Lamiya Bay Beach is well regarded for being a clean, exotic and secluded beach and one of the well revered Andaman Nicobar tourist places. Located in Diglipur town, this bay beach lies in the north of Andaman Islands. The beach is covered by lush greens where you can see its natural beauty. 

It is still unexplored by human civilization and modernization, making it a peaceful heaven and quaint destination. In addition, the beach has a huge number of restaurants and stay options. If you want to live in a peaceful place which is away from the hustles and bustles of city life, you should definitely plan a tour to Lamiya Bay Beach. 

Best Time to Visit 

If you are getting there, expect to witness tropical climate, no matter which season it is. During summer in the month of May, the temperature rises to 30-degree Celsius. In winter, the temperature hovers around 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. In all seasons, you can feel over 70% of humidity. The weather remains pleasant all year round, except for the summer months of April and May. The temperature drops around 20 degree Celsius in monsoon, i.e. from May to November. It is best to visit during dry months, i.e. from December to March when the sea and sky remains clear. You can enjoy boating and island hopping without any limitation from the tourism board or local authorities. 

About the Beach 

Lamiya Bay Beach is truly a unique and unmatched beach in Andaman, while other beaches are fringed with palm trees. This beach is filled with dense rainforest and rolling hills around the shorelines. The landscape of the beach is also different with sandy beaches, sea rocks and pebbles. 

Small turtles are also spotted on the beach sands and in the shallow water. Only a few tourists visit this beach every day and it is quite uninhabited. This is why it remains quiet and clean. You can find a lot of beach huts here and you can chill and relax after beach walking and sunbathing. On the beachfront, you can find a lot of watchtowers. You can marvel at the sand, sea and take beautiful pictures here. 

Things to Do 

Lamiya Bay Beach is an ideal travel destination where you can choose from various things to do. You can explore this beach with your beloved or family. Here are the activities you can enjoy here – 

  • Trekking through Saddle Peak 

You can trek through the Saddle Peak to explore the vastness of Andaman Sea from around 2401 ft. of height. Trek and reach the highest point to capture amazing shots of nearby islands, rolling hills and limestones of the mountain. You need to get permission from the forest authorities. You can also choose an adventure package which consists of Saddle peak trail. It has moderate difficulties when it comes to trekking.

  • Saddle Peak National Park 

It is definitely one of the best places to visit around Lamiya Bay Beach, which is located on the foothills of national park. It is a heaven for botanists, nature lovers and bird watchers. Hike through the rain forest and get to the shores of the beach. To explore the park, you need to pay an entry fee and this park is open from morning till evening. You can spot a lot of rare species of reptiles, birds and plants. People of all ages can explore the park. 

  • Have a peaceful walk 

Want to have some “You” time on the beach? This quiet beach is the best choice thanks to shiny pebbles and clean sand. The shorelines are covered by rainforest which are really a visual treat to your eyes. You can find the sea rocks scattered across the beach. Romantic couples can walk along the beach peacefully. You can explore the south and north end of the beach in case of low tide. 

  • Swimming 

Whether you know or don’t know swimming, Lamiya Bay Beach is ideal for swimming for people of all ages. It is known to have shallow waters spread over a few kilometers. You can explore the dark seawater from the shore where the depth of ocean starts. You can spot the shallow side with transparent or clear seawater. If you don’t know swimming, you can at least try from hip level or just view the Saddle Peak. Be sure to wear a swim jacket for safety reasons. If you are alone, don’t go swimming on your own. You must have a partner to swim here.  

  • Snorkeling 

You need to carry snorkeling gear or you can also rent them in Kalipur Beach or Diglipur town. There is no water sports facility on this beach. You can enjoy snorkeling in low tides. It is well regarded for shining pebbles. They are also found underwater as well. You can find a lot of corals around sea rocks. There are a lot of options to spot sea turtles. You can enjoy a lot of water sports but you should go in a group. Wear swim vests before going snorkeling with family. 

  • Visit Kalipur Beach

It is located only 3 km from Lamiya Bay Beach. You can get there by hiring a taxi or bus. You can also enjoy a beach walk if you have enough time. This beach has a lot of hotels, resorts, restaurants and pubs. A lot of tourists prefer to lodge here. Lamiya Beach has a lack of facilities like drinks, food, and lodging. You can get here early in the morning and explore the misty sunrise. 

Bottom Line 

Lamiya Bay Beach is one of the calm and quiet beaches in Andaman Islands. Located on the foothills of Saddle Peak National Park, it is quite a unique and peaceful location. It is well regarded as the hottest favorite destination for nature lovers. For romantic people and honeymooners, it is a great isolated beach to enjoy some peaceful moments. You can plan your trip and witness some serene and tranquil views. 

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