should bring your child to the islands. You maybe worry about having these questions in mind – 

  • Are beaches safe Andaman Island for babies? 
  • Should you worry about mosquitoes as they may harm your infants? 
  • Is accommodation available at the beachside in huts or cottages?
  • Is there a threat to wild animals on the beaches? 
  • Is the weather too harsh for my child?
  • What kinds of water activities your kids can enjoy?

If you ask us, we must tell you that Andaman is completely safe for you and your children. It is literally a beautiful place and there is no harm you can suspect on this paradise for your kids. In fact, your kids will love the days they would spend here. There are lots of activities you can add to your Andaman trip plan. Along with it, beachside cottages and rooms are completely safe. There is no risk of wild animals on the islands. 

However, you must be careful and practice extra caution for the safety of your young ones. In this guide, we are here to help you to make the most of your holidays in Andaman with children. Plus, we will cover the activities you should and shouldn’t do with kids. 

Are Medical Facilities offered for Kids? 

Honestly speaking, you may not get the private medical facilities that are possible in your city. However, you can get basic medical facilities in islands like Neil and Havelock. If anything serious happens, you need to move to Port Blair. It has a GB Panth government hospital where you can avail of basic treatments. If your child has a specific condition, be sure to carry proper medical kit and medications. You don’t have to worry because there are medical stores located all around the islands. But we will still recommend being least dependent on such facilities. 

The local tour operators and hotel management are friendly and they can do anything possible in case of an emergency. 

Here are the few things to consider –

Carry hats and full-sleeved clothes for your kids and babies as direct sunlight and mosquitoes may affect their health. Sandfly is another major concern on the beachside by the sunset. Full sleeve clothing can make your visit stress-free and protect your child. 

Prevention is always better than cure. So, carry all the edibles like Cerelac for your infants. There are some hotels that maintain proper food hygiene though. Always use mineral water or boiled water wherever you go to avoid any health issues due to contaminated water.

Attractions you should avoid if you are traveling with kids below 5 years – 

  • Elephant Beach, Havelock Island – From Havelock Island, it is located around 30 minutes if you travel by boat. This stunning white sand beach is known for its beautiful coral reef which can be seen at a meter of depth. The rides often get bumpy and you might have problems with infants. But it shouldn’t be a concern if there is clear weather. 
  • Baratang Island – From 3 AM to 3 PM, you can enjoy a full day trip to this island. The whole journey can be stressful for your elders and kids. 

Both of the above islands are the perfect staple for the itinerary of most tourists. But your kids would be uncomfortable if you are traveling with them. But it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your adventure. Here are some of the must-do activities you can enjoy with kids in Andaman.  

  • Glass Boat Ride – It is actually a semi-submarine where your kids will love to explore marine life closely. 
  • Snorkeling – It would be fun for kids above 4 years old. But you need to be cautious. 
  • Beachside fun or Swimming – Of course, you shouldn’t miss this experience. 
  • Cruise – You can choose from Green Ocean, Makruzz or Government ferry to have a different experience. 
  • Boat rides

Attractions and Activities to Enjoy with Kids 

Kids above 7 years can now enjoy sea walking tours. The instructor ensures the feasibility and kids can go for this activity before it begins. But it is not that difficult as compared to scuba diving and your kids can definitely enjoy this activity. If your kids are above 10 years, they can easily enjoy scuba diving. But your kids will also be examined before starting the activity. 

A lot of travelers visit the islands with their family and they have given positive feedback about the islands. You don’t have to worry if you are traveling with kids. Here are the things you should enjoy with kids – 

  • Private cruise to explore Havelock Island – Havelock Island is one of the most beautiful sightseeing attractions to spend some quality time. 
  • Ride to the coast of Kalapathar Beach – Explore the turquoise blue waters while driving to Kalapathar Beach to have a great experience. 
  • If you are non-vegetarian, seafood is worth a try. 
  • Visit Radhanagar Beach where you can swim and explore at its best. 
  • Cellular Jail – If you are traveling with kids, they will definitely love it. 
  • Museums in Andaman – You can enjoy every sight with your family the whole day. 
  • Chidiya Tapu – It is another great attraction for your kids with lots of uprooted trees and driftwood. You can spot different migratory birds and enjoy the serene sunset.
  • North Bay and Ross Islands– Have a pleasant experience with kids. North Bay is the island you may have seen in 20 Rupee notes. Ross Island is the first British settlement in Andaman. 
  • Andaman Water Sports Complex – Your kids will enjoy several water activities here. 

Visit Japanese bunkers and underground tunnels – You can visit them all around at Ross Island and Corbyn’s Cove.

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