Kayaking in Andaman – Best Places to Sail Through the Beauty of Nature
Kayaking in andaman

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are well known for the turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, the beauty of historical monuments and dense greens. This region is truly an ideal destination for honeymoon and vacations across the world. You can create lots of memories with friends and family as it offers a different experience that can be cherished for a lifetime. Kayaking is one of the activities for adrenaline junkies that can definitely leave them mesmerized. In this guide, we are going to tell you something about the best destinations to go kayaking in your Andaman trip package

Port Blair 

This region is fully covered by the long coastline and serene forests. It is one of the liveliest provinces of Andaman with a blend of several habitats from all landmarks of India. You can explore the fascinating history of India’s independence in Port Blair. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the great spots for enjoying kayaking in Andaman. 

You can enjoy a lot of water sports in this place as you can access the vivid marine life from here. The caves here are truly a delight to watch. You can kayak for a long time here. You can truly enjoy the combination of great visual pleasure in this spot. You can have a great experience of kayaking across the mangroves. 

Where – there are several islands around Port Blair to enjoy Kayaking. 


Don’t get too excited to do just kayaking as you may miss out on the beauty of turquoise blue waters and lagoons. 

Havelock Island 

This beach is blessed with dense forest canopy which adds to the exotic beauty of nature. You can explore some of the ideal spots for water sports. Havelock Islands are appealing to most of the tourists across the world. A lot of tourists choose this island as their stopover for their vacation. 

Explore the mangroves by kayaking here if you are heading to Havelock Island. Your trip to Andaman just can’t complete without visiting Havelock Island. Maximum 6 people are allowed with a guide to enjoying kayaking. The trip takes up to three hours. You can also enjoy other activities like swimming, diving, and others. This place is just beautiful for exploring the serene beauty of nature. 


Kayaking can be a trouble when a light rain drizzle but you shouldn’t do kayaking in heavy rain. Rain also fills the cockpit of kayak due to which it can be unstable. Be sure to stay ahead with weather forecasts before you visit for kayaking. Also, avoid taking the ride after a few days of heavy rain. The flow of water might be increased and kayak may become unstable. 

Baratang and Ross Islands 

These uninhabited islands are located only 2km east of Port Blair. They also have a minimal human presence. It served as a condo to several infrastructural resources during the British rule. These islands have a tennis court, church, secretariat hospital, printing press, water treatment plant, cemetery, bakery, residents and general stores. These islands were actually meant to be inhabitable. You should have special permission to enter these islands. 

The limestone caves in Baratang really provide a unique and serene experience of kayaking and add a wild touch to your adventure. You can even rent a jetty to enjoy kayaking in inner landmarks. You can avail of all the essentials and gears from the kayaking service providers here. There might be a great hike in the kayaking fee as it needs special permissions and permits. In addition, travel expense is also on the high side. 

Price – The price of this activity is on the expensive side here in these islands. Kayaking is not available in the evening or night time. 


It is not good to spend a huge amount of money just to buy all the gears for this activity. In such regions, you can easily rent all the essentials. Also, use safety gear like life jackets and helmets with pedals and kayak. In the case of paddle strokes, it is recommended to have an expert professional. Simply moving it is not going to help to go downstream or upstream. 

Neil Island 

There are five beaches on Neil Island and all of them have their own aspects, like shallowness, types, and rocky seashells. It is not advised to swim in the shallow waters here. There are short distances due to flat roads. You can easily get around the island by cycling. There are several coral reefs and diving sites in Neil Island with turtle rays, vivid fish, and stunning marine life. You can easily explore this island with kayaking. It is truly a paradise for kayakers as they can find the lush greens and mesmerizing sea. You can also enjoy snorkeling while kayaking across the corals at far-flung western sides of the beach. You can also witness the beautiful marine life here. Kayaking is truly easy as the island is filled with guest houses. 

Where – Beach No. 3 and all over the island 

Note – You may not want your smartphone and other valuables drenched in the water when you come back from kayaking. So, buy a sealed container to keep your valuables safe against water and other hazards. 

Additional Tips 

  • Don’t swim in the deep waters as it can be dangerous. 
  • Don’t swim ahead of shallow seas in the evening time, especially in separated shores. 
  • Don’t swim in the tipsy state. 
  • Be careful while kayaking and alarm when in unstable waters. 
  • Be sure to comply with hoardings and sites like “Be careful with crocodiles” at some spots, even though no crocodile is there. 
  • Wear life vests if you don’t know how to swim while enjoying any water sport. 
  • Have trained professionals and experts by your side to try different water sports as they can be dangerous. These experts can provide a briefing for enjoying water sports. 
  • Take proper instructions and permits before going to any deserted location. 

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