Havelock Island – Places to Visit, Activities, Getting Around and Other Info
Havelock Island

Also known as Swaraj Dweep, Havelock Island is well regarded for its serene white beaches along with tranquil teal waters. Havelock Island is located over 39 km northeast of Port Blair and has earned a great reputation as a traveler’s paradise. It is truly a dream destination for both budget backpackers and luxury travelers for a reason. 

Along with walking barefoot at Havelock, there are other reasons you should visit the serene Havelock Island. Here is a complete travel guide to know about the place. 


Havelock Island belongs to a group of 17 islands, Ritchie’s Archipelago on the east of Andaman. Only a few islands are inhabited out of 572 islands in total. One can easily reach Havelock Island through a cruise as it is located only around 39km from Port Blair. 

Getting There 

First of all, you should reach Port Blair either by cruise or flight. You can reach Havelock Island by ferry from Port Blair. You can take private ferries as they are usually faster and cleaner than the ones operated by the government. You can also take ferries from Shaheed Dweep or Neil Island to enter Havelock Island. 

How Many Days are required to Explore Havelock Island?

Ideally, you need 3 days and 2 nights to explore the whole Swaraj Dweep. But you should take 4 days at least to soak up completely in the vibes here. Usually, ferries from Neil Island or Port Blair take around half a day to reach Havelock. 

Getting Around 

There are tuk-tuks, autos, and 4-wheelers available to get around like in most tourist attractions of Andaman. You can also rent a 2-wheelers to get around the island. 

Total Number of Beaches in Havelock Island 

There is a total of 7 identified beaches in Havelock Island for rich coral reefs, serenity, and calm waters. All the beaches have a number here – 

  • You will arrive at Beach No.1, which is just crowded. You can get ferries to Port Blair, Neil Island, and Rangat. Opposite to this beach is a market and a counter for the ferry to visit Elephant Island. It also has a few restaurants and ATMs. 
  • Beach No.2 is basically a secluded place where driving schools are located. There is a Helipad road on the opposite end. 
  • Govind Nagar Beach (Beach No. 3) and Vijayanagar Beach (Beach No. 4 and 5) are well regarded for bleached coral and shallow waters. 
  • Radhanagar Beach (Beach No. 7) is the most popular beach here. 

In Neil Island, all the beaches are named after Ramayana’s characters. The villages and beaches of Havelock are named after Mahabharata’s character like Shyamnagar, Radhanagar, Govind Nagar, and Krishnanagar. 

Famous Beaches in Havelock Island 

Radhanagar Beach

After all, a star attraction of Havelock. Without Radhanagar Beach, a list of beautiful Havelock beaches cannot complete. The natural beauty of this beach is truly spellbound and can’t be described in words. This 2-km long stretch has silvery and soft sand. The lush greens are opposite to this beach complete the views of crystal clear waters and white sands. 

Never ever miss the sunset here if you are visiting Havelock. You will find a lot of tourists’ crowds in the afternoon and evening. So, be sure to arrive early in the morning when it is less crowded. 

Kalapathar Beach

If Radhanagar is famous for romantic sunsets, Kalapathar Beach has soulful sunrise to witness.  Located by the end of Havelock Island and around 3 km from Vijaynagar Beach, Kalapathar is named after the stretches of black rocks. It is a serene and secluded beach where you can watch stunning sunrises. You can have a pleasant ride here through Kalapathar village followed by small huts and paddy fields. 

Vijaynagar Beach 

Located around Vijaynagar village, Vijaynagar Beach lies on the east coast and lined by coconut and Mahua trees. You can have a peaceful walk around the beach. You can find a lot of lavish and mid-range resorts lined here. 

Elephant Beach 

It is another popular and beautiful beach which you can access while cruising along the azure blue ocean. It is really a picturesque beach with lots of lush greens at the backdrop. It also has a lot of water sports to enjoy. It is well regarded for snorkeling, coral reefs, sea walking, and scuba diving. An elephant used to swim here with his mahout earlier for the tourists. This is why this beach is named Elephant Beach. Currently, there is no such elephant here. 

Things to Do in Havelock Island 

Scuba Diving 

It is one of the best and most popular activities and you can enjoy a lot of diving options here. December to May is the best time to do this activity. Some of the best diving sites are Turtle Bay, Seduction Point, Mac Point, Pilot Reef, and others. 


You can enjoy the sea walking, snorkeling, and other water activities along with scuba diving here. Havelock is well regarded for its serene coral reefs. 

Some Tips for Travelers 

  • You can hire a scooter or bike to get around in Andaman and explore Havelock. 
  • You can surely enjoy Scuba Diving here to explore the best coral reefs in here. You can enjoy scuba diving at North Bay Island but Havelock is also a nice place in the Andaman Islands. 
  • Fishing is another famous activity offering different varieties of activities and fishing boats. 
  • Don’t swim or dive among the fish. Don’t swim if you have an open wound. Some predatory fish may be attracted to its odor. 


We hope you liked this guide and it will help you plan your trip to Andaman. Havelock is definitely a paradise for tourists of all ages and interests. Even though you are a mountain lover, the natural beauty of Andaman will definitely steal your heart. 

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