Is July the Best Month to Visit Andaman? Know the Best Places to Explore
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Every year, thousands of tourists visit Andaman for spending a memorable vacation or honeymoon. No matter the reason, you can rest assured to have an exciting time when you visit Andaman in July. Monsoon is considered to be the best season to visit Andaman as it remains cooler than hot and humid summer months. You can also visit several places during this month. 

You can witness the beautiful caves which are best kept secrets by nature along with vibrant species of flora and fauna. Andaman is full of surprises for the tourists of all ages. It is very easy to reach Andaman as Port Blair is well connected to all major cities of India by flight. You can also visit there by cruises or ships which add to a great experience. 


Best Places to Visit during Monsoons in Andaman 

You can have a fun vacation when you visit the following places in Andaman in the month of July. They are truly mesmerizing and easy to reach – 



1. Wandoor Beach 


It is one of the most frequented places to visit in Andaman as it is closely located to the capital city of Port Blair and is well regarded for beautiful corals. The whole region is covered by the lush greens of trees and mountains and turquoise blue water. This beach is ideal for swimming and also opens in June. But it is advised not to swim in heavy rainfall. Overall, you can relax and chill by the beach and have a romantic time with your partner. The beach is well positioned in Wandoor Village that is easy to reach by ferry from Port Blair. Wandoor is just 25 km from Port Blair. 



2. Baratang Island 


This location is literally untouched by tourists’ crowds and is truly a gem in Andaman. Baratang Island is full of lush green mangroves which make it really beautiful. You can definitely live up to your adventurous side in this place. You can also come across Jarawa people of Andaman. The island is also loaded with lots of limestone caves to offer the great essence of this idyllic island. You can visit the island by hiking or canoeing. The island becomes really very impressive in monsoon as the temperature is low and you can explore the island easily. It is located around 100 km from Port Blair. 



3. Bharatpur Beach 


Bharatpur Beach is well located in Neil Island and is one of the most visited beaches of Andaman. It has been visited by hundreds and thousands of tourists from different parts of the world to witness its cleanliness and spectacular beauty. The whole beach is stretched over 500 km. Children also love to visit the island as it is ideal for family vacation. It has lush greens of the mountains which meet white sands in Bay of Bengal. The spot is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. However, these activities are not available in monsoon because of heavy rainfall. It is located around 40 km from the capital city of union territory. 



4. Mud Volcanoes 


Along with shocking impacts of history and breathtaking natural beauty, Andaman is also famous for mud volcanoes across the world. You can find around 25 mud volcanoes across Andaman and most of them are located in Baratang and Diglipur Islands. 

This phenomenon was created by natural gases like methane and hydrocarbon. You can easily witness the same in July. The volcanoes are active during this time. You can hike or trek to the volcanoes to witness these natural phenomena. Diglipur Island is located over 350 km north of Port Blair. You can get there via seaplanes or cruise ships. 



5. Cellular Jail 


Apart from being the leading tourist attraction in Andaman, Cellular Jail also serves as a memorial to the country’s fight for freedom. History buff can find a lot of facts to explore. You can learn a lot of things related to British rule in the country. A lot of leading freedom fighters from Veer Savarkar to Batukeshwar Dutt have been imprisoned before India’s independence. 

If you are planning to visit Cellular Jail in July, you can also enjoy the iconic light and sound show which takes place every evening outside the prison. You can also get back to the colonial past in several picture galleries and exhibition galleries and witness the British atrocities before 1947. The Cellular Jail is located 15 km from Port Blair. 



6. Ross Island 

It is one of the most popular islands in Andaman as it was the hub of union territory. It is a visually great and historically iconic island. You can walk through the island to witness how the life before India’s independence was and get the experience when Andaman was used to imprison and torture people. You can now explore the historical evidence in cemeteries and museums. Also visit the lighthouse located there if you visit in July. You can have the breathtaking 360o view of Bay of Bengal from the top in showery rain. It is around a 30m tall tower. Ross Island is easy to reach as it is just 3 km from Port Blair.



7. Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is truly the pride of the country as it is different from several other beaches of the country. It is covered by tropical greens offering the serene view of blue waters to add to the beauty. It is one of the most visited attractions on Havelock Island. Most of the beaches are open in the monsoons in Havelock Island, except Elephant Beach. You can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling here at all times of the year, except in heavy monsoons. It is located only 72 km from Port Blair. 

Radhanagar Beach

You can find excellent views of the above places in monsoon. You can easily explore the above places despite the fact that some activities may be closed due to heavy rains.  

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