Established in 1983, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park has been aimed to protect marine life like nesting sea turtles found in this area and sea corals. Located in Wandoor on Andaman Islands, the park is located only 29 km from Port Blair and falls under the Chief Wildlife Warden’s protection.  


Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park consists of a total of 17 islands and is stretched over 281.5 sq. km of landscapes. You can find sea creeks all around the park. It consists of 2 leading groups of islands – Twin Islands and Labyrinth Island. They are located around 16 km south of Port Blair. These islands fall under Rutland Archipelago and are located between Rutland Island and South Andaman Island. 


When to Visit?

It is recommended to visit the national park from October to February. Nights are pleasant and days are mild during these months. Unlike from June to August, days are comparatively cool and you won’t have any rain at this time. You can easily witness the islands. Boatmen or fishermen will tell you if there is a weather issue on any island. 


Famous Activities 

You can enjoy a lot of activities here along with visiting the breeding ground for turtles in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Here’s what you can do and enjoy – 



1. See Turtle Hatching


Nesting of sea turtles is the center of attraction in this national park which attracts plenty of tourists here. You can get there to witness turtles hatching and making their way to water. Turtles are known to be the most endangered species in the country. The park authorities are making all the possible efforts to save them and improve their population. They also help recover the injuries of turtles which get trapped in fishnets. 



2. Snorkeling 


Snorkeling is a very popular water sport in the park. Here, you can get up close to the sea world. If you haven’t tried the same before, you can easily get up close to the vivid sea corals and fishes and you can easily dive in like a pro. The islands are beautifully blessed with hidden treasures of diverse marine species and splendid sea corals. 



3. Scuba Diving 


Scuba Diving is a great pastime for tourists in the marine national park when it comes to witness the exotic sea world. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park inhabits a whole lot of vivid fishes of different sizes and beautiful coral reefs. It is safe for scuba diving as it doesn’t have any predatory fishes around the coral reefs and beaches. Both experts and novices can enjoy their trip to the underwater world. But they need to be accompanied by a guide and certified. 



4. Bird Watching 


There is no lack of places where you can spot a lot of migratory birds as well as local ones and this place is definitely the paradise for bird watchers. Jolly Buoy Island is definitely the most popular spot for bird watching in the park. If you are in Andaman, you can easily visit these spots. It is well connected to regular city and suburban buses operated by government and private organizations. 



5. Boat Rides 


Banana boat ride is another exciting and fun-filled activity in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Only 6 people can ride the banana boats at a time. In order to gain speed, a speedboat ties them behind. This activity is completely safe. You need to follow the instructions properly and wear life jackets. To avoid congestion, you will get tickets with a timestamp in Wandoor jetty. 


Is permit required for entry?

You need to get a permit on your arrival. But if you want to indulge in scuba diving or hire a boat, additional charges will apply as it is a national park. Only 150 permits are issued on a first come first serve basis each day. The number increases on peak days by the forest department. You need an additional permit for a camera which costs Rs. 25. You cannot carry plastic bottles to the park. 


Getting There 

For your visit to Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, the entry fee is Rs. 50 for Indians and Rs. 500 for foreigners. You can hire a taxi or bus to reach Wandoor within 45 minutes. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is located there. It has good road connectivity to all major cities of Andaman. Buses are available to and from Port Blair every 30 minutes. You can hop on local buses from 6 AM to 8PM. 


Bottom Line 

Due to the tsunami in 2004, the park was gone through rehabilitation and was closed. Later on, it was reopened for tourists with less damage than expected. Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin Island are open all year. So what are you waiting for? Embark on your Andaman and Nicobar Islands trip and visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. 





  • Is this national park safe for tourists?


The park authorities have developed this place to be as safe as possible for the tourists, following the tsunami that occurred in 2004. There is no guarantee of any such act of god though. But this place is considered safe and is prepared for any natural disasters. 



  • What to look for in this place?


This place is well known for its sea turtles. It was actually established with an aim to conserve marine life. It has a huge number of marine species. 



  • When to visit this place?


October to February is considered to be the best time to visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Days are soothing and nights are cooler here during this time. 



  • Is there any permit required?


You can easily access the tourist permit with extra charges as it is a national park. You need to pay extra for a plastic bottle and camera. Basically, plastic bottles are not allowed as it is an eco-friendly park. 

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Andaman for spending a memorable vacation or honeymoon. No matter the reason, you can rest assured to have an exciting time when you visit Andaman in July. Monsoon is considered to be the best season to visit Andaman as it remains cooler than hot and humid summer months. You can also visit several places during this month. 

You can witness the beautiful caves which are best kept secrets by nature along with vibrant species of flora and fauna. Andaman is full of surprises for the tourists of all ages. It is very easy to reach Andaman as Port Blair is well connected to all major cities of India by flight. You can also visit there by cruises or ships which add to a great experience. 


Best Places to Visit during Monsoons in Andaman 

You can have a fun vacation when you visit the following places in Andaman in the month of July. They are truly mesmerizing and easy to reach – 



1. Wandoor Beach 


It is one of the most frequented places to visit in Andaman as it is closely located to the capital city of Port Blair and is well regarded for beautiful corals. The whole region is covered by the lush greens of trees and mountains and turquoise blue water. This beach is ideal for swimming and also opens in June. But it is advised not to swim in heavy rainfall. Overall, you can relax and chill by the beach and have a romantic time with your partner. The beach is well positioned in Wandoor Village that is easy to reach by ferry from Port Blair. Wandoor is just 25 km from Port Blair. 



2. Baratang Island 


This location is literally untouched by tourists’ crowds and is truly a gem in Andaman. Baratang Island is full of lush green mangroves which make it really beautiful. You can definitely live up to your adventurous side in this place. You can also come across Jarawa people of Andaman. The island is also loaded with lots of limestone caves to offer the great essence of this idyllic island. You can visit the island by hiking or canoeing. The island becomes really very impressive in monsoon as the temperature is low and you can explore the island easily. It is located around 100 km from Port Blair. 



3. Bharatpur Beach 


Bharatpur Beach is well located in Neil Island and is one of the most visited beaches of Andaman. It has been visited by hundreds and thousands of tourists from different parts of the world to witness its cleanliness and spectacular beauty. The whole beach is stretched over 500 km. Children also love to visit the island as it is ideal for family vacation. It has lush greens of the mountains which meet white sands in Bay of Bengal. The spot is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. However, these activities are not available in monsoon because of heavy rainfall. It is located around 40 km from the capital city of union territory. 



4. Mud Volcanoes 


Along with shocking impacts of history and breathtaking natural beauty, Andaman is also famous for mud volcanoes across the world. You can find around 25 mud volcanoes across Andaman and most of them are located in Baratang and Diglipur Islands. 

This phenomenon was created by natural gases like methane and hydrocarbon. You can easily witness the same in July. The volcanoes are active during this time. You can hike or trek to the volcanoes to witness these natural phenomena. Diglipur Island is located over 350 km north of Port Blair. You can get there via seaplanes or cruise ships. 



5. Cellular Jail 


Apart from being the leading tourist attraction in Andaman, Cellular Jail also serves as a memorial to the country’s fight for freedom. History buff can find a lot of facts to explore. You can learn a lot of things related to British rule in the country. A lot of leading freedom fighters from Veer Savarkar to Batukeshwar Dutt have been imprisoned before India’s independence. 

If you are planning to visit Cellular Jail in July, you can also enjoy the iconic light and sound show which takes place every evening outside the prison. You can also get back to the colonial past in several picture galleries and exhibition galleries and witness the British atrocities before 1947. The Cellular Jail is located 15 km from Port Blair. 



6. Ross Island 

It is one of the most popular islands in Andaman as it was the hub of union territory. It is a visually great and historically iconic island. You can walk through the island to witness how the life before India’s independence was and get the experience when Andaman was used to imprison and torture people. You can now explore the historical evidence in cemeteries and museums. Also visit the lighthouse located there if you visit in July. You can have the breathtaking 360o view of Bay of Bengal from the top in showery rain. It is around a 30m tall tower. Ross Island is easy to reach as it is just 3 km from Port Blair.



7. Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is truly the pride of the country as it is different from several other beaches of the country. It is covered by tropical greens offering the serene view of blue waters to add to the beauty. It is one of the most visited attractions on Havelock Island. Most of the beaches are open in the monsoons in Havelock Island, except Elephant Beach. You can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling here at all times of the year, except in heavy monsoons. It is located only 72 km from Port Blair. 

Radhanagar Beach

You can find excellent views of the above places in monsoon. You can easily explore the above places despite the fact that some activities may be closed due to heavy rains.  


There are only a few places on the planet where you can explore the true beauty of nature unfolds in each step you take ahead. Andaman Nicobar Islands tourism is famous for uncovering the true charm of azure sea waters, stunning rain forests, vivid corals, unspoiled seascapes, and local culture. 

The Red Skin Island is located 1000 km or so from the eastern peninsular mainland of India. It attracts a huge number of tourists to fulfill their wanderlust in the Bay of Bengal. This archipelago has a lot of stunning islands to visit but Red Skin Island is the most frequently visited in Andaman. The island is located in Wandoor village in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park on Andaman Islands. 


Best Time to Visit 

As discussed, Red Skin Island is one of the 15 islands located in Mahatma Gandhi National Park. The park is located around 30 km from the capital of Port Blair to southwest of the archipelago. You need to have a permit from the forest department to travel to the island at least one day ahead of your visit. The tourists can access the island only from May to October and it is not available on Mondays. The island stays open on average for 6 months and night stays are prohibited here. It has a lot of activities for tourists and is a one day trip. 


Things to Do 

Red Skin Island is beautifully soaked in the glory of flora and fauna. It is definitely one of the best and charming parts of this island. It is known to have shallow waters to explore the beautiful marine life and to have an amazing experience. It welcomes the visitors with a great combination of pristine vibes when you reach the island with the feel of dream destination. Here are some of the amazing adventure activities you can enjoy in this mesmerizing island – 


1. Glass Bottom Boat Ride 

There is literally no one who doesn’t want to explore the depth of the sea. But not everyone can be a diver to do just that.  Deep down we all have a dream to explore the underwater kingdom with our naked eyes. If you are visiting Andaman with that dream, it’s time to fulfill your wishes. You can visit the Red Skin Island and opt for Glass Bottom Boat Ride. This ride combines curiosity and thrill and has won a lot of awards. 

This small boat has the capacity to hold only a few people. As the name suggests, it has a glass bottom to reveal the marine life under your feet. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on the lifetime journey without getting wet. View Package

2. Snorkeling 

It is one of the best activities you can enjoy on Red Skin Island. It is definitely a center of attraction in Red Skin Island. There are artificial fish fins available to enjoy this activity and you can dive in and take a closer look at the brimming underwater world. You can swim with fishes and indulge in the marine ecosystem to have experience like never before. There is no need to have any prior swimming skills or training. Just wear the fins and embark on this visual journey. View Package


3. Scuba Diving 

You can definitely enjoy this activity along with other adventures in Red Skin Island. You can have a lot of opportunities to explore the underwater world and explore the corals. It is something you cannot express in words. The island houses beautiful coral reefs with different species. It is really amazing for the travelers to explore vivid underwater life. You will be accompanied by a guide and you can definitely try this activity. View Package

Scuba Diving 


4. Sunbathing 

The island is literally a beautiful setting having emerald sea waters. The island literally makes an ideal avenue to relax and soak in serene views of exotic sea. It is an ideal venue to feel the melting sand on your feet. You can soak the sun and explore the captivating and serene ambience. 


General Advice for Tourists 

  • Be sure to carry your own water and food when visiting this island as it doesn’t have enough eating kiosks. 
  • The island is available for tourists all days in a week except Mondays. 
  • You need to take prior permission at Wandoor Beach where you can go to the administration department as access to this island is prohibited. 
  • Don’t leave the plastic waste at the island as it is a plastic free zone. 
  • Carry other vital supplies like clothes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and others. 
  • Ferries services are available at 9am. Be sure to stick to the timings and reach there before time. 
  • Always carry water in Milton bottles because you cannot carry something like plastic to the island. 
  • Don’t bring any corals or shells from the island if you find anything. You need to take permission if you want to bring back anything. 
  • You have to come back by the evening as night stay is strictly prohibited. 
  • Be sure to carry ID proof like Aadhar, Driving license, or passport for ferry tickets. 


Getting There 

It is always recommended to travel to Wandoor Beach by road which is the best way. The beach is located only 30 km from Port Blair. You need to board a ferry to get to the island. Ferry service starts from the beach at 9am on a regular basis. Return ferries are available from 2.30 PM onwards. You can explore the lush greens while accessing Wandoor from Port Blair. 


Bottom Line 

We hope you liked the above details about Red Skin Island and its scenic beauty and you know what to expect. It is truly a visual treat for travelers who can explore the combination of beautiful skyline with scenic views of the ocean around the island. 


You can access the giant ships and cruises from the ports of Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam, which are operated and run by Shipping Corporation of India. These cruises make a great odyssey for 3 to 4 days from Indian mainland to Andamans. Among all three coasts, Chennai port is most popular with most ships being operated. MV Nancowry, MV Nicobar, MV Akbar, MV Swaraj Dweep and MV Harshavardhana are the cruises available from Chennai. You can book an Andaman tour package by cruise to make things easier.


1. Kolkata – Port Blair 

Out of three major routes, Kolkata to Port Blair is the longest sea route to Andaman. January, February, March, April and November are the best months when you start the trip from Kolkata to Andaman. You are least likely to suffer seasickness during these months if you are used to suffering a lot. 

Total distance – 1302 km

Availability – 3 to 4 times a month or once a week

Starting at – Kolkata 

Total Time – 70 hours approx. 

Towards – Port Blair 


2. Chennai to Port Blair 

Chennai to Andaman route is very convenient if you live in the city of Chennai. You can easily book and board the cruise here. If you are from outside Chennai and planning to board from there, be sure to calculate your expenses and time to reach the city. You may ask your tour operator who can help you with bookings. 

Availability – 3-4 times a month or once a week 

Total distance – 1362 km 

Starting at – Chennai Port 

Total Time – 60 hours 

Ending at – Port Blair 


3. Visakhapatnam – Port Blair 

You can definitely take your excitement to a whole new level by exploring Andaman and traveling to this island in India. Airway takes less time to get there but cruise is always recommended. 

Availability – once in a month 

Total Time- 56 hours 

Total distance – 1224 km 

Note – Currently, you cannot book your cruise to Andaman online. You have to buy tickets offline at official STARS counters in Kolkata, Vizag or Chennai. 


5 Sea Cruises to Andaman Operated by Government 

Government operated cruises are the only way to reach Andaman from India through sea route. Around 3 to 4 cruises sail per month from Chennai and Kolkata and only 1 cruise sails per month to Port Blair from Vizag. So, you need to book your cruise in advance. The price of tickets varies from Rs. 900 to Rs. 10000 as per the accommodation class you want. 

You should have government id proof, 2 passport size photos, and address proof with requisition form. The cruise takes up to 4 days in ideal weather. Here are some of the most frequent cruises for Andaman trip. 


1. MV Nicobar 

It sails to Port Blair from all three major cities of India, i.e. Kolkata, Vizag and Chennai. You can rest assured to have a great trip by ship to Andaman. There are 900 decks/bumps and 300 cabins in the ship. It can hold up to 1200 passengers. 


2. MV Nancowry 

This majestic cruise is well regarded to carry cargo and it operates between Port Blair and Chennai and is a beautiful ship to go for. The whole departure and proceeding of ship can be started at Chennai from SCI office. The ship has 900 decks/bumps and 300 cabins with a capacity of 1200 passengers in total. 


3. MV Harshavardhana 

MV Harshavardhana is one of the most popular cruises operating from Vizag and Kolkata to Port Blair. It is one of the best companies to start your memorable trip. The ship has 595 docks/bunks and 153 cabins with a capacity of 748 passengers in total. 


4. MV Swarajdweep 

MV Swarajdweep is a popular cruise among several other well-known cruises. The cruise sails from Chennai and reaches Andaman on Day 3. It has 900 bunks/decks and 300 cabins and is capable of carrying 1200 passengers in total. 


5. MV Akbar 

MV Akbar is the oldest ship which is being operated to Andaman. It mostly sails from Visakhapatnam to Port Blair and from Kolkata to Port Blair. The ship has 1414 decks/bunks and 121 cabins. It can carry 1535 passengers in total. 

Note – It is important for foreigners to seek permission for 30 days before getting to the island. You can further extend up to 15 days. Indians also have to get special permits from the Deputy Commissioner of the Andaman office at the port if they need to travel to the closest islands. 


Best Time to Cruise to Andaman 

You can easily plan a cruise trip to Andaman any time of the year. But it is best to plan your cruise from January to April when you are less likely to have seasickness onboard. Monsoon remains in Bay of Bengal from October to December and the sea is prone to storms and cyclones. So, avoid the cruise during this period.  


Do You Need Passport to visit Andaman?

Indian citizens don’t have to use a passport to enter Andaman as it belongs to India. But you need to seek special permission to enter some tribal areas. 


Is Private Cruise Available?

Currently, there are no private cruises available from mainland India to Andaman. The Shipping Corporation of India operates the ship from ports of Chennai, Kolkata, and Visakhapatnam. 


What are the Famous Foods in Andaman Islands?

You can taste different varieties of seafood like crab, lobsters, cuttlefish and prawns. These are some of the best fish dishes served in local restaurants there. You can also try Chinese and Indian food over there. 


Bottom Line 

If you are craving to hear “welcome aboard” after getting all the above details, why not plan a cruise trip to Andaman? You can rest assured with serene views of the sea on different routes. Andaman has to offer plenty of things that can amaze you. 


Andaman & Nicobar Islands are well known for the turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, the beauty of historical monuments and dense greens. This region is truly an ideal destination for honeymoon and vacations across the world. You can create lots of memories with friends and family as it offers a different experience that can be cherished for a lifetime. Kayaking is one of the activities for adrenaline junkies that can definitely leave them mesmerized. In this guide, we are going to tell you something about the best destinations to go kayaking in your Andaman trip package


Port Blair 

This region is fully covered by the long coastline and serene forests. It is one of the liveliest provinces of Andaman with a blend of several habitats from all landmarks of India. You can explore the fascinating history of India’s independence in Port Blair. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the great spots for enjoying kayaking in Andaman. 

You can enjoy a lot of water sports in this place as you can access the vivid marine life from here. The caves here are truly a delight to watch. You can kayak for a long time here. You can truly enjoy the combination of great visual pleasure in this spot. You can have a great experience of kayaking across the mangroves. 

Where – there are several islands around Port Blair to enjoy Kayaking. 


Don’t get too excited to do just kayaking as you may miss out on the beauty of turquoise blue waters and lagoons. 


Havelock Island 

This beach is blessed with dense forest canopy which adds to the exotic beauty of nature. You can explore some of the ideal spots for water sports. Havelock Islands are appealing to most of the tourists across the world. A lot of tourists choose this island as their stopover for their vacation. 

Explore the mangroves by kayaking here if you are heading to Havelock Island. Your trip to Andaman just can’t complete without visiting Havelock Island. Maximum 6 people are allowed with a guide to enjoying kayaking. The trip takes up to three hours. You can also enjoy other activities like swimming, diving, and others. This place is just beautiful for exploring the serene beauty of nature. 


Kayaking can be a trouble when a light rain drizzle but you shouldn’t do kayaking in heavy rain. Rain also fills the cockpit of kayak due to which it can be unstable. Be sure to stay ahead with weather forecasts before you visit for kayaking. Also, avoid taking the ride after a few days of heavy rain. The flow of water might be increased and kayak may become unstable. 


Baratang and Ross Islands 

These uninhabited islands are located only 2km east of Port Blair. They also have a minimal human presence. It served as a condo to several infrastructural resources during the British rule. These islands have a tennis court, church, secretariat hospital, printing press, water treatment plant, cemetery, bakery, residents and general stores. These islands were actually meant to be inhabitable. You should have special permission to enter these islands. 

The limestone caves in Baratang really provide a unique and serene experience of kayaking and add a wild touch to your adventure. You can even rent a jetty to enjoy kayaking in inner landmarks. You can avail of all the essentials and gears from the kayaking service providers here. There might be a great hike in the kayaking fee as it needs special permissions and permits. In addition, travel expense is also on the high side. 

Price – The price of this activity is on the expensive side here in these islands. Kayaking is not available in the evening or night time. 


It is not good to spend a huge amount of money just to buy all the gears for this activity. In such regions, you can easily rent all the essentials. Also, use safety gear like life jackets and helmets with pedals and kayak. In the case of paddle strokes, it is recommended to have an expert professional. Simply moving it is not going to help to go downstream or upstream. 


Neil Island 

There are five beaches on Neil Island and all of them have their own aspects, like shallowness, types, and rocky seashells. It is not advised to swim in the shallow waters here. There are short distances due to flat roads. You can easily get around the island by cycling. There are several coral reefs and diving sites in Neil Island with turtle rays, vivid fish, and stunning marine life. You can easily explore this island with kayaking. It is truly a paradise for kayakers as they can find the lush greens and mesmerizing sea. You can also enjoy snorkeling while kayaking across the corals at far-flung western sides of the beach. You can also witness the beautiful marine life here. Kayaking is truly easy as the island is filled with guest houses. 

Where – Beach No. 3 and all over the island 

Note – You may not want your smartphone and other valuables drenched in the water when you come back from kayaking. So, buy a sealed container to keep your valuables safe against water and other hazards. 


Additional Tips 

  • Don’t swim in the deep waters as it can be dangerous. 
  • Don’t swim ahead of shallow seas in the evening time, especially in separated shores. 
  • Don’t swim in the tipsy state. 
  • Be careful while kayaking and alarm when in unstable waters. 
  • Be sure to comply with hoardings and sites like “Be careful with crocodiles” at some spots, even though no crocodile is there. 
  • Wear life vests if you don’t know how to swim while enjoying any water sport. 
  • Have trained professionals and experts by your side to try different water sports as they can be dangerous. These experts can provide a briefing for enjoying water sports. 
  • Take proper instructions and permits before going to any deserted location. 


Butler Bay Beach is truly a sea surfing paradise in Little Andaman which is a touristy place where you can find enough experiences to enjoy in its lap. Along with sea surfing, Butler Bay Beach is also attractive for tourists of all ages. It houses rainforests, yellow sandy beaches, water sports, waterfall, and resorts. You can save time and money by booking an all-inclusive Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour package

This beach is ideal to witness the high tide waves and sea surfers. You can simply watch the surfers playing with waves if you don’t know surfing. You can also go to a beach walk along the waves. It has got forest-fringed and palm-fringed shores. You can’t take a sunbath as flies here won’t let you do so. You can just sit and watch tourists enjoying different adventure sports. 


You can also try these activities here at Butler Bay Beach – 


You can enjoy trekking in the forest and explore the lush green rainforest in the whole Little Andaman. The forest looks even more beautiful post-monsoon rains. The best time to enjoy trekking here is from December to June when you can relax and breathe fresh air in the forest cover. You can also witness different species of flora and fauna. You can trek the forest and get back on a day trip. It is also a great picture-perfect spot where you will feel the soothing forest breeze in summer. 

Sea Surfing 

Butler Bay Beach is widely known for sea surfing in its high ride waves. This way, it is a paradise for surfers. Both intermediate and professional surfers can try their skills here and play with the high tidal waves. However, beginners shouldn’t try it here. It is better for them to watch others surfing. A lot of women surfers and international tourists pump up their adrenaline and escape into the waves covering their heads. You can enjoy this adventure sport here from April to June. A lot of foreign tourists visit here to surf in the seawater. 


Swimmers can enjoy this activity and dive in the waters on the beachfront. You shouldn’t dive into the deep sea even though you have worn a swimsuit. You should swim only on low tides. December to May is the best time for swimming here. You should also be in a group even though you are venturing here with family. There are swim accessories and gear available for hire from the vendors here. 


It is another great activity at Butler Bay Island when there is low tide. The seawater looks in emerald color here when there is no or low tide.  You can also hire snorkeling gears from the vendors here. Be sure to wear an extra safety vest if you are going alone. You can explore some of the unique coral and marine life. You can also see vivid fish, small turtles, and coral on the seawater.  

Visit the Lighthouse 

This lighthouse is built to guide ships coming through the Indian Ocean as well as nearby fishing boats. You can get the best views from the top of the lighthouse, which is 134ft above sea level. 

White Surf Waterfall or Hut Bay

This waterfall is truly a sight to behold in Butler Bay Beach. You can enjoy the waterfall on a day trip. Be sure to carry your food items to spend a day here. Relax by the falls in the lap of the exotic rainforest. You can also bathe under its cascading showers. The waterfalls in its full flow from June to December. 

Elephant Safari 

Villagers also provide elephant safari in Butler Bay Beach. It is a great way to explore the lush forest cover and beach in Little Andaman. It really feels great to see the beach from the back of an elephant. They can definitely take you to the forest. 


You can enjoy this activity even if you don’t know how to swim by wearing a swim vest. You can try this when there is low tide. Kayak rentals are also available on an hourly basis. A trainer will be available if you book tour package for kayaking. Kayaking is not safe in high tide if you don’t know how to swim. 


Who Should Visit Butler Bay Beach? 

It is the best choice for people looking for seawater adventures. Solo tourists and families can also visit here and enjoy the seawater recreation. Corporate tourists can also visit here to relax in the rainforest and level up their adrenaline rush. It has a lot of adventure sports for tourists of all ages. 


How long does it take to Visit Butler Bay Beach?

You can enjoy a day trip by visiting Butler Bay Beach. You can also visit here by Helicopter as boats take up to 5 to 6 hours. It may take a week if you are getting here for different activities like waterfall visiting, rainforest trekking, lighthouse, beach creation, adventure sports, and others. 



Butler Bay Beach lies in the southernmost part of Andaman and Nicobar and it receives up to 70% of humidity every day. The beach is located in Little Andaman, which falls under the tropical zone. In winter, the temperature drops to around 20oC and summer temperature rise to 35oC. 


How to Reach? 

By Air 

You can easily get here by landing at Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair. Book a passenger helicopter to get here. 

By boat 

From Port Blair itself, you can also book private boats or government boats to get here. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to cover over 100 km of distance to Little Andaman. 

There is no road or rail connectivity here in Andaman.