Forest Museum – Must Know Facts, Timings and Things to do
  • Entry Fee – Rs. 2 per person only 
  • Timings – 8 AM to 12 noon. After a break till 2.30 PM, museum opens again till 5 PM. Sunday is off. 
  • Duration – You can take up to 1 hour 

Located in Chatham Saw Mill’s premises, Forest Museum is an incredible combo of art and adventure. It has been famed for displaying wood work for a long time. Timber of gurjan, marble, padauk, satin wood and peauma trees is used to carve the intricate detailing on the wood works here. It also has endangered plant species which attract worldwide attention all the year round. The premises house the zoological garden to make it even more amazing. 


Tips for Travelers 

  • Be sure to carry your camera to capture the beautiful memories of visiting there. 
  • You can carry some water but don’t litter by throwing away bottles or plastics anywhere. 
  • Wear full sleeved clothes to avoid mosquito or insect bites in the forest region. 

Things to do 

  • The market area remains busy with different types of shops in Forest Museum located in Port Blair. 
  • You can shop some little gifts or souvenirs for loved ones. 
  • You can explore the exotic islands and serene blue waters with Andaman holiday packages.
  • You can also visit the Chatham Saw Mill, which is the major source of income for many households over there. It has very much economic importance. 

Are Guides Available?

Guides are available as written boards where you will learn about all the pieces of art. You can also ask the officials for further help. You can also get details on the web. 

When to visit?

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the weather remains favorable the whole year. The weather is neither too cold nor too hot and there are no hassles. However, you should plan your trip from November to April to get the most of your trip. You can enjoy the sightseeing during this time. It is always better to avoid visiting in rainy seasons as it gets rough sometimes. 

Getting There 

Vir Savarkar airport is the nearest airport to the museum. You can easily take a bus or cab or simply walk there. You can also take a road bridge to reach straight to this place. The museum is located on the outskirts of Port Blair and you can get there by taxi or bus. 

Trivia and Interesting Facts You Need to Know 

  • The Forest Department has well maintained the Forest Museum in Port Blair. 
  • The rich flora and fauna which was alive in the past at the forest area is beautifully described in the form of arts, carvings and artifacts. 
  • There is a huge staff engaged in cleaning up the artefacts on a regular basis. The Forest Museum also generates a lot of job opportunities here. 
  • The piece of art displayed here has intricate details where you can see the brilliance of craftsmanship. It also has a chain made of wood. You can easily explore those pieces of art. 
  • The Forest Department of Andaman has well maintained and managed the Saw Mill along with the museum. You can easily explore the wooden artifacts associated with different flora and fauna along with forest area. 
  • The Chatham Saw Mill complex, which also houses the Forest Museum, is well located in Haddo region. It is well located on the outskirts of Port Blair, which is around 29 km away. 
  • In this museum, the art and artifacts are carved beautifully from different trees like Marble, Padauk, Gurjan, Peauma, and Satin wood. These art pieces are polished regularly. You can also find different types of trees which are found in the forest region and existed earlier. 
  • Visitors need to keep track on the timing to visit the Forest Museum to have a memorable tour as timings are only from 8AM to 12 noon and from 2.30 PM to 5 PM. Museum also remains closed on Sunday. 
  • You can also visit a Zoological Garden and a Mini Zoo which are prime attractions. You can spot a lot of birds and small animals in the Andaman forest. The garden also houses some of the live endangered or endemic plant species. 

Restaurants Nearby 

  • Annapurna Café
  • New India Café
  • Waves
  • New Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Full Moon Café
  • China Room 

Other Attractions to Explore 

  • Kalapani Museum 
  • Anthropological Museum 
  • Jogger’s Park
  • Science Centre
  • Long Island

Final Thoughts

If you are planning your trip to Andaman but not going to visit the Forest Museum, you are making a big mistake. You should consider this museum in your itinerary if you are planning to enjoy sightseeing. Your visit to Forest Museum can definitely be a mesmerizing experience. Tourists can enjoy this museum and also explore Chatham Saw Mill which is one of the major sources of income for a lot of households there. In addition, the place is very peaceful and is away from the hustles and bustles of the city. So, you can explore the two important sides of Andaman by visiting the Chatham Saw Mill and Forest Museum. 

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