Butler Bay Beach – A Remote Paradise in Little Andaman
Butler Bay Beach

Butler Bay Beach is truly a sea surfing paradise in Little Andaman which is a touristy place where you can find enough experiences to enjoy in its lap. Along with sea surfing, Butler Bay Beach is also attractive for tourists of all ages. It houses rainforests, yellow sandy beaches, water sports, waterfall, and resorts. You can save time and money by booking an all-inclusive Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour package

This beach is ideal to witness the high tide waves and sea surfers. You can simply watch the surfers playing with waves if you don’t know surfing. You can also go to a beach walk along the waves. It has got forest-fringed and palm-fringed shores. You can’t take a sunbath as flies here won’t let you do so. You can just sit and watch tourists enjoying different adventure sports. 

You can also try these activities here at Butler Bay Beach – 


You can enjoy trekking in the forest and explore the lush green rainforest in the whole Little Andaman. The forest looks even more beautiful post-monsoon rains. The best time to enjoy trekking here is from December to June when you can relax and breathe fresh air in the forest cover. You can also witness different species of flora and fauna. You can trek the forest and get back on a day trip. It is also a great picture-perfect spot where you will feel the soothing forest breeze in summer. 

Sea Surfing 

Butler Bay Beach is widely known for sea surfing in its high ride waves. This way, it is a paradise for surfers. Both intermediate and professional surfers can try their skills here and play with the high tidal waves. However, beginners shouldn’t try it here. It is better for them to watch others surfing. A lot of women surfers and international tourists pump up their adrenaline and escape into the waves covering their heads. You can enjoy this adventure sport here from April to June. A lot of foreign tourists visit here to surf in the seawater. 


Swimmers can enjoy this activity and dive in the waters on the beachfront. You shouldn’t dive into the deep sea even though you have worn a swimsuit. You should swim only on low tides. December to May is the best time for swimming here. You should also be in a group even though you are venturing here with family. There are swim accessories and gear available for hire from the vendors here. 


It is another great activity at Butler Bay Island when there is low tide. The seawater looks in emerald color here when there is no or low tide.  You can also hire snorkeling gears from the vendors here. Be sure to wear an extra safety vest if you are going alone. You can explore some of the unique coral and marine life. You can also see vivid fish, small turtles, and coral on the seawater.  

Visit the Lighthouse 

This lighthouse is built to guide ships coming through the Indian Ocean as well as nearby fishing boats. You can get the best views from the top of the lighthouse, which is 134ft above sea level. 

White Surf Waterfall or Hut Bay

This waterfall is truly a sight to behold in Butler Bay Beach. You can enjoy the waterfall on a day trip. Be sure to carry your food items to spend a day here. Relax by the falls in the lap of the exotic rainforest. You can also bathe under its cascading showers. The waterfalls in its full flow from June to December. 

Elephant Safari 

Villagers also provide elephant safari in Butler Bay Beach. It is a great way to explore the lush forest cover and beach in Little Andaman. It really feels great to see the beach from the back of an elephant. They can definitely take you to the forest. 


You can enjoy this activity even if you don’t know how to swim by wearing a swim vest. You can try this when there is low tide. Kayak rentals are also available on an hourly basis. A trainer will be available if you book tour package for kayaking. Kayaking is not safe in high tide if you don’t know how to swim. 

Who Should Visit Butler Bay Beach? 

It is the best choice for people looking for seawater adventures. Solo tourists and families can also visit here and enjoy the seawater recreation. Corporate tourists can also visit here to relax in the rainforest and level up their adrenaline rush. It has a lot of adventure sports for tourists of all ages. 

How long does it take to Visit Butler Bay Beach?

You can enjoy a day trip by visiting Butler Bay Beach. You can also visit here by Helicopter as boats take up to 5 to 6 hours. It may take a week if you are getting here for different activities like waterfall visiting, rainforest trekking, lighthouse, beach creation, adventure sports, and others. 


Butler Bay Beach lies in the southernmost part of Andaman and Nicobar and it receives up to 70% of humidity every day. The beach is located in Little Andaman, which falls under the tropical zone. In winter, the temperature drops to around 20oC and summer temperature rise to 35oC. 

How to Reach? 

By Air 

You can easily get here by landing at Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair. Book a passenger helicopter to get here. 

By boat 

From Port Blair itself, you can also book private boats or government boats to get here. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to cover over 100 km of distance to Little Andaman. 

There is no road or rail connectivity here in Andaman. 

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