Karmatang Beach – A Complete Guide to Visit this Turtles’ Paradise in Andaman
Karmatang Beach

Karmatang Beach is one of the rare paradises where you can witness some of the rare species of turtles hatching there. This is the reason why it is known as the turtle’s paradise in Andaman. Along with the nesting parks for turtles, Karmatang Beach is also a place with water sports and beach parties. 

You can easily explore the nearby attractions and the beach without having any guide by your side. It is the tourist-friendly territory and the best place for Andaman and Nicobar Islands honeymoon India. However, a few parts have been conserved for turtle hatching. You shouldn’t harm them in any way. You can enjoy the beach on your own with its mangroves, creeks, and streaks. It is truly a paradise for honeymooners, nature lovers, zoologists, and marine life researchers. 

Things to DO


The traditional huts and hanging hammocks are the main attractions in this beach. It is very wide and there is a private place for every tourist where they can enjoy different recreational activities and sea breeze. You can easily visit this beach for partying day and night. Sometimes, beachfront resorts also host wedding ceremonies. You can enjoy the beach by staying in beachfront resorts. You can taste authentic and delicious seafood here from beachside vendors in Andaman. 

Stroll along the beach 

You can also do a quick beach strolling around the shore. Most of the parts of the beach have muddy wet sand that comes and being washed away by high tides. You can also find some mangroves, forests, and creeks. You can also enjoy a nature walk along the Andaman Ocean. You can also witness some birds and reptiles here. 

Turtle Nesting Farm 

One of the vital activities in Andaman is visiting the turtle nesting farm at Karmatang Beach. You can witness how villagers and forest department keeps the turtle eggs for hatching. You can also witness the freshly hatched turtles slowly moving to the seawater. They don’t move anywhere else. You will be amazed to see this. From December to March, the beach remains closed for tourists in the evening. This is the period when huge numbers of turtles lay their eggs here. It has been happening naturally for several years. Marine life lovers and children will definitely love this place. 

Party Hard 

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karmatang Beach is definitely the best place for having beach parties all day and night. The beach resorts also arrange food and beverages here. There are also several wooden seating arrangements and eco-friendly huts in Mayabunder Town. You can make a bonfire and enjoy the soothing breeze while partying in the nighttime. The beach is open 24×7 for the public. It also has a lot of parking spaces. You can party late at night and get back to your resort or hotel. However, the night party is not allowed at the beach in laying season for turtles, i.e. from December to March. 

Trekking to Mount Harriet 

If you visit Karmatang Beach for long week holidays, you can trek to Mount Harriet. It is Andaman’s highest mountain peak. You can easily get here on a day trip. You can explore the serene flora of the island. You can pass through several streaks when you cross the water above the wooden bridges. You may want to trek along with the streaks which are also the trekking tracks to Mt. Harriet. It is also the source of fresh water. Mayabunder has a lot of scenic hamlets to pass through. The people are very friendly here. You can witness the beautiful views of the Andaman Sea as the height rises. 

Visit Madhuban Beach 

You should visit Madhuban Beach, especially if you are an elephant lover. Your children will definitely love the giant animals by getting up close. The locals also give the training to tame the elephants for lumber and lifting works. You can also explore the beach with an elephant safari. You can explore the training ground on a day trip. A lot of trained elephants are also available for safaris. 

Have delightful seafood

A lot of restaurants are located in Mayabunder Town near Karmatang Beach. A lot of beachside vendors also offer seafood here. If you are getting to the beach, don’t forget to taste the authentic seafood. They also sell mineral water bottles and beverages. You can taste both local and continental dishes in hotels and restaurants here. However, they are expensive as compared to beach vendors. 

How much time does it take to visit Karmatang Beach?

You can easily visit the turtle park and the beach on a day trip. A weeklong holiday is enough to soak in the vibes of beach with trekking at Mount Harriet and seawater sports.


Geographically, Karmatang Beach is positioned in the heart of the Andaman Sea coast and this tropical zone covers the whole stretch of Andaman and Nicobar. You can expect a tropical climate all around the year. The temperature rises to over 35oC in the summer. You can enjoy the soothing breeze all day and night and you can indulge in any water or recreational sport without taking sunburns. In winter, the temperature goes down to 20oC. The Indian Ocean is located by the south and the Bay of Bengal is located on the west.  

When to Visit?

Dry Season 

Karmatang Beach receives dry season from December to May when you can enjoy a lot of attractions. You can enjoy hiking, water sports, trekking, and recreational activities. 

Wet Season 

Monsoon starts here from the last week of May till November. Expect heavy rain followed by thunderstorms. You shouldn’t visit here this season as public transport via sea and road are negligible here. 

Bottom Line 

Karmatang Beach is the best place for destination weddings, beach parties, relaxation, and sea sports. You can also witness rare turtle species hatching on the beach. 

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