Neil Island

Neil Island

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Neil Island in Andaman

Depart From Port Blair Phonix Bay Jetty
Attraction – Bharatpur Beach, Hawrah Natural Bridge, Coral Reef
Transport – Govet Ferry And Private Cruise Available


    It's Time For your Adventure


    Located between Havelock Island and Ross Island, Neil island is a tranquil tropical island that is endowed with marine biodiversity, unexplored coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and lush green sublime rainforests. It has become a sought-after tourist destination for those visiting Andaman. You can create the perfect vibe on the secluded beaches and have an excellent holidaying experience with your closer and dear ones during your stay. Till the late 1960’s the island was undiscovered and uninhabited just like Havelock island.


    The island boasts of many tourist attractions that captivated the visitors towards it. Abounding natural beauty and artificial structures, it has continued to enthrall holiday enthusiasts across generations. Here are some of the tourist hubs on Neil Island.

    Sitapur Beach:
    This tranquil beach is a paradise for all nature lovers. Known for its gorgeous sunrise, it is where you can explore nature at its best. This picturesque beach comprises silvery sand, turquoise sea, natural flora, palm trees, and limestone. It is also considered safe for swimming. Nature lovers can take photographs of the beautiful sunset going down the horizon.

    Bharatpur Beach:
    Perfect for adventurous water sports like Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Jet Ski Ride, Speed Boat Ride and Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Bharatpur beach presents unlimited thrill, action and adrenaline rush. The lush green verdant flora and sea fishes make the place even more special. Being a lagoon, the gentle waves reach the shore offering a relaxing and lazy vacation-like ambience for the tourists. The palm trees on the beach lend a fantastic aura and also relief from the scorching heat of the sun.

    Natural Bride:
    This is a natural wonder that connects the mainland with other islands. It is small in size, and low tides are visible from here.

    Ramnagar Beach:
    Perfect for observing coral reefs and fishes, Ramnagar beach presents ultimate holidaying experience to the travellers. It is a shady beach having light blue crystalline water. The sea presents good visibility to indulge in several water sports such as snorkelling, water scooter, bathing and lots more.