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Bhagya Express

The latest of the Andaman Cruise, Express Bhagya adds flexibility to the people travelling to Havelock and Neil Islands. Amazing speed giving you all together a different experience than Makruzz, Green Ocean and Government Ferry.


Coral Safari Semi Submarine – NORTH BAY


Semi Submarine built to international safety standards. Seems like you are inside the sea with the comfort of seating in AC cabin. This vessel MV Sea Shine will take you through the crystal clear ocean around the Andaman Islands. The magnificence and the mysteries of the deep ocean habitat is all at your sight. (more…)

Exclusive And Best Andaman Dolphin Boat Ride To Explore Underwater

The scenic beauty of the Andaman islands has always allured the travellers to opt for this holiday destination and participate in the various water sports with enthusiasm.

Exclusive And Best Banana Ride Experience In Andaman

The varied options in water sports available in Andaman will leave one spoilt for choices. The banana ride allows one to experience a fun-filled

Exclusive And Best Bird Watching Experience In Andaman

Bird Watching enables you to enjoy the tranquillity of your surroundings while witnessing a large number of exotic bird species.

Exclusive And Best Jet Ski Ride Experience In Andaman

It is completely safe. You do not need to know swimming, and it does not require any training. Furthermore, it is easy to handle a jet ski although you will be

Exclusive And Best Parasailing Experience In Andaman

A fun water activity to be done at the beaches is parasailing where the adventurous tourists can set on an open parachute that

Exclusive And Best Sport Fishing Experience In Andaman

Game fishing is such a popular and renowned activity in Andaman, people all over the world travel to this location just for the purpose of indulging in this activity.

Exclusive And Best Trekking Tour Experience In Andaman

Embark on an adventurous holiday with a trekking tour. Andaman is well known for its lush green forests and scenic destinations.

Snorkelling in Andaman Islands
On Sale

Exclusive Snorkeling Experience In Andaman

Snorkelling offers the incomparable experience of gratifying your spirit of adventure. It is one of the most popular activities in Andaman, which encompasses just floating and are an ideal option for the water enthusiasts

Government Ferry

Govt Ferry is the oldest and long-standing player when it comes to connectivity among various islands. It is by far the strongest ferry that runs from Port Blair to Havelock and Neil Island. We suggest guests to avail one side Government ferry just for its experience. Though the seating is not as good as cruise, however, the view from the deck is just amazing. Get a chance to go to the deck and see the vast open sea. Chance to go to the captains corner. Government ferry has been the most punctual when it comes to timing and services. For Photographers the evening ferry at 4:30 PM from Havelock should be availed. On your way, you can get candid shots of the sunset. The sunset happens early at the islands by 5:30 PM usually

Green Ocean

Green Ocean is the largest and the only all weather private ferry. She Operates To And Fro Havelock and Neil from Port Blair .Our Mighty vessel GREEN OCEAN -1 offers the most comfortable and enjoyable on board experience. Further more our ship offers unique open deck cafeteria. Especially equipped with best music and dance arena for guest to relax. (more…)