Top 10 Most Popular Things to Buy at Andaman Trip
Top 10 Most Popular Things to Buy at Andaman Trip

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are mostly associated with white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, lagoons, coral and marine life, colonial past, and local tribes. But there are some items you can buy to take back home. For all the shopaholics out there, this article is for you. Cheers! 

Irrespective of what others think, you can find a lot of souvenirs to shop at the Andaman trip. You can find some memorabilia gifts for friends and family, as well as handmade goods for home décor. We are going to discuss some of the best things to look for on your trip at reasonable rates.  

Take a look at some of the fabulous items you can add to your shopping list that will remind you of such a memorable journey to Andaman with your family or friends –  


Fishbone Artifacts  

Sounds weird? Another surprising fact is that fishbone articles are in trend these days for gifting and home décor. Fishbone dolls make great gifting products and souvenirs. As the name suggests, these items are usually made of fish bones that have been eaten or dead. These unique items look significant to attract many visitors to your home showcase. Skilled artisans craft them. Of course, they make the best-recycled craft items to make some of the best things to buy in Andaman.  



A gift for someone close to you or special! Nothing can be better than shining pearls that come directly from the Bay of Bengal. They are the perfect go-to items to shop for in coastal regions. Many local artisans and jewelry shops claim to sell top quality and authentic pearl items, including the likes of home décor, ornaments, accessories, and purses. But it would be best if you did quality checks by your side because handmade items are almost always costly. You can find different types of these riches that come straight from the sea. 

Herbs and Spices  

If you are in Andaman, you can shop for top-quality herbs and spices, such as cloves, cardamom, vanilla, black pepper, and betel grown and cared for in plenty of numbers in the Andaman Islands. You can buy these authentic and aromatic spices to bring back home and to gift the close relatives. There is no lack of spice plantations and gardens in Andaman, where you can look for the authentic taste of India.  


Jute Products  

Jute handicrafts are very common in the Andaman Islands and also some of the best things to buy over there. Jute production is one of the most flourishing and vital industries in Andaman generating a lot of employment and business opportunities for the locals. It has gained a lot of importance these days as a lot of leading supermarkets, and local sellers are making their move to cotton and jute bags instead of plastic ones to save the environment. There is a vast range of jute items to choose from, such as footwear, bags, hats, clothes, jewelry pieces, home décor, etc. You can also buy jute from leading emporiums or local stores.  


Timber goods  

Wooden crafts are the beauty that always shines and grabs attention. In the Andaman Islands, the finesse of timber goods is no exception. It is so tempting that one can’t resist themselves to shop plenty of items from the local markets and stores here. You will have no lack of choices when it comes to buying timber-based products, such as toys, home décor, accessories, kitchen apparatus, or ornaments. 



You cannot collect shells from the Andaman beaches, but it doesn’t mean you can buy them from local craft stores. A lot of handicraft stores sell them to the tourists and locals as they handle all the trouble of collecting and decorating them. You can buy ashtrays, lampshades, vases, accessories, ornaments, bags, buttons, wall hangings, key chains, etc. made of shells or even purchase some packs of raw and radiant shells that you can make something beautiful with them later. Be sure to keep the receipt handy as you would need to show the same at the airport on security checks.   


Nicobari Mats  

The tribes of the Nicobar Islands are skilled and experienced in weaving stunning wall hangings and mats made of several locally grown and natural products. You can’t personally visit the Nicobar Islands due to an existing ban from the Indian government years ago for safety reasons. However, you can at least buy some products from local emporiums and markets. Nicobar tribes personally handcraft these tapestries and mats. Hence, they would remind you of their unique culture, which is out of this world. 


Coconut crafts 

You may like the tender coconut pulp and taste some soothing and healthy coconut water. But do you know what locals do with hard shells of coconut that you throw away? They make something creative. You can find a lot of stores and shops selling stunning showpieces, bowls, vases, home décor, wind chimes, animal figurines, toys, lampshades, and bags made of these shells, which are cut into several sizes and shapes. They are very eye-catching and beautiful that one can’t resist buying them.  



Hats and sarongs are the must-have staples in Andaman. It would be best if you had caps to protect your eyes and skin from tropical UV rays and sarongs for your beach trip. You don’t have to bring it from your home country as you can find a lot of quirky, vivid, and cheap varieties. Sarongs are made of georgette and cotton fabric here. Hats are also available in different sizes, shapes, and colors made of jute. 


Cane Products 

Be sure to shop for rich bamboo and cane items in local markets. You can choose from stylish hats, pitchers, bags, mugs, vases, wall hangings, photo frames, keyrings, flutes, and whatnot. Almost every local market and gift shop in Andaman sells these pretty items as souvenirs, gifts, and home decors.  


Bottom Line

We hope this article will help you decide what to shop in Andaman and you are ready to buy lots of chic and quirky items for your family, friends and your home before you come back. If you think we missed anything, feel free to let us know. 

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