Top 13 Places to Enjoy Honeymoon in Andaman
honeymoon andaman

Andaman is an eclectic blend of idyllic views, marooned islands, and endless stretches of sandy beaches which are much anticipated by honeymoon couples. These honeymoon places in Andaman are known to be the best attractions where you can enjoy serene sunsets with your loved one. You can plan a romantic trip by booking honeymoon tour packages to embrace the rich colors of nature. 

Rejoice the first diving experience with your partner in the depth of the sea and witness the witty dolphins playing with sunsets in the backdrop. Without further delay, check out the list of top honeymoon destinations in Andaman that a couple shouldn’t miss. 

1. Witness the Scenic Beauty of Port Blair 

You can still witness the rustic charm of Port Blair which depicts the dark history of British rule. You can enjoy the excursions of nature, day tours, marine parks and luxurious beach resorts. These are known to be the best choice for honeymooners. You can view the magnificent sea views and sunsets. You can enjoy the light and sound show and explore the Cellular Jail. Don’t miss the live music shows to set up the mood for romantic dinner. 

port blair

2. Feel the Exclusivity at Amkunj Beach 

Amkunj Beach is well known for calming waves, turquoise blue water, solitary beach, and a blend of ideal honeymoon destinations. It is one of the less crowded and most serene islands in Andaman. If you have nothing to do with adventure activities, Amkunj Beach is the best choice to spend some ‘you’ time with a loved one. 

3. Exotic Great Nicobar Island 

Great Nicobar Island is definitely a place which hosts a natural ecosystem as one of the largest islands in Andaman. It offers beautiful settings to honeymoon couples and it is available only for Indian. Indira Point is definitely an exotic place to explore. You must also explore the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve when visiting other destinations in Andaman. 

honeymoon andaman

4. Picture-Perfect Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach is definitely one of the best and picturesque attractions for honeymoon in Andaman. It is well located to offer exclusivity of Neil Islands with serene surroundings. This beach never remains crowded and it becomes a heaven for honeymooners. It offers pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and serene views of sunset covered with sea winds. It is really one of the serene places for newlyweds for honeymoon in Andaman. 

5. Enjoy Nirvana at New Wandoor Beach

New Wandoor Beach is one of the best destinations for honeymoon in Andaman. Located around Mahatma Gandhi National Park, New Wandoor is one of the cleanest beaches here. It is not that crowded despite being located between Red Skin and Jolly Buoy Islands. You can enjoy long walks and calm in the tranquil settings offered in this beach. 

6. Visit the Exotic Havelock Island 

Havelock Island is truly a unique destination to visit. It has a lot of exotic beach resorts to enjoy a lot of water activities and complete privacy. You can enjoy different types of adventures that are easy and moderately difficult for honeymoon couples. Sunrises and sunsets are really very beautiful. So, it is definitely the best place for a honeymoon in Andaman. 


7. Hit the Virgin Beaches of Neil Island 

Neil is truly a secluded and unspoiled destination making it ideal for nature lovers. It is not that happening and crowded places like other islands in Andaman. It doesn’t receive many tourists. It has only a few beaches, beach resorts and hotels. So, it is one of the best places for peace lovers.  

Neil Island

8. Have Exquisite Retreat at Little Andaman 

Little Andaman is a nice retreat towards the south of Andaman located 120 km from Port Blair. It has a lot of attractions for honeymoon couples, including beautiful views of nature made of creeks, waterfalls, stunning white beaches and rainforests. Little Andaman is definitely a place with lots of surprises and is very charming. 

9. Explore the Verdant Views of Diglipur 

Diglipur is truly an offbeat destination in North Andaman Island beautified by exotic nature. You will definitely be awestruck by the verdant views of unspoiled nature and Saddle Peak for honeymooners. However, this place is known for its raw natural beauty and there is a lack of luxury for the tourists. You can enjoy some peaceful moments with your loved one. 

10. Radhanagar Beach 

On Havelock Island, this beach is truly a paradise in itself for all the wanderlust souls. Daydreaming of an exotic beach with lush greens and white sand stretches? Look no further than Radhanagar Beach. It is a great spot to rekindle your romance and enjoy an exotic ride on the island. You can definitely witness the exotic sunset on the beach with your partner. It is definitely one of the exotic places to explore in Havelock.  

11. Capture the Historic Ruins of Ross Island 

Ross Island is historically a great tourist attraction in Andaman. It is set up as a penal colony to punish the rebels by the British in 1857. Since then, the island has been a great destination for tourists who visit here to pay tribute to freedom fighters who were kept here. 

12. See Coral Reefs in North Bay Island

Located around Port Blair, North Bay Island is truly a great attraction to explore the serene coral reefs and indulge in snorkeling. You can see the exotic marine life on the shores of the island. You can find a lot of opportunities here to indulge in water sports. 

13. Have an Adventurous trip to Elephant Beach 

Dotted with beautiful marine life and exotic coral reefs, Elephant Beach is truly a worth to explore with your loved one. You can go on an expedition to snorkel and have a great adventure of scuba diving. You can definitely marvel at the magical world while enjoying the beautiful rendezvous with the ocean and nature. 

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