Lamiya Bay Beach is well regarded for being a clean, exotic and secluded beach and one of the well revered Andaman Nicobar tourist places. Located in Diglipur town, this bay beach lies in the north of Andaman Islands. The beach is covered by lush greens where you can see its natural beauty. 

It is still unexplored by human civilization and modernization, making it a peaceful heaven and quaint destination. In addition, the beach has a huge number of restaurants and stay options. If you want to live in a peaceful place which is away from the hustles and bustles of city life, you should definitely plan a tour to Lamiya Bay Beach. 

Best Time to Visit 

If you are getting there, expect to witness tropical climate, no matter which season it is. During summer in the month of May, the temperature rises to 30-degree Celsius. In winter, the temperature hovers around 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. In all seasons, you can feel over 70% of humidity. The weather remains pleasant all year round, except for the summer months of April and May. The temperature drops around 20 degree Celsius in monsoon, i.e. from May to November. It is best to visit during dry months, i.e. from December to March when the sea and sky remains clear. You can enjoy boating and island hopping without any limitation from the tourism board or local authorities. 

About the Beach 

Lamiya Bay Beach is truly a unique and unmatched beach in Andaman, while other beaches are fringed with palm trees. This beach is filled with dense rainforest and rolling hills around the shorelines. The landscape of the beach is also different with sandy beaches, sea rocks and pebbles. 

Small turtles are also spotted on the beach sands and in the shallow water. Only a few tourists visit this beach every day and it is quite uninhabited. This is why it remains quiet and clean. You can find a lot of beach huts here and you can chill and relax after beach walking and sunbathing. On the beachfront, you can find a lot of watchtowers. You can marvel at the sand, sea and take beautiful pictures here. 

Things to Do 

Lamiya Bay Beach is an ideal travel destination where you can choose from various things to do. You can explore this beach with your beloved or family. Here are the activities you can enjoy here – 

  • Trekking through Saddle Peak 

You can trek through the Saddle Peak to explore the vastness of Andaman Sea from around 2401 ft. of height. Trek and reach the highest point to capture amazing shots of nearby islands, rolling hills and limestones of the mountain. You need to get permission from the forest authorities. You can also choose an adventure package which consists of Saddle peak trail. It has moderate difficulties when it comes to trekking.

  • Saddle Peak National Park 

It is definitely one of the best places to visit around Lamiya Bay Beach, which is located on the foothills of national park. It is a heaven for botanists, nature lovers and bird watchers. Hike through the rain forest and get to the shores of the beach. To explore the park, you need to pay an entry fee and this park is open from morning till evening. You can spot a lot of rare species of reptiles, birds and plants. People of all ages can explore the park. 

  • Have a peaceful walk 

Want to have some “You” time on the beach? This quiet beach is the best choice thanks to shiny pebbles and clean sand. The shorelines are covered by rainforest which are really a visual treat to your eyes. You can find the sea rocks scattered across the beach. Romantic couples can walk along the beach peacefully. You can explore the south and north end of the beach in case of low tide. 

  • Swimming 

Whether you know or don’t know swimming, Lamiya Bay Beach is ideal for swimming for people of all ages. It is known to have shallow waters spread over a few kilometers. You can explore the dark seawater from the shore where the depth of ocean starts. You can spot the shallow side with transparent or clear seawater. If you don’t know swimming, you can at least try from hip level or just view the Saddle Peak. Be sure to wear a swim jacket for safety reasons. If you are alone, don’t go swimming on your own. You must have a partner to swim here.  

  • Snorkeling 

You need to carry snorkeling gear or you can also rent them in Kalipur Beach or Diglipur town. There is no water sports facility on this beach. You can enjoy snorkeling in low tides. It is well regarded for shining pebbles. They are also found underwater as well. You can find a lot of corals around sea rocks. There are a lot of options to spot sea turtles. You can enjoy a lot of water sports but you should go in a group. Wear swim vests before going snorkeling with family. 

  • Visit Kalipur Beach

It is located only 3 km from Lamiya Bay Beach. You can get there by hiring a taxi or bus. You can also enjoy a beach walk if you have enough time. This beach has a lot of hotels, resorts, restaurants and pubs. A lot of tourists prefer to lodge here. Lamiya Beach has a lack of facilities like drinks, food, and lodging. You can get here early in the morning and explore the misty sunrise. 

Bottom Line 

Lamiya Bay Beach is one of the calm and quiet beaches in Andaman Islands. Located on the foothills of Saddle Peak National Park, it is quite a unique and peaceful location. It is well regarded as the hottest favorite destination for nature lovers. For romantic people and honeymooners, it is a great isolated beach to enjoy some peaceful moments. You can plan your trip and witness some serene and tranquil views. 

If you are a nature lover, Rangat Island is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss. If you are fond of gusty sea breeze and blue sea waves, this place is truly an obsession. It has the most beautiful white sandy beaches that are best for sunbathing. This place is literally filled with clear skies and lush greens. It is ideal heaven when going for a long and relaxing vacation that is away from the busy life. You can find lots of options to have fun and relax in Rangat. 

Located in the heart of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Rangat is a vast island stretched over 1070 sq. km. The pristine beaches and waterfalls are a major draw to different people across the world. Rangat is located around 90 km from Port Blair by sea and around 170 km by road. 

This place will definitely leave you amazed by several amazing moments and memories. You can find a lot of moments to enjoy on a trip. 

Panchvati Hills 

Reasons to visit – Nature Photography, Agriculture, Waterfalls 

Entry – Free 

Duration – 2 hours 

Timings – Always open, but recommended to get there before sunset

It goes without saying that Panchvati Hills is one of the best epitomes of nature at its best. Waterfalls are really a delight to every photographer and are truly amazing. Most South Indian immigrants live here. So, you can definitely see the impact of their culture. The main source of their income is agriculture and fishing and they can be seen by vast agricultural lands. 

Famous Activities 

  • Explore the Panchvati Waterfalls 
  • Trekking 
  • See the agricultural lands 

Panchvati Hills 

Cuthbert Bay Beach 

Reasons to visit – Flora and Fauna, Nature, Beach, Turtles 

Entry – Free. But there are charges to visit the sanctuary – Rs. 25 for Indians, Rs. 250 for foreigners and Rs. 10 for children 

Duration – up to 2 hours 

This beach is lesser-known but really different when it comes to witnessing serene surroundings and scenic views. It is one of the natural gems which are multi-faceted when it comes to natural beauty. It has some of the beautiful views to give the most majestic views of behemoth and crystal-clear sea. It is one of the main purposes to explore this beach. Cuthbert Bay Beach is dotted by thousands of tiny turtles padding to the sea in December and January. Sea turtles enter this beach for nesting.  This is why you shouldn’t skip this beach in your bucket list. 

Famous activities 

  • Explore the Eco Hut
  • Nesting of sea turtles at the sanctuary 
  • Walk along the coast 

Cuthbert Bay Beach 

Long Island 

Attractions – Nature, Virgin Beaches

Entry – Free 

Duration – Around half day

Timings – Always available 

Long Island is truly an isolated and scenic island to explore. It has been isolated well to preserve its original and natural form. It is known to have Kitply Industries which had closed their operations here. This place has been a bit busy since then. It has a lot of beautiful beaches with mangroves. Dolphins are also known to gather at this place. You can find one if you are lucky. 

Famous activities 

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Sightseeing at the well-known Lalaji Beach and Guitar Island
  • Chill out at Merk Bay Beach

Long Island 

Amkunj Beach 

Attractions – Watchtower, Rocky Beach

Entry – Free 

Duration – Around 1 hour 

Timings – Everyday 

Amkunj Beach truly seems to be out of this world at first sight. It is one of the most popular beaches in Andaman. Its vivid and enriched colors, as well as freshness, are truly something you won’t be able to resist. It is known to have white sands with beautiful sea waves to break over and excite you. 

This place is definitely worth visiting for recreation and Andaman sightseeing. You can also go for long strolls in this place or take a dip in the sea. Its appealing beauty and environment add to its excitement. Everything you can find here is just perfect. Its beaches and dustbins are another unique attraction. 

A lot of trees were uprooted due to the tsunami which had hit this place in 2004. They were strewn around the beach. Hence, those trees were turned into stools, benches, and dustbins to utilize them well. You can find these benches all around the beach. After the tragedy, this place has become even more beautiful. 

Famous activities 

  • Sunbathing 
  • Beachcombing 
  • Exploring the views from watchtower

Amkunj Beach andaman

Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway 

Attractions – Nature Walk, Beach, Creeks, and Mangroves 

Timings – Everyday 

Duration – 1 hour 

Entry – Free 

If you are seriously into nature walks, you are definitely going to have a great time in Rangat. This nature walk is truly mesmerizing and serene in its own way. This wooden boardwalk is beautifully zigzagged across the mangroves. It is definitely one of the most beautiful attractions in Rangat and it has been attracting lots of tourists. 

This place is known for its true natural beauty and you can witness the same under moonlight and sunrise. You can also spot the sea turtles nesting on the beaches if you are truly lucky. This walkway is very unique in India. Walking along the mangroves is truly an experience to behold. You can definitely be in the lap of nature. 


  • Turtle breeding (as per the season)
  • Visit the Dhani Nallah Beach 

Dhani Nallah Mangrove

Final Thoughts

Some of the other famous attractions in Rangat are Yerata Mangrove Park, Moorys Dare, and Yerrata Creek. Rangat is truly one of the most beautiful places where you can definitely see another side of Andaman. It really has something special for every tourist, which you can’t explain with words. It really attracts the tourists from every nook and cranny of the world.  

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are well known for the turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, the beauty of historical monuments and dense greens. This region is truly an ideal destination for honeymoon and vacations across the world. You can create lots of memories with friends and family as it offers a different experience that can be cherished for a lifetime. Kayaking is one of the activities for adrenaline junkies that can definitely leave them mesmerized. In this guide, we are going to tell you something about the best destinations to go kayaking in your Andaman trip package. 

Port Blair 

This region is fully covered by the long coastline and serene forests. It is one of the liveliest provinces of Andaman with a blend of several habitats from all landmarks of India. You can explore the fascinating history of India’s independence in Port Blair. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the great spots for enjoying kayaking in Andaman. 

You can enjoy a lot of water sports in this place as you can access the vivid marine life from here. The caves here are truly a delight to watch. You can kayak for a long time here. You can truly enjoy the combination of great visual pleasure in this spot. You can have a great experience of kayaking across the mangroves. 

Where – there are several islands around Port Blair to enjoy Kayaking. 


Don’t get too excited to do just kayaking as you may miss out on the beauty of turquoise blue waters and lagoons. 

Havelock Island 

This beach is blessed with dense forest canopy which adds to the exotic beauty of nature. You can explore some of the ideal spots for water sports. Havelock Islands are appealing to most of the tourists across the world. A lot of tourists choose this island as their stopover for their vacation. 

Explore the mangroves by kayaking here if you are heading to Havelock Island. Your trip to Andaman just can’t complete without visiting Havelock Island. Maximum 6 people are allowed with a guide to enjoying kayaking. The trip takes up to three hours. You can also enjoy other activities like swimming, diving, and others. This place is just beautiful for exploring the serene beauty of nature. 


Kayaking can be a trouble when a light rain drizzle but you shouldn’t do kayaking in heavy rain. Rain also fills the cockpit of kayak due to which it can be unstable. Be sure to stay ahead with weather forecasts before you visit for kayaking. Also, avoid taking the ride after a few days of heavy rain. The flow of water might be increased and kayak may become unstable. 

Baratang and Ross Islands 

These uninhabited islands are located only 2km east of Port Blair. They also have a minimal human presence. It served as a condo to several infrastructural resources during the British rule. These islands have a tennis court, church, secretariat hospital, printing press, water treatment plant, cemetery, bakery, residents and general stores. These islands were actually meant to be inhabitable. You should have special permission to enter these islands. 

The limestone caves in Baratang really provide a unique and serene experience of kayaking and add a wild touch to your adventure. You can even rent a jetty to enjoy kayaking in inner landmarks. You can avail of all the essentials and gears from the kayaking service providers here. There might be a great hike in the kayaking fee as it needs special permissions and permits. In addition, travel expense is also on the high side. 

Price – The price of this activity is on the expensive side here in these islands. Kayaking is not available in the evening or night time. 


It is not good to spend a huge amount of money just to buy all the gears for this activity. In such regions, you can easily rent all the essentials. Also, use safety gear like life jackets and helmets with pedals and kayak. In the case of paddle strokes, it is recommended to have an expert professional. Simply moving it is not going to help to go downstream or upstream. 

Neil Island 

There are five beaches on Neil Island and all of them have their own aspects, like shallowness, types, and rocky seashells. It is not advised to swim in the shallow waters here. There are short distances due to flat roads. You can easily get around the island by cycling. There are several coral reefs and diving sites in Neil Island with turtle rays, vivid fish, and stunning marine life. You can easily explore this island with kayaking. It is truly a paradise for kayakers as they can find the lush greens and mesmerizing sea. You can also enjoy snorkeling while kayaking across the corals at far-flung western sides of the beach. You can also witness the beautiful marine life here. Kayaking is truly easy as the island is filled with guest houses. 

Where – Beach No. 3 and all over the island 

Note – You may not want your smartphone and other valuables drenched in the water when you come back from kayaking. So, buy a sealed container to keep your valuables safe against water and other hazards. 

Additional Tips 

  • Don’t swim in the deep waters as it can be dangerous. 
  • Don’t swim ahead of shallow seas in the evening time, especially in separated shores. 
  • Don’t swim in the tipsy state. 
  • Be careful while kayaking and alarm when in unstable waters. 
  • Be sure to comply with hoardings and sites like “Be careful with crocodiles” at some spots, even though no crocodile is there. 
  • Wear life vests if you don’t know how to swim while enjoying any water sport. 
  • Have trained professionals and experts by your side to try different water sports as they can be dangerous. These experts can provide a briefing for enjoying water sports. 
  • Take proper instructions and permits before going to any deserted location. 

Butler Bay Beach is truly a sea surfing paradise in Little Andaman which is a touristy place where you can find enough experiences to enjoy in its lap. Along with sea surfing, Butler Bay Beach is also attractive for tourists of all ages. It houses rainforests, yellow sandy beaches, water sports, waterfall, and resorts. You can save time and money by booking an all-inclusive Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour package. 

This beach is ideal to witness the high tide waves and sea surfers. You can simply watch the surfers playing with waves if you don’t know surfing. You can also go to a beach walk along the waves. It has got forest-fringed and palm-fringed shores. You can’t take a sunbath as flies here won’t let you do so. You can just sit and watch tourists enjoying different adventure sports. 

You can also try these activities here at Butler Bay Beach – 


You can enjoy trekking in the forest and explore the lush green rainforest in the whole Little Andaman. The forest looks even more beautiful post-monsoon rains. The best time to enjoy trekking here is from December to June when you can relax and breathe fresh air in the forest cover. You can also witness different species of flora and fauna. You can trek the forest and get back on a day trip. It is also a great picture-perfect spot where you will feel the soothing forest breeze in summer. 

Sea Surfing 

Butler Bay Beach is widely known for sea surfing in its high ride waves. This way, it is a paradise for surfers. Both intermediate and professional surfers can try their skills here and play with the high tidal waves. However, beginners shouldn’t try it here. It is better for them to watch others surfing. A lot of women surfers and international tourists pump up their adrenaline and escape into the waves covering their heads. You can enjoy this adventure sport here from April to June. A lot of foreign tourists visit here to surf in the seawater. 


Swimmers can enjoy this activity and dive in the waters on the beachfront. You shouldn’t dive into the deep sea even though you have worn a swimsuit. You should swim only on low tides. December to May is the best time for swimming here. You should also be in a group even though you are venturing here with family. There are swim accessories and gear available for hire from the vendors here. 


It is another great activity at Butler Bay Island when there is low tide. The seawater looks in emerald color here when there is no or low tide.  You can also hire snorkeling gears from the vendors here. Be sure to wear an extra safety vest if you are going alone. You can explore some of the unique coral and marine life. You can also see vivid fish, small turtles, and coral on the seawater.  

Visit the Lighthouse 

This lighthouse is built to guide ships coming through the Indian Ocean as well as nearby fishing boats. You can get the best views from the top of the lighthouse, which is 134ft above sea level. 

White Surf Waterfall or Hut Bay

This waterfall is truly a sight to behold in Butler Bay Beach. You can enjoy the waterfall on a day trip. Be sure to carry your food items to spend a day here. Relax by the falls in the lap of the exotic rainforest. You can also bathe under its cascading showers. The waterfalls in its full flow from June to December. 

Elephant Safari 

Villagers also provide elephant safari in Butler Bay Beach. It is a great way to explore the lush forest cover and beach in Little Andaman. It really feels great to see the beach from the back of an elephant. They can definitely take you to the forest. 


You can enjoy this activity even if you don’t know how to swim by wearing a swim vest. You can try this when there is low tide. Kayak rentals are also available on an hourly basis. A trainer will be available if you book tour package for kayaking. Kayaking is not safe in high tide if you don’t know how to swim. 

Who Should Visit Butler Bay Beach? 

It is the best choice for people looking for seawater adventures. Solo tourists and families can also visit here and enjoy the seawater recreation. Corporate tourists can also visit here to relax in the rainforest and level up their adrenaline rush. It has a lot of adventure sports for tourists of all ages. 

How long does it take to Visit Butler Bay Beach?

You can enjoy a day trip by visiting Butler Bay Beach. You can also visit here by Helicopter as boats take up to 5 to 6 hours. It may take a week if you are getting here for different activities like waterfall visiting, rainforest trekking, lighthouse, beach creation, adventure sports, and others. 


Butler Bay Beach lies in the southernmost part of Andaman and Nicobar and it receives up to 70% of humidity every day. The beach is located in Little Andaman, which falls under the tropical zone. In winter, the temperature drops to around 20oC and summer temperature rise to 35oC. 

How to Reach? 

By Air 

You can easily get here by landing at Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair. Book a passenger helicopter to get here. 

By boat 

From Port Blair itself, you can also book private boats or government boats to get here. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to cover over 100 km of distance to Little Andaman. 

There is no road or rail connectivity here in Andaman. 

Karmatang Beach is one of the rare paradises where you can witness some of the rare species of turtles hatching there. This is the reason why it is known as the turtle’s paradise in Andaman. Along with the nesting parks for turtles, Karmatang Beach is also a place with water sports and beach parties. 

You can easily explore the nearby attractions and the beach without having any guide by your side. It is the tourist-friendly territory and the best place for Andaman and Nicobar Islands honeymoon India. However, a few parts have been conserved for turtle hatching. You shouldn’t harm them in any way. You can enjoy the beach on your own with its mangroves, creeks, and streaks. It is truly a paradise for honeymooners, nature lovers, zoologists, and marine life researchers. 

Things to DO


The traditional huts and hanging hammocks are the main attractions in this beach. It is very wide and there is a private place for every tourist where they can enjoy different recreational activities and sea breeze. You can easily visit this beach for partying day and night. Sometimes, beachfront resorts also host wedding ceremonies. You can enjoy the beach by staying in beachfront resorts. You can taste authentic and delicious seafood here from beachside vendors in Andaman. 

Stroll along the beach 

You can also do a quick beach strolling around the shore. Most of the parts of the beach have muddy wet sand that comes and being washed away by high tides. You can also find some mangroves, forests, and creeks. You can also enjoy a nature walk along the Andaman Ocean. You can also witness some birds and reptiles here. 

Turtle Nesting Farm 

One of the vital activities in Andaman is visiting the turtle nesting farm at Karmatang Beach. You can witness how villagers and forest department keeps the turtle eggs for hatching. You can also witness the freshly hatched turtles slowly moving to the seawater. They don’t move anywhere else. You will be amazed to see this. From December to March, the beach remains closed for tourists in the evening. This is the period when huge numbers of turtles lay their eggs here. It has been happening naturally for several years. Marine life lovers and children will definitely love this place. 

Party Hard 

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karmatang Beach is definitely the best place for having beach parties all day and night. The beach resorts also arrange food and beverages here. There are also several wooden seating arrangements and eco-friendly huts in Mayabunder Town. You can make a bonfire and enjoy the soothing breeze while partying in the nighttime. The beach is open 24×7 for the public. It also has a lot of parking spaces. You can party late at night and get back to your resort or hotel. However, the night party is not allowed at the beach in laying season for turtles, i.e. from December to March. 

Trekking to Mount Harriet 

If you visit Karmatang Beach for long week holidays, you can trek to Mount Harriet. It is Andaman’s highest mountain peak. You can easily get here on a day trip. You can explore the serene flora of the island. You can pass through several streaks when you cross the water above the wooden bridges. You may want to trek along with the streaks which are also the trekking tracks to Mt. Harriet. It is also the source of fresh water. Mayabunder has a lot of scenic hamlets to pass through. The people are very friendly here. You can witness the beautiful views of the Andaman Sea as the height rises. 

Visit Madhuban Beach 

You should visit Madhuban Beach, especially if you are an elephant lover. Your children will definitely love the giant animals by getting up close. The locals also give the training to tame the elephants for lumber and lifting works. You can also explore the beach with an elephant safari. You can explore the training ground on a day trip. A lot of trained elephants are also available for safaris. 

Have delightful seafood

A lot of restaurants are located in Mayabunder Town near Karmatang Beach. A lot of beachside vendors also offer seafood here. If you are getting to the beach, don’t forget to taste the authentic seafood. They also sell mineral water bottles and beverages. You can taste both local and continental dishes in hotels and restaurants here. However, they are expensive as compared to beach vendors. 

How much time does it take to visit Karmatang Beach?

You can easily visit the turtle park and the beach on a day trip. A weeklong holiday is enough to soak in the vibes of beach with trekking at Mount Harriet and seawater sports.


Geographically, Karmatang Beach is positioned in the heart of the Andaman Sea coast and this tropical zone covers the whole stretch of Andaman and Nicobar. You can expect a tropical climate all around the year. The temperature rises to over 35oC in the summer. You can enjoy the soothing breeze all day and night and you can indulge in any water or recreational sport without taking sunburns. In winter, the temperature goes down to 20oC. The Indian Ocean is located by the south and the Bay of Bengal is located on the west.  

When to Visit?

Dry Season 

Karmatang Beach receives dry season from December to May when you can enjoy a lot of attractions. You can enjoy hiking, water sports, trekking, and recreational activities. 

Wet Season 

Monsoon starts here from the last week of May till November. Expect heavy rain followed by thunderstorms. You shouldn’t visit here this season as public transport via sea and road are negligible here. 

Bottom Line 

Karmatang Beach is the best place for destination weddings, beach parties, relaxation, and sea sports. You can also witness rare turtle species hatching on the beach. 

Mangrove Creek is one of the hidden and unexplored attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands India. If you are visiting Andaman, you must sail through these hidden mangroves which are unlike others in this Indian subcontinent. There are lots of attractions you should explore like beaches, mud volcanoes, swamps, caves, and exotic villages. Visit the creek for a great experience. 


Located in Baratang Island in the heart of Andaman, Mangrove Creek is known to have over 70% humidity because it is covered by oceans on all sides. It receives tropical climate all around the year. You can have pleasant temperature in summer days which may go up to 30-degree C. Cool sea breeze is permanent here. In winters, you can expect the temperature to drop to around 16oC.

The temperature may drop down to 16-degree C in winter. Major rainfall is expected from June to November due to the Northeast retreading monsoon and Southwest monsoon.  

When to Visit?

You can explore the Baratang Island and Mangrove creek in dry weather, i.e. from December to May. This way, you can take a boat to explore mangroves. These dense mangroves have good visibility. 

Things to Do


Mangrove Creek is actually the lush green mangroves in India. Its natural brackish water, mangroves, and swamps are its key features. They are around 5 to 10 feet in height and up to 30 feet wide. You can sail in this waterway on a kayak or small boat. A boat can easily pass through this natural waterway. Its uneven spread of roots of watery plants makes it look eerie.

Bird Watching 

Mangrove Creek is known to be the lush green mangrove filled with water in all seasons and it welcomes migratory birds. A lot of big and small birds visit here to catch fish from swamps and brackish waters. It is the best place for bird watchers. You can find a lot of vivid bird species atop the mangroves while sailing. 


Fishing in mangrove creek is truly a great thing for recreation if you are in Andaman. Along with angling, you can spot a lot of big and small fish under brackish waters. You can have a great experience when you catch a big fish with hands. You can seek the help of local fishermen to do this. It is best to go with local anglers to enjoy fishing. They know the right time and place where the fish will be available in different places of seawater and creek. 

Mud Volcanoes 

These are natural phenomena in Baratang Island of Andaman. It is quite surprising to explore the large and small mud cones which look like a volcano. But the interesting thing is that they are filled with water, not boiling lava. They are not dangerous and this natural phenomenon is taking place here since 2005.  

Boat Safari 

You can definitely have a great experience in mangrove creek safari. You can explore this creek well with boating. You can enjoy sailing up and down from Port Blair. A private boat reaches the Mangrove Creek directly. For food and beverages, the boat may take a break at Middle Strait jetty. You won’t find any F&B options in mangroves. 

You can enjoy boat safari only on a day trip. It is better to book a package including mangrove creek safari. You can have a traditional boat, a kayak, and a boat that carries a group. Solo tourists and visitors who are not visiting with a tour package can easily get a boat from Middle Strait jetty. Baratang Island has a lot of several mangroves. If you have time, you can also take a safari, though they don’t have much room like in mangrove creek. 

Sailing the Limestone Caves 

There is another surprise waiting for you in Mangrove Creek. Yes, they are limestone caves. These naturally formed caves are dark and you should carry a flashlight to explore the cave. They really get a perfect haunted look in the mangroves. You can have a guided tour to see the attractions in low tide. 

Ride Glass Bottom Boats 

Explore the aquatic life beneath the waters in the glass-bottom boat. There is no better place in Andaman to see the beauty of marine life than in Mangrove Creek. It is best to enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride along with diving and snorkeling. You can enjoy this ride even more if you come with a group of 5-6 members. If you are coming solo or as a couple, you will need to join others in the same boat. Just sit and watch through the fiberglass bottom. You can even pass through the vivid fish and see the sea coral. 

How much time does it take to visit Mangrove Creek?

Mangrove Creek tour is available only as a day trip to Baratang Island. You can choose any Andaman tour package to visit this attraction, along with other islands. There are also day trip providers available in Middle Strait jetty and Port Blair. 

Getting There 

As of now, no railway connectivity is available in Andaman and Nicobar to India. 

By Air 

To visit Mangrove Creek, Port Blair International Airport is the nearest airport. Then, you need to take a boat or taxi from the airport to Baratang Island. 

By Boat 

You can choose from different passenger boats from the eastern seaports of the country. Some Cruise Ships are also available to visit other attractions. You can hire a private boat or local boat from Port Blair. 

By Road 

You can reach Middle Strait Jetty via Andaman Trunk Road by hiring a private vehicle. Then, you can sail to reach Mangrove Creek. 

The Takeaway

Visiting Mangrove Creek is a totally fun and different experience. No matter by boat or air, you must visit this uninhabited place which is filled with natural beauties. The mangroves, swamps, and caves here are one of their kinds in this world.