The Iconic Limestone Caves
Limestone Caves

Admit it… there are only a few places on earth where you may have seen the excellence of nature. If you haven’t seen anything like Andaman’s limestone caves, you are not alone. But once you get there, you will just gaze and wonder how it just happened. These limestone caves are dated back to millions of years which make you feel that it’s all worth it to take a jetty ride to reach these caves. 

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Limestone Caves are accessed on Baratang Island which had been the best kept secret of nature for a long time. The island also houses the world’s most dangerous tribe, Jarawa Tribe. Baratang Island was once a barren island which is rich in mud volcanoes, dense greens, limestone caves and mangroves. The ministry has recently opened this island for tourism purposes. 

About Limestone Caves 

These beautiful limestone caves in Andaman are millions of years old. You can spot the rocky and conical structures in the caves from their floor. These formations are known as “Stalagmites” which is the creation of cyanobacteria, single celled algae.  It is great to see these stunning rocks arranged in the caves. In the form of waves, the flowing calcium looks like a piece of art. You will be gaping inside the cave at the structures. It is truly amazing to see how nature conceives such a beautiful thing. 

These limestone caves are formed naturally near Baratang Island. These are the hottest-favorite tourist spots for the tourists who love to do something exciting and don’t mind a long trip. You need to cover a long boat journey to reach these caves. These caves are far-reached but are truly beautiful. You have to trek along the Jarawa Forest and take a ferry to Baratang to reach Limestone Caves. These are perfect choices for adventure lovers but you need to do a small trek to get there. 

These caves are located a quick 15 minutes of walk from boat parking. You can find sedimentary rock in all parts of the caves and limestone hangs in huge chunks from the ceiling. Some of the rock formations you can find are flowstones, speleothem, stalagmites, stalactite, and columns. Most of them are stalagmites and stalactite. These structures are the ultimate charm and got the same form for over a century. 

Interesting Facts You Need to Know 

Here are some of the cool and amazing facts about Baratang Limestone Caves – 

  • You will spot different calcium deposit patterns in these rocks. 
  • These limestone structures run from floor to ceiling height and vice versa. 
  • You can find a diverse range of flora and fauna across the caves which will be appealing to your eyes. 
  • These rock formations are not permanent and are evolving constantly year by year. 
  • You might spot people from Jarawa tribe on the way. Just ignore them. 

Best Time to Visit 

The best time to explore these limestone caves is from November to February on Baratang Island. It is because weather remains pleasant over there with reduced chances of rainfall. It won’t keep you from visiting these caves. You cannot go inside the caves in the darkness. So, you need to go back to your resting place before sunset and complete the trip in daylight. 

Getting to Limestone Caves 

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Limestone Caves are located 100 km from Port Blair on Baratang Island. You need to take a ferry to reach the island, which is the only way. Then, you will need to trek along the dense jungles for a few kilometers once you reach the jetty. It takes around an hour for the boat ride to reach Baratang. Believe it, the journey is even more beautiful than destination and you will be enthralled by the serene views. 

A lot of tour operators organize day trips in Andaman to Limestone Cave in Baratang every day. You can also book Andaman and Nicobar Package which combines Mangrove ride and Mud Volcano. You would need to start the trip in the morning at 3am in order to cover all the three attractions. If you just want to visit the caves, you can start your trip at 6AM. 

Tips for Travelers before Visiting Limestone Caves 

  • It is always recommended to start your trip early in the morning to make it to the island on a timely basis. Baratang Island is truly a beautiful place. But you shouldn’t stay there late at night. You should start the journey at 6 in the morning, as per the itinerary. 
  • Since you are going to walk a lot in the caves, it is better to wear cozy clothes as well as shoes. 
  • You should avoid this place if you have fear of congested spaces or you are claustrophobic. 
  • Tribal people are known to inhabit this place. You are not allowed to take their pictures or interact with them. Or you will be in serious trouble. 
  • To enjoy this activity, you will need to take a full day. When planning to take a tour to the island, don’t plan any other activity the same day. 
  • The exit and entry to these caves are the same. So, it is recommended to wait outside or make some space for your turn to go in. 

Bottom Line 

Limestone Caves are just one reason to get to Baratang Island in Andaman. You can add a jerry ride to Mangrove jungles and mud volcanoes to your itinerary. When going for vacation to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you shouldn’t miss this place. In order to have a great experience, you should take a week at least to have a great holiday in Andaman. 

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