Andaman and Nicobar Islands are truly rich in biodiversity, wildlife and natural attractions as the archipelago of plenty of islands. The national parks listed here in Andaman are considered as one of the hottest favorite destinations for wildlife photographers, activists and conservationists thanks to its fascinating coral reefs, marine life, and exotic underwater world.  

These national parks are scattered across the Indian Ocean in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. These national parks would definitely give you a magical experience on your trip. Read on and learn about these beautiful national parks to visit in Andaman. 


1. Mount Harriet National Park 

Mount Harriet National Park is well regarded as one of the most popular national parks in the archipelago and is considered as the most visited and exotic national parks. Stretched over 46 sq. km, Mount Harriet National Park is located around 383m and houses only few wildlife species like turtles, robber crabs and Andaman wild pigs. You can spend a great time in the wilderness and enjoy the world-class facilities in the wilderness. 

Location – Hope Town, Port Blair 

Timings – 7AM to 5PM, Everyday 

Entry – Rs. 10 for child, Rs. 25 per person (Indian), and Rs. 250 per person (foreigners) 


2. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park 

Located in the proximity to Wandoor Beach, Port Blair, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a well known tourist attraction. You can get up close with lively coral reefs, vivid marine life and snorkeling attractions. This artificial national park has plenty of flora and fauna to explore. You can witness some of the rare species like wild boar, water lizard, and sea snakes. In addition, the national park is stretched over 15 islands having tropical rainforests and mangrove creeks.  

Timings – Open 24×7 from Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Monday

Location – SH8


3. Campbell Bay National Park 

Campbell Bay National Park is over 190 km from Sumatra region and is sprawled over 426 km sq. This busy national park is rich in marine life and houses different wildlife species, such as Megapode, crab-eating macaque, Nicobar pigeon and robber crabs. If you want to explore nature at its best, cabin and camp facilities are also offered by park authorities to have a great day out.

Timings – 12 midnight to 12 Noon 

Location – Island of Great Nicobar 


4. North Button Island National Park 

The North Button Island National Park is a famous attraction among several popular national parks in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Stretched around 114 sq. km, this island is a great crowd puller in Andaman Islands thanks to its rich biodiversity and fauna species. You can explore it from December to March at its best and spot several rare species like water monitors, dugong, and dolphins. 

Location – North Button Island


5. Galathea National Park 

Galathea National Park is strategically located under Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve on Great Nicobar Island. It was established in the year 1992. It houses diverse species of animals and birds. The forest buffer zone stretched over 12 km separates it from Campbell Bay National Park. The forest also has a provision for watch towers to serve animal lovers to view different species like pythons, giant leatherback turtles, and Malayan box turtles. The national park also offers a lot of activities like sea walks, snorkeling, boating and scuba diving. 

Location – Island of Great Nicobar

Timings – 12AM to 12PM


6. Saddle Peak National Park 

Stretched over 85 sq. km, Saddle Peak National Park is located on the north of Andaman. It houses rare flora and fauna species, such as Andaman hill myna, wild pig, imperial pigeon, saltwater crocodiles, and water monitor lizards. It is truly a retreat for trekking enthusiasts. It features a long 8-km trek towards the mountain peak from its entry. 

Timings – 4AM to 5PM (Monday to Sunday) 

Location – Saddle Peak, Middle and North Andaman 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Andaman have India’s smallest national park?

Yes, South Button Island National Park is the smallest national park in India. It is stretched over just 0.03 sq. km. At No.2 stands Mandla Plant Fossil National Park in Madhya Pradesh, which is stretched over 0.27 sq. km. It is the smallest national park in mainland and second smallest in India. 

2. How many national parks Andaman Islands have? 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have total 9 national parks. Mount Harriet National Park is one of the most frequented and exotic national parks among other national parks. 

3. What is the largest national park in India? 

Hemis National Park is considered to be largest when it comes to area. It is stretched over 3350 sq. km and is well located in Leh District of J&K. But when it comes to popularity, Jim Corbett National Park stands as the most diverse destination in India. 

4. What is the state bird of Andaman Island? 

The Andaman Wood Pigeon is known as the state bird of the archipelago. It is found in Andaman Islands only. It is endemic to such islands owing to dense green jungles. The color of the bird is a blend of darkish slate hues in upper and light blue grey in their underbelly. 


Bottom Line 

Presenting the true beauty and magic of nature, Andaman and Nicobar Island has plenty of beautiful national parks to make your trip even more exciting. You can plan your holiday beforehand to have a stress-free experience and relax and chill on your vacation. 


Parrot Island is definitely the best choice to meet your dream to have a memorable and peaceful trip. It is an exotic destination but unlike other islands, it is a heaven for bird watchers as it has plenty of species of birds. You should explore this paradise of birds and never miss this place. You can get there and experience the beauty of nature. You can easily plan your trip with family and friends if you wish to explore this place. Before planning your visit, here’s what else you need to know. 


About the island 

It goes without saying that Parrot Island is known as one of the most exotic islands in Andaman and Nicobar. The island belongs to the Union Territory, Baratang Island. It has good road connectivity as you can easily get here by bus or car till Diglipur, which is 30 km away from Baratang jetty.  You can definitely explore a huge range of birds including several rare species. You are recommended to visit this island with family and friends to have a great time. 

The whole island is covered by dense mangroves and it houses several birds. Once you enter the forest, you will hear pleasing chirping of birds. It’s a great feel of being in a different world. The forest is known to be an ideal place to witness the wilderness. The more you explore the forest, the more you will fall in love with it. Birds start coming back to their nests during sunsets. You can explore a different scene. You can capture this serene moment if you have a camera. It’s like an achievement for lifetime if you get here. 


Best Time to Visit 

Winter is considered to be the best time to visit this island as temperature falls down and makes it ideal for roaming. The winter season usually starts in the month of October and lasts till April. You can hit the island by the evening in order to catch the picturesque sunset. It will literally blow your mind and give you the experience that is not easy to describe in words. This beautiful sunset is a great bonus in this trip. Don’t let this opportunity go away and get indulged in the lap of nature. 

This place is visited by many people all around the year. Winters are known to be an ideal time period when tourists can relax for a long time. You can enjoy peaceful and soothing evenings here. This place also looks beautiful in monsoon to witness the rain. Nature lovers visit the island even though it becomes difficult to go outside during the monsoon. 


Top Attractions in Parrot Island 

You can enjoy a lot of activities on Parrot Island when planning your trip. Here are some the adventure activities to enjoy in Parrot Island – 

  • Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is definitely one of the great things you can enjoy here. You can take your experience to a whole new level. Once you enter the sea, you can find a lot of sea creatures. You can even feed them and touch them. You can enjoy this activity with the help of trainers. Don’t less this wonderful opportunity go out of your hands. 


  • Explore Nature 

If you visit a natural attraction and don’t explore nature at its best, your trip cannot complete. If you are done with all the activities and sightings, you can simply sit alone and relax while exploring the natural beauty across this place. It is not easy to describe its beauty. You can sip sweet and fresh coconut water on the beach which is truly a great experience.  


  • Bird Watching 

Bird Watching is the main and wonderful activity to enjoy in Parrot Island. You can explore a lot of rare species when you hit the island. Hear the peaceful chirping of endemic birds that will definitely make you forget all your worries. Be sure to spot some species and click beautiful pictures in various poses. 


  • Snorkeling 

You can opt for snorkeling here in Parrot Island, which is another great water activity. Witnessing the serene blue ocean is truly a matchless activity. You need to use some advanced equipment to enjoy this activity. If you have never enjoyed this activity, it’s a great time to go for it. 


  • Jet Skiing 

It is another wonderful water sport which is enjoyed by tourists who come to explore this island. You can learn this activity from several local trainers. You can enjoy this water sport in any kind of water. You can always have a great experience whether you know how to swim or not. However, you should learn how to float if you can’t swim.


Getting There 

You need to reach Baratang Island first of all. It has great connectivity through airways. You can easily get here from any part of the world. You can also reach Baratang Island by riding from Middle Strait ferry. You can easily access jetty services or ferries. Locals here are familiar with this type of transport. You can take the journey through salt waters before getting there. You can also visit the natural attraction which covers the whole area. It literally feels like you are into heaven. 


Bottom Line 

Parrot Island is truly a place which gives one of its kind experience. You can indulge in a lot of water activities here. Explore the tranquil blue sea on the white sandy beach which attracts hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world. It goes without saying that Parrot Island is a wonderful destination for both friends and family. Along with it, you can definitely visit this place if you are a honeymooner. You can have some great time with each other. So what are you waiting for? Book your Andaman and Nicobar Islands tourism package now and pack your bags. 


The moment you arrive at Little Andaman Island, its magical scenery and exotic views will definitely leave you amazed. This island is truly a safe haven on the Southern Andaman for nature lovers coming from different parts of the world. The surreal surroundings of this place will definitely make you fall in love with nature. 

Despite its name, Little Island is not that little. In fact, it is the fourth largest island in Andaman. It also houses the Onge tribe. You can visit this tropical paradise by booking an Andaman Nicobar Package with us. 


Best Time to Visit 

November to May is considered to be the best time to visit this picturesque island. You will have minimal storms and rain this time. You can definitely have ideal weather to relax by the beaches. This island looks at its best during winters. You can also indulge in several water sports during this time. 


Best Places to Visit 

Cover the following attractions in your itinerary to make the most of your Little Andaman tour – 


  • Kalapathar Limestone Caves 

This natural masterpiece is shaped beautifully by thrust nature over a period of time on Little Andaman. Indulge in trekking to marvel at this natural phenomenon. In some parts, water pockets are filled with plenty of marine species. In addition, a lot of climbs and slopes will definitely suit your heart. Along with it, you can easily pair this trip while visiting the rocky beach nearby. You can visit this place all day for free. 

Kalapathar Limestone Caves 


  • Butler Bay Beach 

In Little Andaman Island, Butler Bay Beach is one of the lesser known places which you would definitely adore and explore. It is a perfect destination with turquoise-blue waters and palm-fringed shores where you can do nothing but sit back and relax. It is also well regarded among the best surfing spots in the country. This place is visited by a lot of surfers to make the most of this attraction. In addition, nothing is more soothing than exploring the sunrays merging the calm and pleasant waves in sunset. Entry to this place is free. 

Butler Bay Beach


  • WhisperWave Waterfall 

Whisper Wave is truly a picturesque and enchanting waterfall. This place is well covered by relaxing and pleasant vibes. You can feel the essence of natural beauty for some time. The overall setting of this isolated waterfall seems to be very tranquil. But you should always have a guide by your side. Don’t take the warning signs lightly as it may have crocodiles. You should still visit this waterfall. It opens from 8am to 3pm every day. 


  • White Surf Waterfall 

Rainbows are a common sight in this bewitching waterfall which is created by the sunrays meeting the mist in the air. You don’t have to think hard as when you saw a rainbow last time. You can visit this waterfall for free and this place is open all day until sunset. It is an ideal destination to spend a few hours in your stay. You can also trek to this destination and elevate the surreal feel. 

White Surf Waterfall 


  • Witness the Plantation of Red Palm Oil 

It is another mesmerizing place you should visit on Little Island. It has a vast plantation which is truly awe inspiring. A lot of local workers choose to visit this plantation. You can witness the processing of this plant. You can visit these plantations for free and spend up to 2 hours here. You can visit here at any day of week. 


Things to Consider 

  • You need to have a permit issued at Port Blair to visit this island. 
  • Be sure to have a guide before going for trekking and keep all the gears handy when hitting the island. The true nature is raw no matter how beautiful the scenery is. 
  • Don’t go surfing from May to August or during monsoons. 
  • Camping is prohibited on this island.  
  • Be sure to carry the map to Little Andaman during excursion 
  • Use mosquito repellants to get rid of beach flies
  • At Hut Bay, you can find a lot of food courts. You need to bring your cookware and raw material if you want to cook your own food. 
  • Don’t take warning signs lightly at some places as crocodiles were spotted in many places. 


Getting There 


By Waters – A lot of ferries are operated and run by the government, which serve as the most popular and convenient modes of transport here. These ferries usually connect tourists to Hut Bay and Port Blair. The ship sails from Port Blair to Little Andaman usually for around 8 hours (duration varies as per weather conditions). You can book tickets in the morning from the ticket counter. Be sure to book tickets a day earlier. 


By Air – You can also book a helicopter ride to get to this island. Of course, it will be an expensive option but it is worth the time you could save. You can definitely have the serene and panoramic view of the island and save your time. Keep in mind that helicopters have limited seats and you can carry only a few items. Port Blair is located 101 km from Little Andaman. You can cover this distance within just one hour by opting for a helicopter ride. 


Bottom Line 

Little Andaman is separated from South Andaman by Duncan Passage. When the tsunami hit the island in 2004, Little Andaman had almost lost its existence. Today, it has been restored to its natural habitat and it even attracts more visitors than before. So, why not go and explore the island by booking a package with us? We are here to make all the vital arrangements that can keep you amazed and enthralled.