Is Neil Island Worth to Explore? What are the Top Things to Do?

Neil Island is a small yet exotic island known for ultimate biodiversity, unmatched coral reefs, lush greens and white sandy beaches capped with beautiful vegetation and tropical forest. Hence, Neil Island has been the ultimate tourist destination of Andaman Islands. 

It is well known to have high density of forest and vegetation. This is why Neil Island is considered as the “Vegetable bowl of Andaman”. Its beaches are natively named after the epic Ramayana’s characters like Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, Ramanagar, Sitapur etc. You can easily walk around this tiny island and cover it within 2 hours. 

You can enjoy a lot of activities here while visiting Neil Island. These things are categorized into activities and sightseeing. You can visit this place for some of the natural and heart-warming views. You can enjoy all the fun activities listed here with family friends and others – 

1. Scuba Diving 

Scuba Diving is the most popular and exciting activity for your Andaman tour plan. Thousands of tourists visit Andaman just to enjoy this activity and get certification in this activity. The crystal clear water and soothing temperature makes Neil Island popular for this activity. You can witness favorable temperatures all year round. One can also get SSI/PADI certification for Open Water Diving. 

It is truly a wonderful sport which gives you some amazing experience to explore the underwater world with still sea and marine life to accompany you. You just have to follow certain rules while swimming and diving. Don’t wear jewelry or shiny clothes as they attract predators and sharks while diving. Keep in mind all the rules when diving in. 

Scuba Diving 

2. Snorkeling 

With plenty of corals, crystal clear waters and vivid marine creatures, Bharatpur Beach is famed for underwater sports. Snorkeling is one of the ideal sports for having meditative experience and exploration. Here, you can enjoy great underwater life without having to enter the deep sea. If you are on a budget trip, it is recommended to visit this beach. You can go for dedicated snorkeling trips if you want to reach the advanced level. You can even visit nearby resorts or shops to rent proper snorkeling gear.


3. Swimming 

Neil Island is known to offer an ideal environment with clear and shallow waters and beaches to enjoy swimming. It is a complete exercise and you can also please your mind and soul. This island has shallow waters which are ideal for swimming for the people of all ages. You can also rent floaters to swim in deeper waters. 


4. Game Fishing 

The sea of Neil Island is a breeding ground for a range of fish thanks to the presence of plaintiffs. Hence, this island is an ideal place for tourists who get there for fishing. A lot of groups or organizations offer a lot of fishing gears and boats. There are also guides available who have knowledge in all fishing grounds. 

game fishing

5. Other Water Activities 

If you don’t know swimming or don’t want to dive or perform any water activity, Bharatpur Beach also has other activities to try. You can ride a Glass Bottom Boat for a nominal price. You can have a 10-minute ride but it is super fun and memorable. You can enjoy the thrilling and adrenaline filled jet skiing here. Keep in mind that these activities are open from 9 am to 4 pm every day. 

6. Cycling 

Neil Island is a close knit, small island which is stretched over just 17 sq. km. A lot of tourists prefer to visit this island while walking and complete visiting in just two hours. But cycling is an even better way to explore this island. You can easily get around while cycling for recreational purposes. Water sports and beach explorations have different attractions and you can easily cycle around the roads while covering the rolls of greens, farms, and sweet breeze. You can easily rent a cycle at a lot of resorts. 


7. Relax on the beach 

Neil is a quaint, sleepy and slow-paced island. Here, life seems to go slow with a wet and calm breeze. It’s a great place to take a pause from your mundane life, rest, and stretch out on white sandy beach without any disturbance. You can take a sunbath, laze in the sands, listen to calm waves crashing around and see the sunset behind your eyes. In every breath, you will feel the time passing by. 

beach relax

8. Eating Out 

Neil Island is known to have peculiar restaurants where you need to order food up to 3 hours before. It is because the chef has to shop for fresh vegetables and seafood from the local market, come back and prepare your meal. Though it takes time but it is worth it. It will definitely tingle with your taste buds and refresh your mood. 

A lot of restaurants are known to offer Chinese and Indian dishes. You can definitely find a homely touch on all food items. French and Italian dishes are also available here along with local ones. You can find a few eateries here which open till midnight.  

9. Embark on 3 Point Tour 

Neil Island is well known for its wonderful beaches. This 3-point tour is a worthwhile attraction here and it is something you shouldn’t miss. You can start with Natural Rock Formation or Howrah Bridge and reach Bharatpur Beach. You can enjoy a lot of water sports and underwater activities here. Don’t forget to cover the sunset at Laxmanpur Beach and Bharatpur Beach.   

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