Mangrove Creek – What to Do and Explore in this Enigmatic Hideout of Andaman?
Mangrove Creek

Mangrove Creek is one of the hidden and unexplored attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands India. If you are visiting Andaman, you must sail through these hidden mangroves which are unlike others in this Indian subcontinent. There are lots of attractions you should explore like beaches, mud volcanoes, swamps, caves, and exotic villages. Visit the creek for a great experience. 


Located in Baratang Island in the heart of Andaman, Mangrove Creek is known to have over 70% humidity because it is covered by oceans on all sides. It receives tropical climate all around the year. You can have pleasant temperature in summer days which may go up to 30-degree C. Cool sea breeze is permanent here. In winters, you can expect the temperature to drop to around 16oC.

The temperature may drop down to 16-degree C in winter. Major rainfall is expected from June to November due to the Northeast retreading monsoon and Southwest monsoon.  

When to Visit?

You can explore the Baratang Island and Mangrove creek in dry weather, i.e. from December to May. This way, you can take a boat to explore mangroves. These dense mangroves have good visibility. 

Things to Do


Mangrove Creek is actually the lush green mangroves in India. Its natural brackish water, mangroves, and swamps are its key features. They are around 5 to 10 feet in height and up to 30 feet wide. You can sail in this waterway on a kayak or small boat. A boat can easily pass through this natural waterway. Its uneven spread of roots of watery plants makes it look eerie.

Bird Watching 

Mangrove Creek is known to be the lush green mangrove filled with water in all seasons and it welcomes migratory birds. A lot of big and small birds visit here to catch fish from swamps and brackish waters. It is the best place for bird watchers. You can find a lot of vivid bird species atop the mangroves while sailing. 


Fishing in mangrove creek is truly a great thing for recreation if you are in Andaman. Along with angling, you can spot a lot of big and small fish under brackish waters. You can have a great experience when you catch a big fish with hands. You can seek the help of local fishermen to do this. It is best to go with local anglers to enjoy fishing. They know the right time and place where the fish will be available in different places of seawater and creek. 

Mud Volcanoes 

These are natural phenomena in Baratang Island of Andaman. It is quite surprising to explore the large and small mud cones which look like a volcano. But the interesting thing is that they are filled with water, not boiling lava. They are not dangerous and this natural phenomenon is taking place here since 2005.  

Boat Safari 

You can definitely have a great experience in mangrove creek safari. You can explore this creek well with boating. You can enjoy sailing up and down from Port Blair. A private boat reaches the Mangrove Creek directly. For food and beverages, the boat may take a break at Middle Strait jetty. You won’t find any F&B options in mangroves. 

You can enjoy boat safari only on a day trip. It is better to book a package including mangrove creek safari. You can have a traditional boat, a kayak, and a boat that carries a group. Solo tourists and visitors who are not visiting with a tour package can easily get a boat from Middle Strait jetty. Baratang Island has a lot of several mangroves. If you have time, you can also take a safari, though they don’t have much room like in mangrove creek. 

Sailing the Limestone Caves 

There is another surprise waiting for you in Mangrove Creek. Yes, they are limestone caves. These naturally formed caves are dark and you should carry a flashlight to explore the cave. They really get a perfect haunted look in the mangroves. You can have a guided tour to see the attractions in low tide. 

Ride Glass Bottom Boats 

Explore the aquatic life beneath the waters in the glass-bottom boat. There is no better place in Andaman to see the beauty of marine life than in Mangrove Creek. It is best to enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride along with diving and snorkeling. You can enjoy this ride even more if you come with a group of 5-6 members. If you are coming solo or as a couple, you will need to join others in the same boat. Just sit and watch through the fiberglass bottom. You can even pass through the vivid fish and see the sea coral. 

How much time does it take to visit Mangrove Creek?

Mangrove Creek tour is available only as a day trip to Baratang Island. You can choose any Andaman tour package to visit this attraction, along with other islands. There are also day trip providers available in Middle Strait jetty and Port Blair. 

Getting There 

As of now, no railway connectivity is available in Andaman and Nicobar to India. 

By Air 

To visit Mangrove Creek, Port Blair International Airport is the nearest airport. Then, you need to take a boat or taxi from the airport to Baratang Island. 

By Boat 

You can choose from different passenger boats from the eastern seaports of the country. Some Cruise Ships are also available to visit other attractions. You can hire a private boat or local boat from Port Blair. 

By Road 

You can reach Middle Strait Jetty via Andaman Trunk Road by hiring a private vehicle. Then, you can sail to reach Mangrove Creek. 

The Takeaway

Visiting Mangrove Creek is a totally fun and different experience. No matter by boat or air, you must visit this uninhabited place which is filled with natural beauties. The mangroves, swamps, and caves here are one of their kinds in this world. 

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