Top Honeymoon Places in Andaman Couples Shouldn’t Miss

You can visit a lot of places in Andaman and Nicobar which mark a perfect romantic getaway where you can enjoy the best time with your loved ones. Surreal beaches, breathtaking views, shining sands, and crystal clear waters welcome the couples from different parts of the world all the year round. 

You can find the right blend of idyllic islands, marooned beaches, and endless stretches of coasts in Andaman Islands to bring the zest from within. It is the ideal destination where you can stay close to nature and chill in its lap. You can dive deeper to explore marine life and corals to get out of your comfort zone. There are so many things to enjoy with the Andaman Nicobar couple package

The capital of Union Territory, Port Blair has maintained its charm even today. You can enjoy excursions to marine parks and beaches, day tours to several islands, and visit attractions in Port Blair. You can visit Cellular Jail and explore the rich history and light and sound show. 

1. Kaala Pathar Beach 

Beaches in Andaman are really very beautiful. You can have a great break and find some peace from the madding crowd at KalaPathar Beach. Its pathway is covered by lush greens. Located around 67 km from Port Blair in Havelock Island, Kaala Pathar Beach receives fewer crowds than Radhanagar Beach. It is also a nice place to spend some ‘you’ time in the heart of smooth sands and blue water. 

2. Elephant Beach 

It is a short walk away from Radhanagar Beach. It also has white sandy beaches but its corals are its special attraction. At Elephant Beach, the coral reef starts only a few meters off from the rare shoreline. The beach is also known for snorkeling and diving as gears are easily available here. You can also enjoy other water activities here. It is also located in Havelock Island and 41 km from Port Blair airport. 

3. Ross Island 

It attracts tourists for its historical landmarks like Viper Gang Jail or Cellular Jail which depicts its dark past. The island was basically a penal colony to punish the freedom fighters in the 1857 rebellion by the British. It was also called Kalapani where horrible tortures were given to the prisoners. During World War II, Japanese invaded this island. It is now a peaceful island which has seen all such tragedies. You may visit this island to pay tribute to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for India’s independence. 

4. Jolly Buoy Island 

Located an hour away from Wandoor Beach by ferry, Jolly Buoy Island provides a memorable experience while sailing across the crystal clear ocean. The island is one of the two islands of Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park open to tourists for a few months only. You can enjoy diving and witness marine life in the sea. Snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular options here. You should wear a swimsuit underneath because there are no changing rooms. You can get there on ferries only, which operate from Wandoor Beach. It is located an hour from Wandoor Beach by ferry. First ferry goes at 8.30 am and second and last ferry at 10.30 am. 

5. Amkunj Beach 

Experience the peaceful sound of the waves, topaz blue waters and solitary beach on your honeymoon getaway. Amkunj Beach is a less crowded attraction on Northern Andaman. It also lacks in commercial activities like swimming and snorkeling. The beach is capped by rocks. It is a great place to spend some pleasant and quiet time with your loved one. It is located in Rangat and 165 km from Port Blair airport. 

6. Little Andaman Island 

It is a lesser known gem of Andaman which has been gaining fame as a great place for surfing. It also has a surf school teaching visitors and offering equipment. Along with hanging out, you can also go trekking or take elephant rides. You can take the best trek of your life to White Surf Waterfall which splits up milky white mists across. You can get to the jungle where the waterfall is located. It is a great honeymoon destination in Andaman and Nicobar located 128 km from Port Blair. 

7. Great Nicobar Island 

Located 540 km from Port Blair, the Great Nicobar Island is among the largest of the Nicobar group and a huge ecosystem. It is open only for Indians. It has some of the most beautiful settings over the Indira Point. It is truly a magnificent destination to visit. You should also visit the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve here. 

8. Chidiya Tapu

Located around 28 km from Port Blair at the southernmost corner of South Andaman, Chidiya Tapu is a beautiful destination with lots of natural attractions. Experience the ever changing colors of the ocean and romantic sunset in the evening. Witness the birds of colorful feathers. It is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss if you are on a honeymoon. 

9. Limestone Caves 

If you want to visit Baratang Island, you shouldn’t miss Limestone Caves located around 100 km from Port Blair. These natural phenomenons were formed over millions of years. Now they have emerged as captivating formations which attract a lot of tourists. Getting to the caves is a sight to behold for several years. These caves are located in the midst of dense mangroves and tribal reserves. You can also find crocodiles sunbathing along the rocks. Wear good walking shoes and have a reliable guide by your side when getting there. 

Limestone Caves

10. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park 

It is one of the must-visit attractions in Andaman. Authorities have been working harder to keep track of conservation measures here. You can visit Red Skin Island and Jolly Buoy Island to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. 

Bottom Line 

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Gorgeous destination! I’m floored by the blue-green clear waters. Andaman has been on my travel list for a long time and I am planning to travel with my husband in 2022. Thanks for sharing these attractions… will definitely come in handy.

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