Top Offbeat Things to Do in Havelock Island Andaman

Havelock Island has always been the first choice for adventure and nature lovers in Andaman. It attracts a lot of tourists all the year round. Some of the activities you can enjoy here are scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, diving, parasailing and sailing. You can visit the island to enjoy a lot of adventure sports or just sunbathe and relax. Savor some mouth-watering seafood and shop for beautiful handicrafts. Revel in the festivities and explore the clean and fresh air, pristine beaches, and relax your senses well. Beach and adventure lovers can enjoy a lot of things on this island. 

Some of the famous things to enjoy include water activities, such as sunbathing, scuba diving, water sports, beach combing, surf riding, sea walk, swimming, snorkeling, game fishing, watching sunrise or sunset, bird watching, elephant ride, kayaking and even more. Havelock Island Andaman is the most popular destination for adventure seekers which attracts lots of scuba divers.  


Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach are two of the most popular beaches for sightseeing in Havelock Island. Radhanagar Beach is well known as a beautiful beach in Asia. Located further north of Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach is visited by a lot of tourists. You can best explore the corals and it is an ideal attraction for snorkeling. It is well known to have clean and beautiful beaches. 

You can also find dolphins here if you are in luck. This stunning island is the best epitome of ecotourism where you can witness palm fringed beaches, marine species, lush greens, and dense forests. You can easily get here with great diversity of flora and fauna. You can enjoy brisk walks with exotic views and white sandy beaches. 


Scuba Diving 

It is another well-known activity and a must do in this island. Havelock is open for tourists with stunning coral reefs and crystal clear waters, making it ideal for this activity. It has some of the diving attractions ideal for both experienced and first time divers. It has visibility of over 40 meters underwater and you can spot beautiful fishes like BannerFish, Manta Rays, Snappers, Angelfish, Cuttlefish, Stingrays, Barracuda, Tuna, and Glassfish, apart from stunning corals. 

You can explore the rich variety of diving spots and plenty of marine species. Some of the best diving sites are Aquarium, Seduction Point, Pilot Reef, Lighthouse, Mac Point, Turtle Bay, and Minerva ledge. December to May is the best season for diving. 

Drive through the beaches 

Havelock Island is blessed with natural greens and beaches. You can easily explore this tiny island by 2- wheeler or car. It is an ideal attraction for bird watching and hiking through the dense green jungles. You can explore the hidden beaches in two days by scooter or bike.


Witness the beautiful Sunrise and Sunset 

Radhanagar Beach is another popular tourist attraction where you can watch the beautiful sunset. There is no better place than Radhanagar Beach to watch the beautiful sun going down through the refreshing and cool breeze. Neil’s Cove is another popular attraction to watch the beautiful sunset. 



Tourists can swim at the crystal clear and calm waters of various beaches like Elephant Beach, Vijayanagar and Radhanagar. You can snorkel in shallow waters to witness the coral reefs without having to go underwater. You can glide along the shelf and witness the vivid coral formations underwater. You can see colorful algae, fish, plankton and sea anemones next to you. It is a fun and adventurous activity where you can witness the shallow reef areas. You can enjoy snorkeling at most beaches, including Elephant and Radhanagar beaches. 

Ride an Elephant 

Havelock Island has a spectacle of elephants that bathe and swim in the nearby ocean and it is a great attraction. The Forest Department manages the Elephant Training Camp at Kalapathar which has opened its doors to tourists. You can ride these elephants at Elephant Beach. 


Bird Watching 

The island is covered by emerald greens and lagoons. The shores are also lined by mangrove swamps in some stretches. This landscape is well regarded for its primeval splendor. You can witness white-barred black mantle, woodpecker or white-headed mynas here along with fulvous-breasted, red crown woodpecker. These species are native to this place. Other endemic birds are Andaman swallow and olive-backed sunbird. Hence, it is a paradise for bird watchers. It is definitely the best thing to enjoy here for nature lovers. 


Game Fishing 

It is another popular activity you can enjoy in Havelock. Ritchie’s archipelago offers the best catches for fishing lovers. A lot of organizations offer different fishing boats and equipment. You can also find fishing competitions organized over the years. 


It is another popular activity you can enjoy at Havelock Island. This island has calm and safe creeks offering an ideal scope for kayakers. It has a lot of travel agencies offering all gears for hire. 

kayaking in Andaman


You can explore the scenic beauty on foot in this island and trekking is a well-known activity to enjoy in this place. This activity is the best way for adventure lovers. You can witness the dense greens at Havelock with this activity. 


You cannot find enough shopping options in Havelock like in other islands. Village No. 2 and Market No. 3 have a few local shops which open only from morning till afternoon. It has small markets selling a lot of items, such as basic food items, toiletries, chocolate, bottled water, as well as soft drinks. You can also buy jewelry made of wood and shells which are good options. Shop some old crafts on the island or some t-shirts with block printing.  

Bottom Line 

There are plenty of activities to do in Havelock Island. It is totally up to you as what you want to enjoy here. You can just relax on the beach or enjoy a lot of water sports.

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