Radha Nagar Beach

Radha Nagar Beach

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Radha Nagar Beach

Radha Nagar Beach in Andaman

Havelock – Radhanagar Beach 11 km from Havelock Jetty
Open Hours – 5 AM – 5 PM
Crystal Clear Water and White Snady Beach
Changing Rooms Available
Life Guards


    It's Time For your Adventure


    In your attempt to go far away from the hustles and bustles of city life, Radhanagar Beach is the ultimate place to chill out and have a relaxing time. This astounding beach with the turquoise blue sea and white sand provides the perfect setting to bask in nature’s plenty and have an invigorating time. Endowed with unspoilt natural beauty, Radhanagar Beach has been rated as one of the top beaches in Asia.


    There are plenty of activities that can be tried out at this dazzling beach. Some of the exciting activities that all tourists must indulge in are:

    Simply sitting on the beach and basking in nature’s plenty is often a favourite pastime of the tourists visiting the gorgeous Radhanagar Beach. This is because the pure white sand on the beach is clean and dazzle like diamonds. Taking photographs of the postcard-perfect beach is always a good idea, and visitors can enjoy quiet solitary moments in the lap of nature. If you too want a tranquil getaway, then sit-outs is an enjoyable activity.

    Beach walk:
    Perambulating at the beach or a nice stroll across it enjoying the gentle and cool breeze is a nice option. Another popular activity is taking long walks during twilight when the sun goes down the horizon.

    Swimming in the turquoise sea water brings immense pleasure and fun to Radhanagar Beach. Not only it is a healthy exercise, but it also gives great adventure.

    The whole activity of sunbathing at sun tossed Radhanagar beach revolves around tanning the skin by lying or sitting in the sun. It is a sought-after leisure activity among the tourists who are looking for laze around and seek some solitude.

    Watching sunset:
    Admiring the glorious sunset is an exciting activity for the nature lovers visiting Andaman. It is all about appreciating the nature and capturing the romantic vibe.