No Case of Corona Virus Detected in Andaman

Serious steps have been taken by the Administration of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to keep track on every case of NCoV (Novel CoronaVirus) and ensure no case would go undetected. 

In association with Immigration, Airport Authority of India (AAI), the Health Department of Andaman is keeping track on passengers and tourists coming from infected countries like China, South Korea and Italy and screening them closely. The authorities are also keeping them under observation according to the guidelines of WHO and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. 

Dr. Avijit Roy, who is Deputy Director (Health) has added, “No case has been detected in the Andaman so far.” He assured the media that islands are completely safe at Port Blair. 

However, Dr. Roy suggested taking precautionary measures to prevent NCoV. Recently, two youths were found positive who returned from various provinces of China to Port Blair. The Health Department requested them to stay quarantined at home for the next 14 days. Both persons are studying at Sichuan province in Chengdu Medical College in China and they both are young. 

A meeting was held on Outbreak Response by a State Level Advisory Committee at Port Blair about how much the union territory is prepared to deal with NCoV. The meeting was held at the Mini-Conference of Secretariat under Principal Secretary (Health). 

The meeting was attended by the representatives from Tourism, Police, Port Management, Airport Authorities, Andaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AH&VS Department, ICMR, Association of Andaman Tour Operators and Medical College faculties. 

The meeting was briefed by Deputy Director (Health), Dr. Avijit Roy, regarding how much Andaman is prepared to combat the outbreak. Haddo Port and Airport have set up their special quarantine rooms. Dr. Roy had appraised the committee for this step. Two isolation beds are kept in all district hospitals and five at G.B. Pant Hospital. Swaraj Dweep is one of the frequently visited islands by international and national tourists. Hence, isolation beds/wards have been arranged at PHC/CHC level. 

At the same time, the Health Department has been instructed by the Principal Secretary (Health) of Andaman and Nicobar Administration to perform Intensive IEC initiative for common public to generate awareness and make the Control Room No. 11-23978046 of Government of India public. Citizens can also report CoronaVirus infections to the Health Department by calling the call center no. 03192-232102. 

IEC materials have been displayed at Harbor, Cinema Halls, Airport, bus stand and other public places as per the directions. He also asked other departments like Association of Andaman Tour Operators and Andaman Chamber of Commerce and industry to work with the Health Department to take important measures and contain the virus. The Health Department (Principal Secretary) has also urged the common public to avoid any fake news and rumors and not to panic. 

PM Modi urges citizens to consult doctor if not feeling well

Considering the number of coronavirus cases rising in India, Mr. Narendra Modi urges everyone to avoid all the rumors regarding outbreak. He addressed Jan Aushadhi beneficiaries and said, “I request everyone to not to believe in rumors and gossips on do’s and don’ts about coronavirus.” He also urged everyone to consult a doctor if they are not feeling well. The Prime Minister also added, “You should greet others with ‘Namaste’ and avoid handshakes.” 

The novel COVID-19 was started in Wuhan province in China and has since infected over 100,000 people across the world. Central government has spread precautionary messages on all Reliance Jio and BSNL connections to teach people about what to do to prevent infection, according to a health ministry official. 

Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister might meet Narendra Modi to discuss the scare related to coronavirus. Due to the fear spread about deadly coronavirus in the nation, PM Modi has decided to avoid being the part of Holi celebrations this year. 

Due to the steep hike and shortage of sanitizers and masks in the market, the Union Health Minister ordered strict action against black marketers. He tweeted, “We will take strict action against those involved in black marketing of such products.”  

Till date, 30 Indian airports have screened over 6.5 Lakh passengers as preventive measure against the outbreak. Hardeep Singh Puri, Civil Aviation Minister, “Around 6,49,452 passengers are screened at 30 airports in India who are coming from different parts of the world.” 

CoronaVirus – Precautionary Measures 

  • Wash your hands frequently – Wash your hands with running and clean water. Lather your hands with soap, between the fingers, on the back and under your nails. Scrub your hands for up to 20 seconds and rinse. 
  • You may apply facemask for some protection – They can prevent liquid drops but they cannot prevent tiny aerosol particles which can go through the mask’s material. 
  • When you cough/sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with tissue – After using the tissue, throw it in a bin and wash your hands. You can also use your elbow to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough instead of your hands. 
  • Seek medical help if you have cough, fever and problems in breathing. If you have traveled before, share your history with a doctor. 
  • Stay quarantined – You should stay indoors and don’t contact with other people for at least 14 days if you have returned from China, Italy, Iran, South Korea or other affected countries in the past two weeks. It means you shouldn’t go to school, work or any public place. 

If you have runny nose, high temperature, cough, problem in breathing, or sore throat and you have come back from an infected area, don’t go out of your home without asking your doctor. 

We hope you have got all the information regarding Corona Virus and its precautionary measures. If you are planning to visit Andaman, be sure to book Andaman and Nicobar packages with us and travel worry free. 

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