Neil Island is a small yet exotic island known for ultimate biodiversity, unmatched coral reefs, lush greens and white sandy beaches capped with beautiful vegetation and tropical forest. Hence, Neil Island has been the ultimate tourist destination of Andaman Islands. 

It is well known to have high density of forest and vegetation. This is why Neil Island is considered as the ‚ÄúVegetable bowl of Andaman‚ÄĚ. Its beaches are natively named after the epic Ramayana‚Äôs characters like Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, Ramanagar, Sitapur etc. You can easily walk around this tiny island and cover it within 2 hours.¬†

You can enjoy a lot of activities here while visiting Neil Island. These things are categorized into activities and sightseeing. You can visit this place for some of the natural and heart-warming views. You can enjoy all the fun activities listed here with family friends and others ‚Äst



1. Scuba Diving 

Scuba Diving is the most popular and exciting activity for your Andaman tour plan. Thousands of tourists visit Andaman just to enjoy this activity and get certification in this activity. The crystal clear water and soothing temperature makes Neil Island popular for this activity. You can witness favorable temperatures all year round. One can also get SSI/PADI certification for Open Water Diving. 

It is truly a wonderful sport which gives you some amazing experience to explore the underwater world with still sea and marine life to accompany you. You just have to follow certain rules while swimming and diving. Don’t wear jewelry or shiny clothes as they attract predators and sharks while diving. Keep in mind all the rules when diving in. 

Scuba Diving 


2. Snorkeling 

With plenty of corals, crystal clear waters and vivid marine creatures, Bharatpur Beach is famed for underwater sports. Snorkeling is one of the ideal sports for having meditative experience and exploration. Here, you can enjoy great underwater life without having to enter the deep sea. If you are on a budget trip, it is recommended to visit this beach. You can go for dedicated snorkeling trips if you want to reach the advanced level. You can even visit nearby resorts or shops to rent proper snorkeling gear.




3. Swimming 

Neil Island is known to offer an ideal environment with clear and shallow waters and beaches to enjoy swimming. It is a complete exercise and you can also please your mind and soul. This island has shallow waters which are ideal for swimming for the people of all ages. You can also rent floaters to swim in deeper waters. 




4. Game Fishing 

The sea of Neil Island is a breeding ground for a range of fish thanks to the presence of plaintiffs. Hence, this island is an ideal place for tourists who get there for fishing. A lot of groups or organizations offer a lot of fishing gears and boats. There are also guides available who have knowledge in all fishing grounds. 

game fishing


5. Other Water Activities 

If you don’t know swimming or don’t want to dive or perform any water activity, Bharatpur Beach also has other activities to try. You can ride a Glass Bottom Boat for a nominal price. You can have a 10-minute ride but it is super fun and memorable. You can enjoy the thrilling and adrenaline filled jet skiing here. Keep in mind that these activities are open from 9 am to 4 pm every day. 


6. Cycling 

Neil Island is a close knit, small island which is stretched over just 17 sq. km. A lot of tourists prefer to visit this island while walking and complete visiting in just two hours. But cycling is an even better way to explore this island. You can easily get around while cycling for recreational purposes. Water sports and beach explorations have different attractions and you can easily cycle around the roads while covering the rolls of greens, farms, and sweet breeze. You can easily rent a cycle at a lot of resorts. 



7. Relax on the beach 

Neil is a quaint, sleepy and slow-paced island. Here, life seems to go slow with a wet and calm breeze. It’s a great place to take a pause from your mundane life, rest, and stretch out on white sandy beach without any disturbance. You can take a sunbath, laze in the sands, listen to calm waves crashing around and see the sunset behind your eyes. In every breath, you will feel the time passing by. 

beach relax


8. Eating Out 

Neil Island is known to have peculiar restaurants where you need to order food up to 3 hours before. It is because the chef has to shop for fresh vegetables and seafood from the local market, come back and prepare your meal. Though it takes time but it is worth it. It will definitely tingle with your taste buds and refresh your mood. 

A lot of restaurants are known to offer Chinese and Indian dishes. You can definitely find a homely touch on all food items. French and Italian dishes are also available here along with local ones. You can find a few eateries here which open till midnight.  



9. Embark on 3 Point Tour 

Neil Island is well known for its wonderful beaches. This 3-point tour is a worthwhile attraction here and it is something you shouldn’t miss. You can start with Natural Rock Formation or Howrah Bridge and reach Bharatpur Beach. You can enjoy a lot of water sports and underwater activities here. Don’t forget to cover the sunset at Laxmanpur Beach and Bharatpur Beach.   

Planning a visit to Neil Island? Be sure to book an Andaman trip package at reasonable prices. You can choose from the best packages from our experts.


Port Blair is the only place to enter and exit from the Andaman Islands. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the Union Territories of India in Bay of Bengal and North and Middle Andaman are two districts and third one is district headquarter, Mayabunder town. This district covers around 3251.85 sq. km. On August 18, 2006, this district was built with the bifurcation of Andaman district.  Rangat, Diglipur, and Mayabunder are three tehsils of the district. 



1. Karmatang Beach 


Karmatang Beach is a popular settling ground for hawksbill turtles, olive ridley turtles, green ocean turtles, and leatherback turtles. This beach is being developed as a famous tourist spot and is considered ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. 



2. Lamiya Bay Beach 


On the foothills of Saddle Beach, Lamiya Bay Beach is well connected to Kalipur Beach. It lies at the highest peak of the archipelago. You can take the road to Kalipur beach to reach Lamiya Bay from the jetty and travel ahead of the beach. You can find absolute peace and solitude here at this beach while hearing the waves and sitting on the rocks. It really brings a great sound to bring calmness and peace. 



3. Ramnagar Beach 


It is a beautiful beach around 70 km from Mayabunder, which is easy to reach from Kalara Junction and 35 km away from Diglipur. It is well suited to enjoy swimming. You can definitely enjoy the nature trail here. You can access seating arrangements, eco huts, benches and other environmental friendly beach facilities and you can also witness turtle nesting here. 



4. Kalpong Dam


Kalpong Dam or Kalpong Hydroelectric Project is known to be the largest dam built around Kalpong River. It is a concrete and Rockfill gravity dam with 15,270,000 m3 of storage capacity with 1.84 km2 of reservoir area. On the left fork, the concrete dam is 138m long and 34m high. The Rockfill dam is 146m long on the right fork and 27m high. This hydroelectric project has 5.25 Mw of power capacity. It is the one and only hydro-electric dam in Andaman. 



5. Shyam Nagar Mud Volcano 


Located around 20 km from Diglipur near Hathilevel, Shyam Nagar has dense green jungles and a chain of mud volcanoes at Diglipur. You need to walk through the lush greens for 15 minutes to get there. You can spot the dormant and big mud volcano. You can also witness the emerging and fresh mud volcanoes when going further. You can also find seating facilities with information boards. 



6. Turtle Nesting Ground in Kalipur Beach 


You can spot thousands of turtles in Andaman and Nicobar Islands on their nesting season. Turtle nesting started in the winter months of December and January in Andaman Islands. You can witness turtle nesting at Ramnagar Beach and Kalipur Beach at Diglipur. Forest Department also offers facilities for this activity at Kalipur. 



7. Twin Islands ‚Äď Smith and Ross Islands¬†


Ross and Smith are joined together to make a group of islands by a sandbar. Otherwise, they are two islands. You need to get a forest permit to visit Ross and Smith Islands from the Forest Office, Diglipur. The cost of entry permit is Rs. 50 for Indians and Rs. 500 for tourists. You can obtain the same on weekdays (Monday to Saturday) from 6am to 2pm. You can hire a speed boat or dinghi ‘fisherman’s boat‚Äô from Ariel Bay jetty, Diglipur, which takes up to 25 minutes.¬†

These islands really look stunning and stay ahead of other islands in natural beauty. Their base is connected by a sandbar. It has gem green and crystal clear water. You can have a great sunbathing experience here. The sand bar leaves a trail of water and disappears in high tide. The sand bar appears again in low tide and makes the islands look more beautiful. 

The Island has a Marine Sanctuary where you can spot vivid species and coral reefs from underwater. The beach is the best choice for trail hiking and trekking by several tourists and is covered by tropical greens. You can also enjoy activities like snorkeling and scuba diving here. It adds a natural charm with crystal clear waters. You can also spot olive ridley turtles in Ross and Smith Islands. You can also spot turtle nesting if you reach there at the right time. 



8. Saddle Peak 


For eco tourists, a rare experience is awaiting at Diglipur. It is well known for its rice, oranges and forests along with marine species. At 732m lies Saddle Peak as the highest peak in Andaman. 



9. Alfred Caves 


These are the limestone caves near Ramnagar Beach in Diglipur subdivision. You need to reach Kalara Jn first and then Ramnagar to reach Alfred Caves. You can also hop on a bus from Diglipur towards Ramnagar. You can seek a forest guard or guide to help you along the way. You need to start your trip early in the morning to get back by evening. You can enjoy the trek through the main jungle which takes you to these caves. It is a combination of 41 limestone caves. Fruit eating bats and swiftlets call these caves their den. October to March is the best time to explore these caves. These caves open up in small caves with steep entrances. 


Getting There 

You can get there by booking the Andaman trip package which includes these places as part of your itinerary. 

Road ‚Äď Both private and government buses are available to reach Mayabunder, Diglipur, and Rangat from Port Blair.¬†

Boat ‚Äď You can avail regular boat on weekdays to Mayabunder, Diglipur, and Rangat. These boats are provided by the Directorate of Shipping Services.¬†

Sea Plane ‚Äď Sea Plane is another great way to access Diglipur. It is available on weekdays by the Civil Aviation Department.¬†

Pawan Hans ‚Äď You can access this service on weekdays to reach Rangat, Diglipur, and Mayabunder by the Civil Aviation Department according to schedule.


India is definitely not the country which comes to mind quickly when it comes to visit an active volcano. You may not believe but there is an active volcano in India. Barren Island or Barren Volcano is the only active volcano in South Asia. It is the only active volcano between Myanmar and Sumatra regions among other volcanoes. It has definitely been popular over the years. 

Volcanic Island is located just around 135 km from Port Blair, which is the capital city of Andaman. The island has a huge crater of a volcano around ¬Ĺ km from the shore and the island is stretched over 3 km. The crater is around 150 fathoms deep. As the name suggests, Barren Island is actually barren and uninhabited by humans. You can find a few rodent species like rats and bats and birds‚Äô species which can survive in this extreme condition.¬† Read on to know what you should know about this destination for your Andaman holidays.¬†


Facts to Know about Barren Island 

It goes without saying that this active volcano is lesser known and less frequented by the tourists. Barren Island is not a touristy destination. Thanks to the recent events and eruptions, this volcano has gained its presence again. It is one of the hottest regions across the Andaman. Here are the things you should consider when planning to visit here –¬†

  • This island is just 3 km wide and it is not populated¬†
  • This island has a 2-km wide majestic crater with over 250m to 350m high walls of this volcano.¬†
  • The island witnessed its major eruption in 1991 despite being dormant for a long time.¬†
  • It also witnessed the same eruption in February 2017 when hot lava flew through the sea.¬†
  • Due to this recent phenomena, this island suddenly gained popularity among the tourists visiting Andaman Islands.¬†
  • The island has been opened for scuba diving as you can explore diverse marine life. It is definitely a great experience that shouldn‚Äôt be missed.¬†
  • In 2017, some stranded goats were found which were known to be left behind by a steamer in 1891.¬†


Getting There 

You can definitely have a great sight of the solitary guard by nature. Sightseeing is not that common across the island because you need to seek permission from the forest department. You can get around with several water boats and ferries. Night stay is not allowed here. So, you can start your trip from 4am in the morning and get there within 5 hours. You can also get there through seaplane from Port Blair. However, visitors have to get a view from the sea without arriving at the shores because the eruption is quite unpredictable. 


When to visit? 

You can get to Barren Island from November to February as the weather remains clear and you can easily see the volcano and the island. 


Things to See and Do 

Scuba Diving ‚Äď Barren Island is truly a great location to enjoy this activity thanks to its bordering waters. It is truly a remote destination to witness. Its beautiful coral reefs, intriguing formations of basalt, and crystal clear waters are worth checking out.¬†

Watching Active Volcano ‚Äď As discussed above, you can find the only active volcano here in Barren Island which is not found anywhere in South Asia. In 1787, the first eruption was recorded on this island. The volcano has since appeared 10 times over there. In September 2010, another eruption was recorded which lasted till January 2011.¬†

Explore the isolated and serene island ‚Äď Barren Island is completely uninhabited and barren. Only a few tourists visit this island but it is really worth visiting. You need permission from forest authorities though. It is a great place to refuge from other tourist destinations.¬†

Nature Photography ‚Äď You can find a small number of flying foxes, goats and rodent species. Only a few animals are able to survive here in extreme conditions here. The area is covered by serene and blue waters and it is truly a visual treat to behold.¬†


Frequently Asked Questions 


Is it safe to visit Barren Island? 

According to an index in which volcanoes are rated on a scale of 1 to 8 for their strength and amount of eruption, the Volcanic Explosivity Index, Barren Island is listed at lowest. So, Barren Island is marked safe to visit. 


What adventure sport can you try at Barren Island?

You cannot enjoy any sport activity over there. But you can enjoy various activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walk etc. on the way if you are getting there by private charter. Waters covering the Barren Island are also known for being one of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving. 


Why should you visit Barren Island?

At Barren Island, you can witness one of the most beautiful geographical locations. It is really worth exploring its beauty thanks to its mesmerizing views and it is the only active volcano here in South Asia. 


How many times has the eruption happened in Barren Island? 

The Barren Island has erupted 6 times since its first eruption happened in 1787. Later on, eruptions were recorded in 1789, 1795, 1803-04, and lastly 1852. The volcano erupted again after around 2 centuries in 1991. The recent eruption was recorded in 2004 because of an earthquake in Indian Ocean. 


What kind of volcano can you find in Barren Island?

Barren Island is the only active natural volcano in South Asia at the Volcanic Arc connecting Myanmar and Sumatra. It has a 1.6 km wide crater and is stretched over 3 km. Cinder cone is partly filled here and it is the source of the eruption. 


When was the last time when Barren Volcano erupted? 

The Barren Island erupted last time in 2017 after 2004. 


This guide is dedicated to all the globetrotters who want to explore Andaman without burning a hole in their pockets. Many people spread rumors that Andaman Islands are expensive. If you think so, you are wrong. 

Actually, the reason is that they are either uninformed visitors or luxury travelers who end up spending more than their budget. You can spend as much as you want as a luxury traveler. But you need to do your own research and explore Andaman Islands within budget. 

The budget depends highly on when you visit and accommodation you choose. If you are looking for a lavish stay, you will definitely want to spend more than the predefined budget. You will spend even more if you are planning a trip in peak season. So, it is a smart move if you travel in the off season when the crowd is less and hotels and flights cost less. 

No matter what many people have to say, you can go to Andaman Islands on a budget. You just have to make some compromises and plan in advance. You can spend as much on activities as your heart’s content if your budget allows. 


Basics You Need to Know 

Here are some of the details you need to consider before visiting Andaman Islands ‚Äst



As you know, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago in Bay of Bengal and are categorized in two different groups. There is a 150 km channel which separates them, which is called Ten Degree Channel. The Nicobar Islands are located on the south and Andaman towards the north of the channel. 

The Andaman Sea separates these islands from Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. These islands are closely located to India being the political part of India. There are a total 572 islands in Andaman and Nicobar, while only 37 islands are inhabited. They together form a group of islands or archipelago. 


Restricted Area Permit (RAP) 

You no need to have a permit if you are traveling from India. If you are a foreigner, you will have to apply for RAP before traveling there. You can easily get RAP when you arrive at Port Blair, which will be valid for up to 30 days. You can extend it from FRO or SP at Port Blair. They will grant you around 15 days more. Foreign Registration Offices are located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai along with Indian Missions where you can get RAP. In addition, airports in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata have immigration authorities which issue those permits.


Modes of Transport 

Port Blair is the official point of entry in Andaman. You can get there by either sea or air. Taking a flight is the cheapest way to travel. Port Blair is connected to several major Indian cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. If you are coming from outside India, you will have to land to India first and then take flight to Port Blair. 

You can also travel by ship from Kolkata, Chennai or Visakhapatnam, which take up to 3 to 4 days. But sailing is restricted to season. 


Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar 

You may visit Andaman at any time of the year. The islands receive warm tropical weather but it gets very humid in summers. On average, temperature hovers around 30 degree Celsius all the year round with erratic rainfall. Most travelers plan their 7-day itinerary to visit Andaman from January to February. 

But to save a lot, you can plan your trip in April or May. During this period, the sun is not too harsh and days are comfortable, even though these are summer months. It also doesn’t rain much in this period. There are also lesser chances of storms and high tides. 

All in all, you can travel to Andaman whenever you feel free. All you need to do your homework before traveling to this place. Avoid traveling in scorching heat and on monsoons. 


What about currency?

Indian Rupee (INR) is the only currency which is widely accepted and valid on the Andaman Islands. You can find a lot of currency exchange outlets in Port Blair and the airport. ATMs also work in the city area. However, you need to carry sufficient amounts of cash before traveling to Neil and Havelock Islands. 


How Much does it Cost to Travel Andaman?

You need up to Rs. 25000 to Rs. 30000 to travel to Andaman Islands for seven days, which is rounded up to US$363 or £324. It is recommended to book flights and hotels in advance to save more. Keep in mind that Andaman is not a budget-friendly destination actually. But you don’t have to spend too much. With proper planning and research, you can stick to your budget and enjoy the trip. 



You can dine out at several multi-cuisine restaurants in all leading islands. You can also find vegetarian restaurants offering authentic North Indian and South Indian cuisines. You can easily find a decent eating option in Andaman. 


Are there any safety issues? 

If you are heading to Andaman, you don’t have to worry about safety. You won’t face eve teasing, harassment, mugging or other such cases. However, Andaman had been prone to natural calamities in the past like earthquakes and tsunamis. So, it is recommended to visit the website of the meteorological department before visiting. 


How to look for cheap hotels?

You will find different types of luxury hotels in various tourist destinations in India. But Andaman Islands have limited accommodation options and their prices are also high. However, budget hotels are aplenty in Andaman. Choose the hotel wisely and invest some time choosing budget options online. 

Book whenever you find an ideal deal or you will end up losing it. Keep in mind that a budget hotel doesn’t mean cheap stays. You need to look for options that can provide a decent and comfortable experience without breaking your bank. 


Andaman and Nicobar Islands are usually known for their pristine beaches and heritage sites to attract tourism. But it has a lot of places of worship to attract a consistent flow of pilgrims. This archipelago attracts people from different religions. 

Cerulean waters, melodious sun, and soothing breeze caressing palm trees ‚Äď these are the images that come to our mind when we think of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most popular spots from different parts of the world.¬†

The archipelago is also famous for its amazing architectural landmarks along with its untouched beauty and both shouldn’t be missed. These landmarks are more than just places of worship. They are well known for their architectural brilliance. Thousands of tourists and devotees have gathered to these places over the years. Here is the detailed list of temples and churches in Andaman you must visit at least once. 



1. Roman Catholic Church 


This church is based at Phoenix Bay and is a great epitome of architecture in Andaman. It is very appealing and beautiful with intricate patterns to take you straight to the Victorian era. Located in the capital city Port Blair, Roman Catholic Church lies in proximity to the marine museum. 



2. Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple 


Located at Golghar, Port Blair, Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple has great spiritual value. Ganesh Puja is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi (birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha) which is the most vital festival here. It usually falls in the month of September or early October. Lord Ganesha’s idol is built with black clay and adorning glittering ornaments. This event is celebrated for three days. The temple is well decorated. It is believed that all the wishes of devotees are fulfilled here. Book your Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour package during this time to get there.  

Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple is located on RGT Road at Golghar. It is located only 2 km from Port Blair airport. Timings are from 5am to 12pm and from 4pm to 9pm every day. 



3. Brethren Assembly 


Since January 1968, this church has been serving the Lord and was established by P.G. Samuel Thomas Phillip Kurien. The church is located only around 3 km from Port Blair Airport, one of the major landmarks in the island. This church offers its services in Hindi, Tamil, English and Malayalam. 



4. Police Gurudwara 


Located in the heart of Aberdeen Bazaar, Police Gurudwara is among the oldest gurudwaras. The gurudwara was built in 1937 by martyr Dr. Diwan Singh Kalapani. He sacrificed his life as a freedom fighter before independence. The Sikh shrine was built on an iron base and is made of wood. It is truly a great place to make a spiritual bond on the island. You can easily get here via RGT road by car as it is located in Aberdeen Bazaar on Mahatma Gandhi Road. It is located around 7 km from Port Blair. 



5. St. Joseph Catholic Church 


Located at Prothrapur Dist in Port Blair, St. Joseph Catholic Church has just been established in 2007. St. Joseph is the patron saint here. The Society of Jesus serves this church in the Andaman Islands. The community has around 2340 Catholics. It is gathered by both visitors and pilgrims every day and all the year round.



6. Vetrimalai Murugan Temple 


This ancient temple has always been the first choice for visitors and locals when it comes to heritage tourism. The temple is devoted to Lord Murugan. There are also shrines devoted to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati located here. The pyramidal or ‚Äėgopuram‚Äô styled tower gate is adorned with beautiful paintings and the temple is built with Dravidian architecture. The outer precinct is known to have a beautiful garden in the temple.¬†

The temple is located near Gandhi Park, Port Blair on RGT Road and around 6 ¬Ĺ km from Port Blair. The timings are from 5AM to 12 noon and from 4 PM to 9 PM. However, you can get there at any convenient time.¬†



7. St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church 


This church has been managed by the Society of Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier Catholic in Andaman Islands. Built in 1996 in Rangat, this church is devoted to parish Priest Father Pritam Toppo and patron St. Francis Xavier.  This beautifully adorned church has over 4152 Catholics. It is one of the best places to discover your spiritual side. It is usually the main reason why a lot of tourists and worshippers flock here all the year round. 



8. St. Ignatius Catholic Church 


St. Ignatius Catholic Church is well regarded as one of the oldest churches in the Andaman Islands. It is truly a great religious attraction in Diglipur. This church was founded in 1987 to worship in a serene and pleasant environment. Both travelers and worships flock here in this church. It is truly an architectural masterpiece with very intricate carvings and detailing. Its interior will definitely leave you stunned. In this church, St. Ignatius of Loyola is the patron saint and is served by the Society of Jesus.



9. Our Lady of the Catholic Church 


It is another most well-revered beauty in Andaman which is managed by Diocesan Clergy. It is well located in Oralkatcha region. In Baratang Island, it is an old Roman Catholic Church established in 1968. This church is associated with 2748 Catholics.



10. Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church 


This church was built recently in 2003 in Ramnagar. It has been served by the Society of Jesus. It has been associated with 843 Catholics and they really admire the same. 


Bottom Line 

So these were the most prominent and popular religious attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. We hope you liked the above places and you would consider them for your next Andaman trip. 


  • Entry Fee ‚Äď Rs. 2 per person only¬†
  • Timings ‚Äď 8 AM to 12 noon. After a break till 2.30 PM, museum opens again till 5 PM. Sunday is off.¬†
  • Duration ‚Äď You can take up to 1 hour¬†

Located in Chatham Saw Mill’s premises, Forest Museum is an incredible combo of art and adventure. It has been famed for displaying wood work for a long time. Timber of gurjan, marble, padauk, satin wood and peauma trees is used to carve the intricate detailing on the wood works here. It also has endangered plant species which attract worldwide attention all the year round. The premises house the zoological garden to make it even more amazing. 


Tips for Travelers 

  • Be sure to carry your camera to capture the beautiful memories of visiting there.¬†
  • You can carry some water but don‚Äôt litter by throwing away bottles or plastics anywhere.¬†
  • Wear full sleeved clothes to avoid mosquito or insect bites in the forest region.¬†


Things to do 

  • The market area remains busy with different types of shops in Forest Museum located in Port Blair.¬†
  • You can shop some little gifts or souvenirs for loved ones.¬†
  • You can explore the exotic islands and serene blue waters with Andaman holiday packages.
  • You can also visit the Chatham Saw Mill, which is the major source of income for many households over there. It has very much economic importance.¬†


Are Guides Available?

Guides are available as written boards where you will learn about all the pieces of art. You can also ask the officials for further help. You can also get details on the web. 


When to visit?

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the weather remains favorable the whole year. The weather is neither too cold nor too hot and there are no hassles. However, you should plan your trip from November to April to get the most of your trip. You can enjoy the sightseeing during this time. It is always better to avoid visiting in rainy seasons as it gets rough sometimes. 


Getting There 

Vir Savarkar airport is the nearest airport to the museum. You can easily take a bus or cab or simply walk there. You can also take a road bridge to reach straight to this place. The museum is located on the outskirts of Port Blair and you can get there by taxi or bus. 


Trivia and Interesting Facts You Need to Know 

  • The Forest Department has well maintained the Forest Museum in Port Blair.¬†
  • The rich flora and fauna which was alive in the past at the forest area is beautifully described in the form of arts, carvings and artifacts.¬†
  • There is a huge staff engaged in cleaning up the artefacts on a regular basis. The Forest Museum also generates a lot of job opportunities here.¬†
  • The piece of art displayed here has intricate details where you can see the brilliance of craftsmanship. It also has a chain made of wood. You can easily explore those pieces of art.¬†
  • The Forest Department of Andaman has well maintained and managed the Saw Mill along with the museum. You can easily explore the wooden artifacts associated with different flora and fauna along with forest area.¬†
  • The Chatham Saw Mill complex, which also houses the Forest Museum, is well located in Haddo region. It is well located on the outskirts of Port Blair, which is around 29 km away.¬†
  • In this museum, the art and artifacts are carved beautifully from different trees like Marble, Padauk, Gurjan, Peauma, and Satin wood. These art pieces are polished regularly. You can also find different types of trees which are found in the forest region and existed earlier.¬†
  • Visitors need to keep track on the timing to visit the Forest Museum to have a memorable tour as timings are only from 8AM to 12 noon and from 2.30 PM to 5 PM. Museum also remains closed on Sunday.¬†
  • You can also visit a Zoological Garden and a Mini Zoo which are prime attractions. You can spot a lot of birds and small animals in the Andaman forest. The garden also houses some of the live endangered or endemic plant species.¬†


Restaurants Nearby 

  • Annapurna Caf√©
  • New India Caf√©
  • Waves
  • New Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Full Moon Caf√©
  • China Room¬†


Other Attractions to Explore 

  • Kalapani Museum¬†
  • Anthropological Museum¬†
  • Jogger‚Äôs Park
  • Science Centre
  • Long Island


Final Thoughts

If you are planning your trip to Andaman but not going to visit the Forest Museum, you are making a big mistake. You should consider this museum in your itinerary if you are planning to enjoy sightseeing. Your visit to Forest Museum can definitely be a mesmerizing experience. Tourists can enjoy this museum and also explore Chatham Saw Mill which is one of the major sources of income for a lot of households there. In addition, the place is very peaceful and is away from the hustles and bustles of the city. So, you can explore the two important sides of Andaman by visiting the Chatham Saw Mill and Forest Museum.