Should You Go to Andaman by Cruise?

The ships from Andaman to the mainland are available from Kolkata, Chennai, and Visakhapatnam. These are not typical cruise ships that you are used to seeing in movies. They don’t have all the lavish amenities that you are dreaming of. These are actually used to carry basic utilities from the above cities to Andaman. These government-run cargo ships also carry islands’ residents between the mainland and Andaman. Since these are commercial ships, you shouldn’t expect any luxuries you may have seen on private cruises. 

Is it comfortable to go on these cruises? 

The actual definition of comfort varies as per your individual taste and choices. Some people can find comfort even on the bunk bed while others can’t compromise below 5-star luxury. To be specific, you can choose from different types of rooms and your comfort level varies as per your health requirements and budget. You can find most categories of accommodation available on a sharing basis. For most travelers, it is a big NO. 

You can also find dormitory options. There are 4 sharing options, 2 sharing cabins, and 6 sharing cabins. It is up to the class you choose to opt while traveling to islands. 

Is Cruise Expensive? 

It is another obvious reason why people prefer the sea route even though it takes up to 4 days to travel between the mainland and Andaman. There are also differences in the costs of sea and flight. If you choose double sharing instead of the dormitory, the ticket cost of the cruise will be the same as the flight. 

The meal may or may not be included in the flight ticket. But you need to pay extra for food for sea travel. You might pay for 9 meals for traveling by cruise (i.e. 3 meals per day x 3 days of cruise). Hence, going to Andaman by cruise is quite expensive. 

Booking Options for Cruise to Andaman 

Keep in mind that there are limited seats on the cruise and you can get tickets only before 15 days of the journey. So, there are chances that you may not get tickets and it can affect your plan. Booking tickets is also very difficult. There is no online booking and it works in a traditional way. You can book these cruises only through travel companies or counters. 

Also, keep in mind that there are limited options for privacy. There are common restrooms and dormitories. So, forget about spending some personal time unless you book a separate room, which is costly. 

Should You Travel on a Cruise?

Of course, there are some limitations on traveling by sea from Kolkata, Chennai or Vizag. But it doesn’t mean there are no benefits of doing so. If you are traveling on a very low budget, you can easily choose to travel to Port Blair. Most people just want to have experience of traveling by ship. You can consider this option for an experience. But it has its own limitations, such as – 

Unexpected Weather Changes 

Sailing on a ship depends a lot on the weather. If rough weather or rain is seen in the weather forecast, the ship might be delayed. Suppose you have planned to cruise from Chennai or Kolkata and the journey gets delayed due to some reason, you need to pay extra for accommodation. The weather may take several days or weeks to get cleared. It can easily affect your travel plans and you may need to cancel your hotel bookings. 

Lengthy Journey 

As discussed earlier, it takes over 3 to 4 days if you are traveling from Chennai, Kolkata or Visakhapatnam. It is the ideal condition when the ship is not delayed or there is no halt. Additional day is expected when you need to reach the ports from your city. 

On the other side, you can easily save several days of stress and discomfort on a cargo ship by traveling through flight, which is more comfortable and faster. If you have only a few days to travel and you work in the corporate sector, it is always better to take a flight which takes only a few hours and is available from all major cities of India. 

Pros of Cruise Journey 

Different Experience 

If you are looking for new experiences and you haven’t traveled on the ship ever, it is going to be an affordable option. You can have peaceful and exciting experiences if you are traveling with family. Your children will definitely fall in love with this journey as they get a chance to witness marine life, gaze at the stars and enjoy on the deck. 

Serene Views 

If you don’t have time constraints, you can definitely go for sea travel. You will definitely be covered by crystal clear water everywhere. You can have serene views of waves and fish jumping around. Silence, starry skies and an open environment will definitely calm your mind. Couples can also find some more time to discover themselves. 


Don’t let your budget spoil your travel mood and wanderlust to explore new destinations. If you are lacking money and you can’t spend on a flight journey, you can opt for a sea route to spend vacations on Andaman. You can save on expenses by choosing bunk class. It can help you make the most of your days on cruise while enjoying the beautiful views of the sea. 

Final Thoughts 

If you still want to enjoy Andaman Nicobar cruise, why don’t you fly to Port Blair and then take a sea route for the return journey? Don’t know and wondering how it will work? If you suffer from seasickness a lot, cruise might be a strict No-No. Also, the sea route takes a lot of time. So, it will affect your hotel bookings if you need to cancel on a short note. Seasickness might last even when you reach the island. 

So, taking a flight to Andaman will take less time and even make your journey safe without any risk of nausea or seasickness. You can enjoy the vacations as per your plans without any cancellation woes. You can explore all the places you have desired as you will have enough time. 

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