Cinque Island – Should You Visit this Secret Paradise of Andaman?
Cinque Island

Adorned by the crystal clear and shimmering waters and covered by evergreen jungles, Andaman is truly a paradise where you can explore a lot of best kept secrets by nature. There are so many diving options and white sandy beaches to laze at. Water babes can explore around so many options here. Along with already-famed islands, here comes Cinque Island which is a secret paradise. It has recently come to limelight with increasing interest of tourists. This island is beautifully segregated into South Cinque and North Cinque Islands. It is truly a hidden beauty which should be explored by every nature lover. Read on and know more about this unexplored beauty and escape into the serene land of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. 

About the Island 

Resting around 26 km from the city of Port Blair, Cinque Island remains inhabited and untouched in this archipelago. In the north, Cinque Island is sandwiched between Duncan and Passage Islands. Some parts are also located in Wandoor Marine National Park. South and North Cinque Islands are its two parts. 

Along with having exotic surroundings, this island also houses exotic and rich marine life including fishes, coral reefs, star fishes and turtles. You can also explore the depths of water as an adventure lover with scuba diving which is instructed and guided well by PADI certified divers. You can also enjoy a lot of activities like snorkeling and sea walking. You can enjoy a lot of things here in this heaven and you will definitely be surprised with what you can explore here. 

What is the Best Time to Get There?

Andaman is well known to receive tropical climate. Hence, it is one of the destinations in India which you can visit all the year round. Hence, Cinque Island is open for tourists all the year round. But if you still want to make the most of sunny days, you should go there during summer months. The weather turns ideal to relax under the sun and dive under water during winter months. However, we recommend you to avoid the rainy season from June to November as you won’t be able to enjoy water sports. It is the best season for budget travelers as resorts and hotels offer great discounts. 

Things to know for tourists 

  • If you are traveling to this island, keep in mind that you may not get mobile connectivity. Jio network doesn’t work here properly. But Vodafone works here at some places. If you are going there to disconnect for the world and connect with yourself, you won’t need any network. 
  • Though this island remains inhabited, you can still access medical facilities in an emergency. Tour operators also keep a first aid kit handy for any situations. Along with it, island is also closely located to Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. However, you are still recommended to carry your own medications to avoid any inconvenience. 
  • You are also recommended to carry some food items as this island remains inhabited and it doesn’t have any restaurants. 
  • You are also requested to visit this island only in daytime and on very limited timings as it remains inhabited most of the time. You can take ferries from Chidiya Tapu on regular intervals, which take up to 3 hours one way. It is recommended to leave for the island early in the morning and spend a whole day with some amazing activities and get back by the evening. 
  • You can enjoy a lot of adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkeling here, apart from witnessing its natural and raw beauty of marine creatures. 

Getting There 

Around 25 km from the capital city of Port Blair, Cinque Island lies in the proximity to Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. You can find a lot of options to get there. 

By Ferries – You will need to take a chartered ferry or boat at Port Blair to reach Cinque Island. These ferries are available at regular intervals at the same route every day. 

By Air – Veer Savarkar International Airport or Port Blair International Airport is the closest airport from Port Blair. It is well connected to all important cities and towns and you can easily get there within 4 hours. 

Bottom Line 

Cinque Island is one of the most popular Virgin Islands in South Andaman. It is well covered by white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. North and South Cinque Islands are the two portions of island. They have proper connectivity with a beautiful sand bar which was hit by tsunami and reformed well over the years. 

So you are ready to hit this secret island and get in the mood for vacations. We hope this quick and handy guide has helped you. If you are planning your tour to this island, contact our travel agent in Andaman for further information. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Should I carry something when going to Cinque Island?

The Cinque Island is definitely a tropical landscape. So, we recommend you to carry some basic medications, extra pair of clothes, swimsuit, and sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and tanning. 

2. How much does a boat ticket cost when I reach Port Blair? 

The cost of a ferry varies as per the season. If you are booking through a travel agent, the cost is usually included. 

3. Are accommodation options available in Cinque Island? 

Keep in mind that Cinque Island is uninhabited. So, you won’t find any hotels and resorts here. You can only go for day trips over there. It also shares the boundaries with Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. 

4. How to reach Cinque Island?

Ferry is the best and only option to reach Cinque Island. You can first visit Chidiya Tapu and then take ferry to reach there. The ferries are available all day to and from Port Blair. 

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