Things to Know Before Planning a Group Trip
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Group trips can be the most rewarding and fun experiences for your life. They can be one of the greatest times of our lives where we can easily bond with friends after several years and travel companions for years to come. Group tours come with great stories, laughs, inside jokes, and self-discovery.  

However, it needs a lot of planning and organization, which may lead to failed attempts, stress, and indecisiveness. As the leading Andaman tour operators, we are here to help you get the most of your group tours.  

Whether you are going on a party vacation, school trip, a hiking trip, or just a leisure getaway, you need to consider a lot of things before planning your Andaman group tour package. Here are some of the tips to get the most of your group tour planning. 

  • Have Someone to Lead your Group 

You can organize a group or a group trip if everything goes normal. But it is always best to have a leader or two for your group. After all, you may want to figure out the ways to keep your plan going and all the steps. If it seems too much to have only one person as a leader, you can add another person in charge of other aspects of the trip. For example, you can have one person to lead for research purposes, one for itinerary, and one to arrange for accommodation. You can agree on and discuss the last options in the group. It is important that work is not at all imposed on one person only. Everything should be organized as a team. 

Also rely on your group members’ strengths. If someone is good at trip planning, let him or her do the same. If they ask for help, support them. Have an approach to make decisions or have a decision maker in your squad if you can’t take decisions. You may want to sort out the things in advance because you may not want to spoil your experience thinking how to make things easier later in your trip. 

  • Make a Budget 

When it comes to planning a group trip, budget is one of the stickiest parts as people have different ideas on spending a certain amount of money while traveling. You should stick to your trip budget and agree on it. You need to plan a maximum budget for basics like accommodation to avoid any burden to anyone in paying for a trip. Group members may also want to choose their own activities. You may let them choose whether they should do a certain activity or not. 

While traveling in a group, consider a shared sum of money, especially when you stay in a hotel where you can buy your own drinks and food. It can be a lot easier than splitting bills on the trip. 

  • Book Flight Tickets in Advance

The closer the date of the trip goes, the higher the price of flight tickets you need to pay on a short note. In addition, seats also fill up and that would be a trouble if you are traveling in a group. You need to book your trip early to avail the best deals when planning a group tour. It can also help you to have proper space for the group. Look for a group rate and get the most of it when traveling by road or rail transport. 

You need to work on details like getting to your hotel from the airport and getting around the city. Do you need to hire a cab? Be sure to get in there early as larger vehicles are likely to be booked out faster. 

  • Look for Other Accommodation options

It takes a lot of thoughts to decide where to stay when having a group trip as it can make a big difference to your overall experience. Hotels are not the only option when it comes to accommodation. Especially, when you are in a group, you can look for all-inclusive stays at resorts rather than cramming in hotel rooms. Staying in a homestay or apartment can allow you to cook meals for a group and hang out on your own. Some houses are even available at lower rates than hotels. 

  • Make Plans and Receive Payments at a Place 

It is always important to have a specific place where all the members of your group can gather and make a trip plan to stay informed. You can make a travel planner to keep everyone on the loop with the whereabouts and what they have to do and when. You can make a proper payment plan to pay and receive payments to avoid the trouble later. You can plan your trip, share it with other members and organize the system of payment in one place. Tell everyone to be online with a group travel plan and itinerary. Communication is very vital for trip planning. 

  • Some Activities should be pre-planned 

Have a look at some of the best things and activities in your desired destination and pre-plan them, especially when traveling in a large group. Look for any group discount you can get from tour operators. You need to book in advance sometimes if you have plenty of people. It would be unfair if you miss out on anything you have always wanted to do with a group just because it was not booked early on. Don’t be too focused or aggressive on planning on every single day or minute as well. Best things sometimes happen without plans. So, there is no need to overthink on your trip. 

  • Split Up Your Group 

Just because you are going together, it doesn’t mean you should stick together every time. Different people have different ways and ideas of activities and attractions. For example, someone wants just peace and chill on the beach, someone wants to try different adventure sports, while someone wants to taste delicious food at different places. If it is the same in your case, it is better to split up as per your individual choices. 

Don’t worry when you have to go out during the trip on your own, just in case there is something no one else does but you want to do. You may not want to go back with any regrets.

Bottom Line 

 It is definitely not easy to plan a trip for a whole group. But we hope these tips will lighten up your burden a bit and help organize your trip. Once you are done with planning a group trip, you can enjoy waiting for the day to start your group trip. Be sure everyone knows all the details and your itinerary. So, pack your bags, sit back and chill. For more information you can visit the following link:

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