Andaman Honeymoon Packages

Find a comprehensive listing of all Andaman Honeymoon Packages here. Check out what each of these Andaman packages has to offer. Book your Andaman Honeymoon holidays with us for best vacationing experience.

At Andaman Bliss, we understand what honeymoon couples want and expect while booking the Andaman honeymoon package. We consider your preference, needs, budget and time to plan your itinerary. We don’t compromise on hospitality while offering affordable honeymoon packages. You can choose from exclusive deals in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Chennai and other leading cities of India. Feel free to give us a call if you are planning for a romantic getaway as we can make all the arrangements for you.

Apart from beautiful weather, Andaman is truly a romantic setting where you can celebrate the joy of freedom. With us, you can rest assured with relaxing and carefree holidays with proper travel arrangements, comfortable vehicles, tickets and passes arranged without the worry of exit and entry, and other facilities. Let our experts do the hard work for you related to budgeting and estimates. 

Leave your worry of visiting an unknown destination to us, connect with our travel agents at any time, and avoid all your discomforts. This way, you can have a lot of time to enjoy the feel of togetherness and bask in the feel of honeymoon. Andaman is very beautiful and its exotic nature makes it an ideal honeymoon destination. Gentle sea breeze, Blue Ocean and secluded beaches make Andaman truly very attractive.

Some famous attractions to make your Andaman trip more memorable –

  • The verdant and unique blend of lush greens, white sandy beaches and blue waters in virgin and exotic islands. 
  • The unforgettable memories you can bring back of sunbathing during sunrise and sunset at Barren Island, Long Island, and Ross and Smith islands
  • The ubiquitous Elephant Beach, Jolly Buoy and North Bay are always there to keep you amazed with magnificent marine life and treasure trove of beautiful corals and flora and fauna to add excitement to your honeymoon. 
  • Even the calmest of hearts race wildly when they see the natural beauty of serene and sedate mangroves of Baratang Island. It doubles the thrill when you get there with your loved partner. 
  • The tropical fruit-laden trees, rainforests, aroma of fresh seafood at beachside shacks or in seafront restaurants add to a rich tropical flavor. 
  • There are many reasons to visit Andaman than you can expect to spend the most romantic and ideal getaways of your life. The sandy and picturesque beaches alive just off your dream destinations.
  • The sea-facing and luxury cottages call you to spend some relaxing time there and catch the floating rays to make your honeymoon days even more delightful.

Why Choose Us to Book Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages?

We are going to make your getaway even better as we care for your experience. We provide really very exclusive and unforgettable services with extra zing. We are here to go extra miles to share great moments of undisturbed and exclusive togetherness with these facilities – 

  • Most stunning sunset views from handpicked locations 
  • Leisurely walks on the beaches 
  • Well designed beds 
  • Wild treks to explore the limestone caves and mud volcanoes, parrots and dolphins 
  • Aesthetic pleasing honeymoon suites as per your needs and budget 
  • Shopping therapy
  • Special cakes and flowers on order to make your honeymoon extra special
  • Gorging on the delicious local dishes and candlelit dinners 
  • Soaking under the sun and feeling the wet breeze in beach chairs 
  • Book your resorts and hotels with serene beachfront views 
  • Bathing and swimming in sun-kissed salty waters and spending some quality time in solitary beaches 
  • Special spa services to pamper yourself
  • Finish your dream vacation with night kayaking, game fishing, island camping, sea walking, surfing and other activities for a great adventure

We design customized and well-planned packages as per your planning and desires. We are here to get your imaginations run wild. Your tour will be planned well with the blend of sublime nature, exotic destinations, ample leisure, natural wonders, raw coral reefs, white sandy beaches, dense greens, and feel of being close to nature while watching India’s only mud volcanoes around 45 km from Port Blair. 

There is no better feeling than feeling the mystery of limestone caves and mangroves. Explore the beauty of white sands, Parrot Island and crystal clear waters in Havelock Island and Neil Island. The cruises which connect you to Havelock, Neil Island and Port Blair are very ideal for couples to have the joyful moments.

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2 Nights 3 Days Andaman Package

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    Our Recommended 7 Day Itinerary for Andaman Honeymoon Package

    Day 1 – Arrival in Port Blair 

    We will pick you up at Veer Savarkar Airport, Port Blair on your arrival. After reaching the hotel, spend your day and relax. You can also go shopping and tour the city tour. Buy some amazing jewelry and sea shells. Adorn the well formed households while picking some designer pieces. Visit the Cellular Jail and attend the Light and Sound show over there and learn about the days of freedom struggle. Stay overnight at your hotel in Port Blair. 

    Day 2 – Transfer to Havelock through a refreshing cruise trip 

    Green Ocean, Makruzz and Coastal Cruise are three of the private cruises which are worth every penny. Stay overnight at your chosen hotel in Havelock. 

    Day 3 – Visit the idyllic Radhanagar Beach 

    Feel the intimacy and connect with the beauty of nature. You can also have a romantic candlelit dinner by the beach. You can also go and explore turtles hatching if you are lucky and see baby turtles crawling all the way towards the sea. Have overnight stay at your favorite hotel in Havelock. 

    Day 4 – Go for Neil Island Excursion via Green Ocean or Makruzz

    Checkout from your hotel in Havelock and cruise through Green Ocean or Makruzz to Ritchie’s Archipelago and Neil Island. Have a leisure trip to Ramnagar, Laxmanpur, Sitapur and Bharatpur Beaches. Feel the breeze of sea waters changing from light to dark blue and even green as per the topography. Don’t miss the naturally formed Howrah Bridge as well as corals in low tide.  

    Go for collecting shells and snorkeling at Bharatpur Beach. Swim at the Sitapur beach or soak under the soothing sunshine. You can embark on a pleasant ride of glass bottom boat to explore the crystal clear waters and marine life at Ramnagar Beach. Soak in the beauty of a wide stretch of sandy beaches and the pleasant sunset. Stay at Neil Island overnight at your chosen hotel. 

    Day 5 – Drive to Port Blair via Cruise from Neil Island 

    Check out from your hotel in Neil Island and get back to Port Blair via ferry/cruise and enjoy the vastness of tranquil beaches. Have a quick afternoon break and proceed to the mesmerizing bird island, Chidiya Tapu to witness the spellbinding sunset. Make some great memories with your loved ones and have overnight stay at Port Blair at your favorite hotel. 

    Day 6 – Excursion to Ross and Corbyn’s Cove 

    After having breakfast, head towards a serene and quaint settlement, Ross island in the colonial era by Britishers. Take a ferry to reach the North Bay Island and enjoy adventure activities. Visit Corbyn’s Cove Beach in the evening and enjoy the romantic walks by seaside. 

    Day 7 – Departure 

    Check out from the hotel and we will drop you at Veer Savarkar Airport with wonderful memories to be enjoyed for lifetime.

    Planning your Andaman Trip – Attractions and Destinations to Cover

    There are plenty of things to do in Andaman. So, people often get overwhelmed when getting there. You can choose from different Andaman honeymoon packages and find out what is best suited for you. The tour packages we offer are really very affordable. Here are some of the must-visit destinations and tourist attractions we cover – 

    Port Blair 

    The capital city of Andaman and Nicobar and union territory of India, Port Blair lies in Bay of Bengal. Here are some of its main attractions – 

    • Cellular Jail – Closed on Mondays and public holidays. Don’t forget to catch up with the iconic Light and Sound Show. 
    • Baratang Island – Closed on Mondays.
    • Ross Island (Subhas Chandra Bose Island) – Closed on Wednesdays. 
    • Chidiya Tapu – Opens every day
    • Jolly Buoy Island – Closed on Mondays and stays open for 6 months only. 
    • North Bay Island – You can visit everyday 


    It is truly an eco-friendly destination and among the largest districts in North Andaman. Here are some of its main attractions – 

    • Ross and Smith (Twin Islands) – These islands are bridged by a sandbar. 
    • Ramnagar Beach – A popular destination to witness the hatchings of Olive Ridley Turtles. 

    Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

    It is truly a fascinating and small island with appealing biodiversity, virgin coral reefs, dense greens, white sandy beaches and vegetation. Here are some of main attractions – 

    • Sitapur Beach – Fascinating white sandy beaches stretched with idyllic views 
    • Bharatpur Beach – Calm paradise with crystal clear waters ideal for swimming. 
    • Natural Bridge – Have captivating views with this natural bridge. 
    • Lakshmanpur Beach – Scenic views of white sand stretches. 

    Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

    Havelock is one of the largest islands in Andaman and Nicobar and is connected with a chain of islands. It is truly a paradise with plenty of coral reefs, white sandy beaches and dense greens. Here are some of the worth-visiting places – 

    Elephant Beach – You can get there either by trekking or boating and enjoy snorkeling over there.

    Must Do Activities in Andaman Islands

    • Baratang Island – You can visit Limestone Caves by trekking. It is not suitable for people with diabetes and elderly. 
    • Kayaking at Havelock – Both swimmers and non-swimmers can enjoy this activity. 
    • Sea walking in North Bay – Ideal for people of both abilities – swimmers and non-swimmers. 
    • Semi Submarine Coral Safari – It is one of the best activities you can enjoy with kids. 
    • Scuba Diving at Havelock – Ideal for people of all ages. 
    • Glass Bottom Boat Ride – People of all ages and skills can enjoy this activity. 
    • Snorkeling at Elephant Beach and Jolly Buoy – Swimmers and non-swimmers can easily enjoy this activity, except children below 7 years. 
    • Cinque Island Fishing – People of all ages can enjoy this activity.

    How Many Days Do You Need to Spend in Andaman Islands?

    Book a honeymoon tour package with us for at least 5 days to get the most of your trip and the beauty of Andaman. You can choose from plenty of tailor-made tour packages as per your needs. Here are some of the packages with handpicked destinations – 

    2 Nights 3 Days Andaman Package – This 3-day short tour package covers three main spots like Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. 

    3 Nights 4 Days Andaman Package – It is another recommended option for short trips. You can cover some of the major tourist attractions like Havelock, Neil Island, Port Blair and some of the exotic beaches. 

    4 Nights 5 Days Andaman Package This package covers the best destinations in customized itinerary, such as Coral Island, Havelock Island, Ross Island and Port Blair. 

    5 Nights 6 Days Andaman Package You can spend a decent vacation on this island without any hurry. You can include the destinations like Neil Island, Havelock Island, Port Blair, Coral Island and Ross Island in this package. 

    6 Nights 7 Days Andaman package It is one of the best packages to enjoy the flavors of land. It can cover several destinations like Havelock, Port Blair, and Neil Island without any stress. 

    7 Nights 8 Days Andaman Package It covers a stay of 8 days to cover almost all the destinations along with Havelock, Neil Island and Port Blair.

    Climate in Andaman Islands

    You will witness tropical climate when you reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The temperature stays almost similar all the year round. So, it is very convenient for visitors to explore Andaman without worrying about the season. It doesn’t receive winter because the summer season lasts even in January and Monsoon from May to December. This place remains warm thanks to the relaxing sea breeze. 

    The islands never receive extreme climate. So, it is very easy to travel there. Andaman Islands have got five major weather patterns. Rainfall reaches around 3000mm level every year in monsoon. It records a minimum 23 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius of maximum temperature. 

    The islands receive northeast and southwest monsoon winds every year. November to April is considered to be the best time to visit the Isles. Humidity is high in March to May and it is also the off season to visit. 

    All in all, we are well known to offer the best honeymoon tour packages at reasonable prices. We hope you got all the information you need when planning a trip to Andaman. Feel free to tell us to choose the best package for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of scuba diving in Andaman?

    The average rates for scuba diving in Port Blair, Neil Island, and Havelock are ranging from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5000. There are professional agencies offering these activities with skilled crew who take care of all precautions and safety measures.

    Andaman or Lakshadweep?

    Both Lakshadweep and Andaman have their own beauties and they don’t have much crowd. Both destinations are diversified with natural beauty and white sands. But in terms of facilities and connectivity and hotels and resorts, Andaman is a bit better.

    Why go to Andaman for a honeymoon?

    Neil Island, Havelock Island and Port Blair are some of the best destinations of Andaman and they are very secluded and serene. Andaman is personified with beauty thanks to its turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches and dense greens. Andaman is truly an ideal destination with a unique combination.

    Do mobile networks work in Andaman?

    Well, it is a major issue in Andaman. But this is definitely the place to disconnect yourself from the rest of the world for a while and spend a few relaxing days in the lap of nature. Neil Island, Havelock and Port Blair have network connectivity but the internet doesn’t work in most places.

    How to reach Havelock?

    Catamaran ferry is fully air-conditioned and makes a convenient yet comfortable journey to Havelock. It takes around 90 minutes to get to Havelock. Government ferry services take up to 2.5 hours to get to Havelock. Be sure to book tickets in advance once you decide the date of journey. We can help you in stress-free booking. Feel free to tell us your preferences.