India is definitely not the country which comes to mind quickly when it comes to visit an active volcano. You may not believe but there is an active volcano in India. Barren Island or Barren Volcano is the only active volcano in South Asia. It is the only active volcano between Myanmar and Sumatra regions among other volcanoes. It has definitely been popular over the years. 

Volcanic Island is located just around 135 km from Port Blair, which is the capital city of Andaman. The island has a huge crater of a volcano around ½ km from the shore and the island is stretched over 3 km. The crater is around 150 fathoms deep. As the name suggests, Barren Island is actually barren and uninhabited by humans. You can find a few rodent species like rats and bats and birds’ species which can survive in this extreme condition.  Read on to know what you should know about this destination for your Andaman holidays


Facts to Know about Barren Island 

It goes without saying that this active volcano is lesser known and less frequented by the tourists. Barren Island is not a touristy destination. Thanks to the recent events and eruptions, this volcano has gained its presence again. It is one of the hottest regions across the Andaman. Here are the things you should consider when planning to visit here – 

  • This island is just 3 km wide and it is not populated 
  • This island has a 2-km wide majestic crater with over 250m to 350m high walls of this volcano. 
  • The island witnessed its major eruption in 1991 despite being dormant for a long time. 
  • It also witnessed the same eruption in February 2017 when hot lava flew through the sea. 
  • Due to this recent phenomena, this island suddenly gained popularity among the tourists visiting Andaman Islands. 
  • The island has been opened for scuba diving as you can explore diverse marine life. It is definitely a great experience that shouldn’t be missed. 
  • In 2017, some stranded goats were found which were known to be left behind by a steamer in 1891. 


Getting There 

You can definitely have a great sight of the solitary guard by nature. Sightseeing is not that common across the island because you need to seek permission from the forest department. You can get around with several water boats and ferries. Night stay is not allowed here. So, you can start your trip from 4am in the morning and get there within 5 hours. You can also get there through seaplane from Port Blair. However, visitors have to get a view from the sea without arriving at the shores because the eruption is quite unpredictable. 


When to visit? 

You can get to Barren Island from November to February as the weather remains clear and you can easily see the volcano and the island. 


Things to See and Do 

Scuba Diving – Barren Island is truly a great location to enjoy this activity thanks to its bordering waters. It is truly a remote destination to witness. Its beautiful coral reefs, intriguing formations of basalt, and crystal clear waters are worth checking out. 

Watching Active Volcano – As discussed above, you can find the only active volcano here in Barren Island which is not found anywhere in South Asia. In 1787, the first eruption was recorded on this island. The volcano has since appeared 10 times over there. In September 2010, another eruption was recorded which lasted till January 2011. 

Explore the isolated and serene island – Barren Island is completely uninhabited and barren. Only a few tourists visit this island but it is really worth visiting. You need permission from forest authorities though. It is a great place to refuge from other tourist destinations. 

Nature Photography – You can find a small number of flying foxes, goats and rodent species. Only a few animals are able to survive here in extreme conditions here. The area is covered by serene and blue waters and it is truly a visual treat to behold. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Is it safe to visit Barren Island? 

According to an index in which volcanoes are rated on a scale of 1 to 8 for their strength and amount of eruption, the Volcanic Explosivity Index, Barren Island is listed at lowest. So, Barren Island is marked safe to visit. 


What adventure sport can you try at Barren Island?

You cannot enjoy any sport activity over there. But you can enjoy various activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walk etc. on the way if you are getting there by private charter. Waters covering the Barren Island are also known for being one of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving. 


Why should you visit Barren Island?

At Barren Island, you can witness one of the most beautiful geographical locations. It is really worth exploring its beauty thanks to its mesmerizing views and it is the only active volcano here in South Asia. 


How many times has the eruption happened in Barren Island? 

The Barren Island has erupted 6 times since its first eruption happened in 1787. Later on, eruptions were recorded in 1789, 1795, 1803-04, and lastly 1852. The volcano erupted again after around 2 centuries in 1991. The recent eruption was recorded in 2004 because of an earthquake in Indian Ocean. 


What kind of volcano can you find in Barren Island?

Barren Island is the only active natural volcano in South Asia at the Volcanic Arc connecting Myanmar and Sumatra. It has a 1.6 km wide crater and is stretched over 3 km. Cinder cone is partly filled here and it is the source of the eruption. 


When was the last time when Barren Volcano erupted? 

The Barren Island erupted last time in 2017 after 2004. 


This guide is dedicated to all the globetrotters who want to explore Andaman without burning a hole in their pockets. Many people spread rumors that Andaman Islands are expensive. If you think so, you are wrong. 

Actually, the reason is that they are either uninformed visitors or luxury travelers who end up spending more than their budget. You can spend as much as you want as a luxury traveler. But you need to do your own research and explore Andaman Islands within budget. 

The budget depends highly on when you visit and accommodation you choose. If you are looking for a lavish stay, you will definitely want to spend more than the predefined budget. You will spend even more if you are planning a trip in peak season. So, it is a smart move if you travel in the off season when the crowd is less and hotels and flights cost less. 

No matter what many people have to say, you can go to Andaman Islands on a budget. You just have to make some compromises and plan in advance. You can spend as much on activities as your heart’s content if your budget allows. 


Basics You Need to Know 

Here are some of the details you need to consider before visiting Andaman Islands – 



As you know, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago in Bay of Bengal and are categorized in two different groups. There is a 150 km channel which separates them, which is called Ten Degree Channel. The Nicobar Islands are located on the south and Andaman towards the north of the channel. 

The Andaman Sea separates these islands from Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. These islands are closely located to India being the political part of India. There are a total 572 islands in Andaman and Nicobar, while only 37 islands are inhabited. They together form a group of islands or archipelago. 


Restricted Area Permit (RAP) 

You no need to have a permit if you are traveling from India. If you are a foreigner, you will have to apply for RAP before traveling there. You can easily get RAP when you arrive at Port Blair, which will be valid for up to 30 days. You can extend it from FRO or SP at Port Blair. They will grant you around 15 days more. Foreign Registration Offices are located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai along with Indian Missions where you can get RAP. In addition, airports in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata have immigration authorities which issue those permits.


Modes of Transport 

Port Blair is the official point of entry in Andaman. You can get there by either sea or air. Taking a flight is the cheapest way to travel. Port Blair is connected to several major Indian cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. If you are coming from outside India, you will have to land to India first and then take flight to Port Blair. 

You can also travel by ship from Kolkata, Chennai or Visakhapatnam, which take up to 3 to 4 days. But sailing is restricted to season. 


Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar 

You may visit Andaman at any time of the year. The islands receive warm tropical weather but it gets very humid in summers. On average, temperature hovers around 30 degree Celsius all the year round with erratic rainfall. Most travelers plan their 7-day itinerary to visit Andaman from January to February. 

But to save a lot, you can plan your trip in April or May. During this period, the sun is not too harsh and days are comfortable, even though these are summer months. It also doesn’t rain much in this period. There are also lesser chances of storms and high tides. 

All in all, you can travel to Andaman whenever you feel free. All you need to do your homework before traveling to this place. Avoid traveling in scorching heat and on monsoons. 


What about currency?

Indian Rupee (INR) is the only currency which is widely accepted and valid on the Andaman Islands. You can find a lot of currency exchange outlets in Port Blair and the airport. ATMs also work in the city area. However, you need to carry sufficient amounts of cash before traveling to Neil and Havelock Islands. 


How Much does it Cost to Travel Andaman?

You need up to Rs. 25000 to Rs. 30000 to travel to Andaman Islands for seven days, which is rounded up to US$363 or £324. It is recommended to book flights and hotels in advance to save more. Keep in mind that Andaman is not a budget-friendly destination actually. But you don’t have to spend too much. With proper planning and research, you can stick to your budget and enjoy the trip. 



You can dine out at several multi-cuisine restaurants in all leading islands. You can also find vegetarian restaurants offering authentic North Indian and South Indian cuisines. You can easily find a decent eating option in Andaman. 


Are there any safety issues? 

If you are heading to Andaman, you don’t have to worry about safety. You won’t face eve teasing, harassment, mugging or other such cases. However, Andaman had been prone to natural calamities in the past like earthquakes and tsunamis. So, it is recommended to visit the website of the meteorological department before visiting. 


How to look for cheap hotels?

You will find different types of luxury hotels in various tourist destinations in India. But Andaman Islands have limited accommodation options and their prices are also high. However, budget hotels are aplenty in Andaman. Choose the hotel wisely and invest some time choosing budget options online. 

Book whenever you find an ideal deal or you will end up losing it. Keep in mind that a budget hotel doesn’t mean cheap stays. You need to look for options that can provide a decent and comfortable experience without breaking your bank. 


Parrot Island is definitely the best choice to meet your dream to have a memorable and peaceful trip. It is an exotic destination but unlike other islands, it is a heaven for bird watchers as it has plenty of species of birds. You should explore this paradise of birds and never miss this place. You can get there and experience the beauty of nature. You can easily plan your trip with family and friends if you wish to explore this place. Before planning your visit, here’s what else you need to know. 


About the island 

It goes without saying that Parrot Island is known as one of the most exotic islands in Andaman and Nicobar. The island belongs to the Union Territory, Baratang Island. It has good road connectivity as you can easily get here by bus or car till Diglipur, which is 30 km away from Baratang jetty.  You can definitely explore a huge range of birds including several rare species. You are recommended to visit this island with family and friends to have a great time. 

The whole island is covered by dense mangroves and it houses several birds. Once you enter the forest, you will hear pleasing chirping of birds. It’s a great feel of being in a different world. The forest is known to be an ideal place to witness the wilderness. The more you explore the forest, the more you will fall in love with it. Birds start coming back to their nests during sunsets. You can explore a different scene. You can capture this serene moment if you have a camera. It’s like an achievement for lifetime if you get here. 


Best Time to Visit 

Winter is considered to be the best time to visit this island as temperature falls down and makes it ideal for roaming. The winter season usually starts in the month of October and lasts till April. You can hit the island by the evening in order to catch the picturesque sunset. It will literally blow your mind and give you the experience that is not easy to describe in words. This beautiful sunset is a great bonus in this trip. Don’t let this opportunity go away and get indulged in the lap of nature. 

This place is visited by many people all around the year. Winters are known to be an ideal time period when tourists can relax for a long time. You can enjoy peaceful and soothing evenings here. This place also looks beautiful in monsoon to witness the rain. Nature lovers visit the island even though it becomes difficult to go outside during the monsoon. 


Top Attractions in Parrot Island 

You can enjoy a lot of activities on Parrot Island when planning your trip. Here are some the adventure activities to enjoy in Parrot Island – 

  • Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is definitely one of the great things you can enjoy here. You can take your experience to a whole new level. Once you enter the sea, you can find a lot of sea creatures. You can even feed them and touch them. You can enjoy this activity with the help of trainers. Don’t less this wonderful opportunity go out of your hands. 


  • Explore Nature 

If you visit a natural attraction and don’t explore nature at its best, your trip cannot complete. If you are done with all the activities and sightings, you can simply sit alone and relax while exploring the natural beauty across this place. It is not easy to describe its beauty. You can sip sweet and fresh coconut water on the beach which is truly a great experience.  


  • Bird Watching 

Bird Watching is the main and wonderful activity to enjoy in Parrot Island. You can explore a lot of rare species when you hit the island. Hear the peaceful chirping of endemic birds that will definitely make you forget all your worries. Be sure to spot some species and click beautiful pictures in various poses. 


  • Snorkeling 

You can opt for snorkeling here in Parrot Island, which is another great water activity. Witnessing the serene blue ocean is truly a matchless activity. You need to use some advanced equipment to enjoy this activity. If you have never enjoyed this activity, it’s a great time to go for it. 


  • Jet Skiing 

It is another wonderful water sport which is enjoyed by tourists who come to explore this island. You can learn this activity from several local trainers. You can enjoy this water sport in any kind of water. You can always have a great experience whether you know how to swim or not. However, you should learn how to float if you can’t swim.


Getting There 

You need to reach Baratang Island first of all. It has great connectivity through airways. You can easily get here from any part of the world. You can also reach Baratang Island by riding from Middle Strait ferry. You can easily access jetty services or ferries. Locals here are familiar with this type of transport. You can take the journey through salt waters before getting there. You can also visit the natural attraction which covers the whole area. It literally feels like you are into heaven. 


Bottom Line 

Parrot Island is truly a place which gives one of its kind experience. You can indulge in a lot of water activities here. Explore the tranquil blue sea on the white sandy beach which attracts hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world. It goes without saying that Parrot Island is a wonderful destination for both friends and family. Along with it, you can definitely visit this place if you are a honeymooner. You can have some great time with each other. So what are you waiting for? Book your Andaman and Nicobar Islands tourism package now and pack your bags. 


The Guitar Island Beach is one of the best kept secrets by nature and unspoiled beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This island is truly unique in its shape of a guitar which can be seen with an aerial view by taking a ride through a seaplane. It is a coral bearing place and a conserved rainforest in Long Island group. Today, it is open for day trips by tourist departments thanks to its increasing popularity. People of all ages can visit this beach. You can spot the beautiful change of hues of seawater with white sandy beach. 

The beach has no tribes and villagers. This is why the island remains neat and clean. It is ideal for nature lovers, honeymooners, adventure seekers, monsoon chasers, and recreation. Andaman is truly a touristy island territory in the country located on the Bay of Bengal. You can definitely have a memorable trip by booking Andaman and Nicobar tour packages


Best Time to Visit 

Guitar Island is truly a destination you can visit all the year round. You can get the most of every season here. It receives tropical climate all around the year. It remains cool in winter and dry in summer. Minimum average temperature falls to 22oC. You can chill with soothing sea breeze all the year round. It is connected from the Andaman Sea towards the east, Indian Ocean towards the south and Bay of Bengal towards the west. 

Basically, the best time to get there is considered to be from October to February when the island remains dry, and skies and sea waters are clear. You can also enjoy water sports in these months. You can also enjoy recreational activities during these months like swimming, island hopping, fishing, boating, kayaking, and snorkeling. These are also the peak seasons when tourists from all around the country and the world get here. So, book your tickets, hotel and dining in advance to beat the rush during peak season. 

It is recommended to avoid summer months, i.e. from March to May, if you can’t resist the heat with temperature over 30oC. From 11am to 3pm, the weather is also harsh. Tourists from cold countries gather here to chill at the sun-kissed beach. 

Rainy season lasts from June to September. If you are a monsoon chaser kind of tourist, you can get here for India’s monsoon journey. It receives the first spell of monsoon falls before the Indian subcontinent. Romantic people and honeymooners can get here to experience monsoons. The palm-fringed island even looks amazing and chilly. It has very limited visibility in daytime due to dark rain clouds.  


Ideal Duration to Explore the Beach 

Any tourist can explore the Guitar Island through a day trip. There are no restaurants, lodging and food vendors available. Tourists are also not allowed to camp there by the tourism department. It is considered as a natural reserve of its mangroves, coral life and rainforest. So, you should book your trip by asking a tour operator. But it is still worth a visit if you are heading to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is ideal for honeymooners, family, friends, and group of tourists and corporate people. It is also ideal for solo women tourists as well. 


Best Things to Do on Guitar Island Beach 


  • Island Hopping 

You can enjoy this activity once you reach Guitar Island. You can walk along the sea during the low tide and get to another small island. You can also hire a boat and go for hopping. You can enjoy this activity on a day trip with a group or alone. You can explore the hidden jewels near the island and explore every nook and cranny. 


  • Sea Walk 

You can also enjoy this activity during low tides. But you should stay updated with high tide timing. Before going for this activity, ask your local guide. Your sea adventure organizers may help you. You can capture exotic and serene marine life with underwater photography in the crystal clear ocean. You can spot marine life in crystal clear seawater. You can enjoy the sea walking from January to May. 


  • Boating 

People of all ages can hire a boat and explore the island. It takes up to 5 hours to get to the island from Port Blair. This long-distance journey will be mesmerizing in itself when you explore the scattered island on the Bay of Bengal. It is known to have shallow seawater and you really don’t have to worry if you don’t know swimming. You can spot tourists hopping on the island, local fishermen and also see tourists doing kayaking. You can witness tribes on the shores of the island. It is always best to get there early morning to witness the scenic sunrise and stay there till evening to see the misty sunset. 


  • Explore the Serene Mangroves 

You can hire a kayak to witness the serene mangroves. It is definitely one of the best things to do here. It really looks gloomy when you sail under the plants underwater and see the sunlight beams going through the gaps of these plants. Romantic people can really enjoy their privacy in serene mangroves. These mangroves have really formed the canopy which will definitely take your breath away and make you fall in love with natural wonders again and again. 


Bottom Line 

You can definitely enjoy a memorable day trip to Guitar Island while visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is truly a mystic island which is peaceful and doesn’t have much crowd of tourists. Once you hike to the inner areas, you will definitely feel getting lost in the pleasant rainforest. 


Lamiya Bay Beach is well regarded for being a clean, exotic and secluded beach and one of the well revered Andaman Nicobar tourist places. Located in Diglipur town, this bay beach lies in the north of Andaman Islands. The beach is covered by lush greens where you can see its natural beauty. 

It is still unexplored by human civilization and modernization, making it a peaceful heaven and quaint destination. In addition, the beach has a huge number of restaurants and stay options. If you want to live in a peaceful place which is away from the hustles and bustles of city life, you should definitely plan a tour to Lamiya Bay Beach. 


Best Time to Visit 

If you are getting there, expect to witness tropical climate, no matter which season it is. During summer in the month of May, the temperature rises to 30-degree Celsius. In winter, the temperature hovers around 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. In all seasons, you can feel over 70% of humidity. The weather remains pleasant all year round, except for the summer months of April and May. The temperature drops around 20 degree Celsius in monsoon, i.e. from May to November. It is best to visit during dry months, i.e. from December to March when the sea and sky remains clear. You can enjoy boating and island hopping without any limitation from the tourism board or local authorities. 


About the Beach 

Lamiya Bay Beach is truly a unique and unmatched beach in Andaman, while other beaches are fringed with palm trees. This beach is filled with dense rainforest and rolling hills around the shorelines. The landscape of the beach is also different with sandy beaches, sea rocks and pebbles. 

Small turtles are also spotted on the beach sands and in the shallow water. Only a few tourists visit this beach every day and it is quite uninhabited. This is why it remains quiet and clean. You can find a lot of beach huts here and you can chill and relax after beach walking and sunbathing. On the beachfront, you can find a lot of watchtowers. You can marvel at the sand, sea and take beautiful pictures here. 


Things to Do 

Lamiya Bay Beach is an ideal travel destination where you can choose from various things to do. You can explore this beach with your beloved or family. Here are the activities you can enjoy here – 


  • Trekking through Saddle Peak 

You can trek through the Saddle Peak to explore the vastness of Andaman Sea from around 2401 ft. of height. Trek and reach the highest point to capture amazing shots of nearby islands, rolling hills and limestones of the mountain. You need to get permission from the forest authorities. You can also choose an adventure package which consists of Saddle peak trail. It has moderate difficulties when it comes to trekking.


  • Saddle Peak National Park 

It is definitely one of the best places to visit around Lamiya Bay Beach, which is located on the foothills of national park. It is a heaven for botanists, nature lovers and bird watchers. Hike through the rain forest and get to the shores of the beach. To explore the park, you need to pay an entry fee and this park is open from morning till evening. You can spot a lot of rare species of reptiles, birds and plants. People of all ages can explore the park. 


  • Have a peaceful walk 

Want to have some “You” time on the beach? This quiet beach is the best choice thanks to shiny pebbles and clean sand. The shorelines are covered by rainforest which are really a visual treat to your eyes. You can find the sea rocks scattered across the beach. Romantic couples can walk along the beach peacefully. You can explore the south and north end of the beach in case of low tide. 


  • Swimming 

Whether you know or don’t know swimming, Lamiya Bay Beach is ideal for swimming for people of all ages. It is known to have shallow waters spread over a few kilometers. You can explore the dark seawater from the shore where the depth of ocean starts. You can spot the shallow side with transparent or clear seawater. If you don’t know swimming, you can at least try from hip level or just view the Saddle Peak. Be sure to wear a swim jacket for safety reasons. If you are alone, don’t go swimming on your own. You must have a partner to swim here.  


  • Snorkeling 

You need to carry snorkeling gear or you can also rent them in Kalipur Beach or Diglipur town. There is no water sports facility on this beach. You can enjoy snorkeling in low tides. It is well regarded for shining pebbles. They are also found underwater as well. You can find a lot of corals around sea rocks. There are a lot of options to spot sea turtles. You can enjoy a lot of water sports but you should go in a group. Wear swim vests before going snorkeling with family. 


  • Visit Kalipur Beach

It is located only 3 km from Lamiya Bay Beach. You can get there by hiring a taxi or bus. You can also enjoy a beach walk if you have enough time. This beach has a lot of hotels, resorts, restaurants and pubs. A lot of tourists prefer to lodge here. Lamiya Beach has a lack of facilities like drinks, food, and lodging. You can get here early in the morning and explore the misty sunrise. 


Bottom Line 

Lamiya Bay Beach is one of the calm and quiet beaches in Andaman Islands. Located on the foothills of Saddle Peak National Park, it is quite a unique and peaceful location. It is well regarded as the hottest favorite destination for nature lovers. For romantic people and honeymooners, it is a great isolated beach to enjoy some peaceful moments. You can plan your trip and witness some serene and tranquil views. 


If you are a nature lover, Rangat Island is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss. If you are fond of gusty sea breeze and blue sea waves, this place is truly an obsession. It has the most beautiful white sandy beaches that are best for sunbathing. This place is literally filled with clear skies and lush greens. It is ideal heaven when going for a long and relaxing vacation that is away from the busy life. You can find lots of options to have fun and relax in Rangat. 

Located in the heart of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Rangat is a vast island stretched over 1070 sq. km. The pristine beaches and waterfalls are a major draw to different people across the world. Rangat is located around 90 km from Port Blair by sea and around 170 km by road. 

This place will definitely leave you amazed by several amazing moments and memories. You can find a lot of moments to enjoy on a trip. 



Panchvati Hills 


Reasons to visit – Nature Photography, Agriculture, Waterfalls 

Entry – Free 

Duration – 2 hours 

Timings – Always open, but recommended to get there before sunset

It goes without saying that Panchvati Hills is one of the best epitomes of nature at its best. Waterfalls are really a delight to every photographer and are truly amazing. Most South Indian immigrants live here. So, you can definitely see the impact of their culture. The main source of their income is agriculture and fishing and they can be seen by vast agricultural lands. 

Famous Activities 

  • Explore the Panchvati Waterfalls 
  • Trekking 
  • See the agricultural lands 

Panchvati Hills 


Cuthbert Bay Beach 


Reasons to visit – Flora and Fauna, Nature, Beach, Turtles 

Entry – Free. But there are charges to visit the sanctuary – Rs. 25 for Indians, Rs. 250 for foreigners and Rs. 10 for children 

Duration – up to 2 hours 

This beach is lesser-known but really different when it comes to witnessing serene surroundings and scenic views. It is one of the natural gems which are multi-faceted when it comes to natural beauty. It has some of the beautiful views to give the most majestic views of behemoth and crystal-clear sea. It is one of the main purposes to explore this beach. Cuthbert Bay Beach is dotted by thousands of tiny turtles padding to the sea in December and January. Sea turtles enter this beach for nesting.  This is why you shouldn’t skip this beach in your bucket list. 

Famous activities 

  • Explore the Eco Hut
  • Nesting of sea turtles at the sanctuary 
  • Walk along the coast 

Cuthbert Bay Beach 


Long Island 


Attractions – Nature, Virgin Beaches

Entry – Free 

Duration – Around half day

Timings – Always available 

Long Island is truly an isolated and scenic island to explore. It has been isolated well to preserve its original and natural form. It is known to have Kitply Industries which had closed their operations here. This place has been a bit busy since then. It has a lot of beautiful beaches with mangroves. Dolphins are also known to gather at this place. You can find one if you are lucky. 

Famous activities 

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Sightseeing at the well-known Lalaji Beach and Guitar Island
  • Chill out at Merk Bay Beach

Long Island 


Amkunj Beach 


Attractions – Watchtower, Rocky Beach

Entry – Free 

Duration – Around 1 hour 

Timings – Everyday 

Amkunj Beach truly seems to be out of this world at first sight. It is one of the most popular beaches in Andaman. Its vivid and enriched colors, as well as freshness, are truly something you won’t be able to resist. It is known to have white sands with beautiful sea waves to break over and excite you. 

This place is definitely worth visiting for recreation and Andaman sightseeing. You can also go for long strolls in this place or take a dip in the sea. Its appealing beauty and environment add to its excitement. Everything you can find here is just perfect. Its beaches and dustbins are another unique attraction. 

A lot of trees were uprooted due to the tsunami which had hit this place in 2004. They were strewn around the beach. Hence, those trees were turned into stools, benches, and dustbins to utilize them well. You can find these benches all around the beach. After the tragedy, this place has become even more beautiful. 

Famous activities 

  • Sunbathing 
  • Beachcombing 
  • Exploring the views from watchtower

Amkunj Beach andaman



Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway 


Attractions – Nature Walk, Beach, Creeks, and Mangroves 

Timings – Everyday 

Duration – 1 hour 

Entry – Free 

If you are seriously into nature walks, you are definitely going to have a great time in Rangat. This nature walk is truly mesmerizing and serene in its own way. This wooden boardwalk is beautifully zigzagged across the mangroves. It is definitely one of the most beautiful attractions in Rangat and it has been attracting lots of tourists. 

This place is known for its true natural beauty and you can witness the same under moonlight and sunrise. You can also spot the sea turtles nesting on the beaches if you are truly lucky. This walkway is very unique in India. Walking along the mangroves is truly an experience to behold. You can definitely be in the lap of nature. 


  • Turtle breeding (as per the season)
  • Visit the Dhani Nallah Beach 

Dhani Nallah Mangrove

Final Thoughts

Some of the other famous attractions in Rangat are Yerata Mangrove Park, Moorys Dare, and Yerrata Creek. Rangat is truly one of the most beautiful places where you can definitely see another side of Andaman. It really has something special for every tourist, which you can’t explain with words. It really attracts the tourists from every nook and cranny of the world.